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Lil Wayne Interview On The Set Of “So Sharp”

You might of remembered us posting part 1 of this Lil Wayne interview before our website’s incident… well here is part 2. Weezy goes on to say that he got his first tattoo on his stomach from 2Pac (Thug Life) and Young Money will be dropping a mixtape which will also be known as their compilation album. He then goes on to say that whoever the peoples favourite artist is in Young Money from that mixtape – they will get their debut album out first. You can watch the interview below:

“Excuse me Ross” 😆


Mack 10 – So Sharp Remix Feat Weezy & Ross [Behind The Scenes]

Before our sad incident with this website, we already posted 2 behind the scenes videos of Mack 10‘s “So Sharp (Remix)” featuring Lil Wayne and Rick Ross. Anyways here is another:


Be on the lookout for this video 😉