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Lil Wayne Talks Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto Fight, Boxing, Giving Adrien Broner Hard Criticism & More

Lil Wayne Talks Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto Fight, Boxing, Giving Adrien Broner Hard Criticism & More

Tomorrow on September 12th, Floyd Mayweather will be fighting Andre Berto at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada at 8PM EST. Lil Wayne has confirmed to ESPN that he will be ringside at this boxing match, but he didn’t confirm whether or not he would be performing live next to Mayweather as he walks to the ring, so I guess we are going to have to wait and see.

Weezy also discussed how he first got into boxing, Floyd Mayweather ringing him up to tell him he is a fan, walking Mayweather to the ring in 2013 and 2014 with Justin Bieber, what the atmosphere is like in Mayweather‘s locker room, if he thinks this will be Mayweather‘s final fight, why he is looking forward to tomorrow’s fight, and giving Adrien Broner some hard criticism.

You can read the full conversation between Tunechi and ESPN after the jump below. Who do you think will win the fight tomorrow?

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Birdman Says He Was Not Involved In A Lil Wayne Murder-For-Hire Plot

Birdman Says He Was Not Involved In A Lil Wayne Murder For Hire Plot

After getting an update last week that Birdman and Young Thug could be involved in Jimmy Carlton Winfrey aka Peewee Roscoe shooting up Lil Wayne‘s tour bus outside of Compound nightclub in Atlanta on April 25th, TMZ are now reporting that Baby is denying any involvement in the incident.

The latest indictment more or less said that Jimmy Winfrey had called Thug before he opened fire at Weezy‘s bus and then phoned up Birdman straight after the shooting as both cell phones used were registered to Baby, but it turns out that is not surprising as they are company phones and everyone affiliated with Cash Money and Young Money are using them.

According to TMZ, someone in Tunechi‘s camp had called Birdman to tell them that Jimmy Winfrey had been kicked out of Compound for harassing Tune and Baby mentioned on the phone that he was not involved in this in any way at all, as well as wanted to help figure out what had happened!


Was Birdman & Young Thug Involved In The Shooting Of Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus?

Was Birdman & Young Thug Involved In The Shooting Of Lil Wayne Tour Bus

Remember when Lil Wayne‘s tour bus was shot at various times outside of Compound nightclub in Atlanta on April 25th? Well a new indictment in the case of the shooter, Jimmy Carlton Winfrey aka Peewee Roscoe, seems to link both Birdman and Young Thug to the incident.

Prosecutors say that Jimmy Winfrey was carrying out instructions from Thugger in his “Halftime” video, which even shows Winfrey with an assault rifle during subliminal lyrics to Weezy.

You can read the tweets about this situation after the jump below, but to make them a bit more clearer, the indictment is saying that Jimmy Winfrey phoned Thug before the shooting and then called Baby straight after opening fire at Tune‘s bus.

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Big Sean Says: “You Can’t Talk About Rap Music And Not Mention Lil Wayne” [Video]

Big Sean Says You Cant Talk About Rap Music And Not Mention Lil Wayne

Big Sean recently sat down with AOL BUILD at their headquarters in New York City for an interview. One of the questions that Sean was asked was how he felt about Lil Wayne‘s verse on their “Deep” collaboration.

The Detroit rapper recited parts from Tunechi‘s verse and told the story of how Tune called him up after the song was completed to tell Big Sean that he thinks he is going to be “one of the greats”.

“You can’t talk about rap music and not mention Lil Wayne, you know he changed the game.”

You can watch the short interview in the clip below!

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Lil Wayne Performs Live & Speaks On The Hoax Call At His House During Nova Southeastern University Show

Lil Wayne Performs Live & Speaks On The Hoax Call At His Nova Southeastern University Show

For the 2015 NSU Shark Jamz event at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 12th, Lil Wayne performed live for the students in attendance. In the 27-minute video at the 16:45 mark, which you can watch below, Wayne spoke on the hoax call at his house on Wednesday.

Weezy can also be seen performing “John“, “I’m Goin’ In“, “A Milli“, “Rich As Fuck“, “Bitches Love Me“, “Lollipop“, “Mrs. Officer“, “Blunt Blowin’“, “Steady Mobbin’“, “Only“, “No Worries“, “Pop That“, “Loyal“, “Fingers Hurting“, “Selsun Blue“, and “Truffle Butter“.

This was of course all before Tunechi threw his mic at DJ FourFive and walked off stage when he played the wrong version of “Coco“, but you can still see this all go down at the end of the clip, as well as Cortez Bryant and Mack Maine try and sort out the situation. Throughout the show, Tune was getting annoyed at the DJ and at the 22:50 mark, he told the crowd to shout “DJ what the fuck you doing?” and “Fire the DJ”!

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Police Say There Were No Shots Fired At Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach Home, It Was One Huge Expensive Hoax

Shots Have Been Fired Inside Lil Wayne Miami Beach Home

Earlier today, police received a phone call from an unknown person that said he had shot four people and “seriously wounded” them at Lil Wayne‘s Miami Beach home.

Police officers arrived to the scene quickly and set up a perimeter. After waiting for it to be secure, the SWAT team entered Weezy‘s home and searched room for room, but found nothing.

Mack Maine also confirmed on Twitter as this was all going on that Tunechi is okay and was not at his house when the so-called shots were fired. Cortez Bryant was spotted co-operating with the police outside of Tune‘s crib too.

After the search was completed, police gave the all clear and said there were no indications of a shooting at Wayne‘s mansion, as well as confirmed that it was a large expensive hoax. They said they will now make an investigation to see who made the phone call!

UPDATE: You can listen to a recording of the hoax phone call below.

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