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Lil Wayne Sits Down With Missy Elliott For “Uncensored” Episode [Video]

Lil Wayne Sits Down With Missy Elliott For Uncensored Episode

The finale season 6 episode of TV One‘s “Uncensored” series aired on May 7th and it was all about Lil Wayne.

In the show, Tunechi sat down with Missy Elliott to talk about growing up in Hollygrove, his little half-brother Semaj, his late stepfather Rabbit, being raised by his grandmother Mercedes, shooting himself at a young age, the late Uncle Bob who saved his life, giving him a job in New Orleans promoting Young Mula, and thinking Uncle Bob had passed away earlier than what he did (Tune mentioned it on his “London Roads” song and in an awards speech).

Weezy also discussed what made him want to form Young Money, recording over 100 features alone in 2007, his inspirations, how he came up with “Bling Bling“, his experience in Rikers Island, the state of hip-hop right now, his children, what he wants his legacy to be, and much more. Check it all out in the video below, enjoy!

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Lil Wayne Discusses His Childhood, Not Believing In Racism, Playing Tennis & More On The “More To It” Podcast

Lil Wayne Discusses His Childhood, Not Believing In Racism, Playing Tennis & More On The More To It Podcast

Lil Wayne recently participated in a 1-hour conversation with former American football player Marcellus Wiley on his “More To It” podcast, which is a show featuring interviews with entertainers.

In their convo, Wayne discussed growing up in the 17th Ward of New Orleans, signing to Cash Money Records, dressing up as Michael Jackson and performing for his family at a young age (this is when he realized he loved performing), his late stepfather Rabbit, the Cash Money/Ruff Ryders tour, Slim Williams, the moment when Birdman and Slim knew he was a solo artist and not a Hot Boy anymore, and being a student of the game every single day.

Also during their talk, Weezy spoke on wanting to become the ultimate music artist, how it feels to be in the conversation for the greatest rapper of all time, Roger Federer being the G.O.A.T. in tennis, playing tennis himself with his homie T@, the time he said he does not believe in racism on “Undisputed”, what he would tell his older self if he could go back in time, the Green Bay Packers, preferring American football over basketball, preferring Los Angeles over Miami, and what the hardest part and the best part about being Lil Wayne is.

You can watch a clip of Tunechi‘s interview with Marcellus after the jump below, as well as also listen to the full podcast on Apple Music. Tune was also asked who he personally thinks is the greatest rapper of all time to which he first said The Notorious B.I.G. before then going on to choose Jay Z!

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Isaiah Rashad Reveals How Lil Wayne Inspired Him & Calls Wayne “The Most Entertaining Rapper Ever” [Video]

Isaiah Rashad Reveals How Lil Wayne Inspired Him & Calls Wayne The Most Entertaining Rapper Ever

In a recent episode of “People’s Party With Talib Kweli”, special guest Isaiah Rashad made an appearance to chop it up with Kweli himself and co-host Jasmin Leigh.

From the 30:15 mark of their interview onwards, Isaiah spoke on how Lil Wayne and Lupe Fiasco inspired him to write introspectively, Wayne‘s wordplay, the difference between Weezy and Jay Z, and much more.

Rashad also discussed Tha Carter III leaked songs, the tracks Tunechi made about his stepfather Rabbit, the “On The Bus” vlogs with the early Young Money squad, how Tune is the “most entertaining rapper ever”, and why he thinks Young Thug is trying to take that title from him!

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Throwback Thursday: Lil Wayne Talks About His Stepfather Rabbit On Set Of His “Everything” Video Shoot In 2001

Lil Wayne Talks About His Stepfather Rabbit On Set Of Everything Video Shoot In 2001

For #ThrowbackThursday today, check out this rare Lil Wayne interview from on set of his “Everything” video shoot back in 2001.

In the interview, Wayne speaks all about his stepfather Reginald McDonald aka Rabbit, who he has always called his real father and how he unfortunately passed away after being shot 7 times.

Tunechi also recalled how Rabbit read a letter in front of Jacida Carter that Tune had received from a girl when he had accidentally shot himself with his stepfather’s revolver, which said she wanted to “f*ck his brainds out” haha! Check it out in the #TBT clip below!

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Throwback Thursday: Scans Of Lil Wayne’s Cover Story For Murder Dog Magazine’s 1998 Issue

Scans Of Lil Wayne Cover Story For Murder Dog Magazine 1998 Issue

I have decided to share scans from Lil Wayne‘s cover story for the 1998 Hot Boys issue of Murder Dog magazine for #ThrowbackThursday today.

In his interview, Weezy spoke on Cash Money Records, the Hot Boys, what makes each of the members unique, joining B.G. aka Lil Doogie when he was going by the name of Baby D to create The B.G.z group, their True Story album, and leaving The B.G.z by his mother Cita’s request after he shot himself.

Tune also talked about Lil Slim bringing him to Cash Money, his debut solo studio album Tha Block Is Hot, what made him want to first start rapping, New Orleans, school, his daughter Reginae Carter, having a song called “Fuck The World” even though this was a time when he didn’t curse in his music, losing his daddy Rabbit to some haters, how everything changed for him when Rabbit died, and much more!

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