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Lil Wayne Will Have A Collaboration With Future & Juelz Santana On “Dedication 6”

Lil Wayne Will Have A Collaboration With Future & Juelz Santana On Dedication 6

It looks like Lil Wayne may have a song featuring Future and Juelz Santana on part 2 of his forthcoming mixtape, Dedication 6, which currently has no release date (part 1 is due to drop tomorrow on Christmas Day.)

Producer Lil Keis has confirmed on Twitter and Instagram that he produced an original beat for D6 that Weezy, Future Hendrix and Juelz jumped on.

“I might have made a Beat on here, one with Future on the Hook & Juelz #D6 -@liltunechi”

“@LilTunechi I produced that track you did with Future & juelz Santana (dm your email) [fire emojis]”

Who is looking forward to hearing a new Tunechi, Astronaut Kid and Santana collaboration on part 2 of D6?

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STREETRUNNER Talks Witnessing Lil Wayne Win A Grammy, Producing “Gossip” & “Playing With Fire”

STREETRUNNER Talks Witnessing Lil Wayne Win A Grammy, Producing Gossip & Playing With Fire

STREETRUNNER recently chopped it up with DJ Booth and broke down a couple of his beats that he produced for Lil Wayne for their “Beat Break” series.

The producer revealed how he created the “Gossip” and “Playing With Fire” instrumentals, as well as spoke on how those songs came about.

Also in the interview, which you can read below, STREETRUNNER discussed being at the GRAMMYs in 2009 when Tunechi won “Best Rap Album” for Tha Carter III, working with Tune, having songs leaked, Weezy performing “Gossip” at the BET Awards, and more!

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STREETRUNNER Talks Being Sued Over “Playing With Fire”, Leaked Lil Wayne Songs, “I Can’t Feel My Face” & More

STREETRUNNER Talks Being Sued Over Playing With Fire, Leaked Lil Wayne Songs, I Cant Feel My Face & More

Kyle Kramer from Noisey chopped it up with STREETRUNNER earlier this month to chat with him about releasing the remastered versions of leaked Lil Wayne songs from 2006-2007 and how he thinks they were leaked in the first place.

The producer also talked talked about getting sued for “Playing With Fire” that ended up in the track being removed from Tha Carter III, the first time he met Tunechi at The Hit Factory Criteria Recording Studios in Miami, if Tune has changed as a person over the years, and wanting to release a Greatest Hits album of all the leaked Wayne songs.

STREETRUNNER even discussed producing Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana‘s “1 Arm“, what he remembers about the I Can’t Feel My Face era, personally wanting to hear the project over Rebirth, his reaction to first hearing Weezy was going to record a rock album, and more!

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ONHEL Talks Working With Lil Wayne, “Like A Man”, His Recording Process, “President Carter” & More

ONHEL Talks Working With Lil Wayne, Like A Man, His Recording Process, President Carter & More

Producer ONHEL recently participated in an interview with PigeonsandPlanes over the phone to talk all about his new collaboration with Lil Wayne called “Like A Man“, how it first leaked, and confirm it is a recent recording from this year.

ONHEL also discussed how he first started working with Tunechi back in 2004, what a studio session is like with Tune, making the transition of being an engineer to a record producer, and what Wayne‘s recording process is like.

The producer even revealed that he has around 50 songs with Weezy, but we have only heard a few of them like “Brown Paper Bag“, “Dinnertime“, “President Carter“, “Glory“, and “Like A Man“. He also mentioned that he believes “President Carter” is the only track on Tha Carter IV that was recorded before jail!

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Scott Storch Hints At An Upcoming Lil Wayne & Jay Z Collaboration

Scott Storch Hints At An Upcoming Lil Wayne & Jay Z Collaboration

7 months ago, we saw a photo of Lil Wayne and producer Scott Storch working together in the studio.

Now Scott has done an interview with Billboard to talk about working with Wayne and during their convo, he revealed they have “some really big songs” that will be “coming out”.

Storch even hinted at producing an upcoming Tunechi and Jay Z collaboration by saying he did a Tune track “with one of the biggest rappers in New York”. So that’s got to be Jay right?

Weezy also mentioned in an interview himself last year that him and Jay Z will release more songs together once he gets his record label situation right. You can read what Scott Storch told Billboard below!

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