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Lil Wayne Interview On The Set Of “So Sharp”

Wed, Jun 24, 2009 by

You might of remembered us posting part 1 of this Lil Wayne interview before our website’s incident… well here is part 2. Weezy goes on to say that he got his first tattoo on his stomach from 2Pac (Thug Life) and Young Money will be dropping a mixtape which will also be known as their compilation album. He then goes on to say that whoever the peoples favourite artist is in Young Money from that mixtape – they will get their debut album out first. You can watch the interview below:

“Excuse me Ross” 😆

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  • Dre

    Good lookin out with this.

  • moweezy22

    please give me a link ? where can i download this video !! (youtube or anything else)

  • cool video

  • Thanks for the info Danny.

  • excuse me ross:P whahaha

  • Xx253FoLyfexX

    LOL he forgot Tyga



  • >>DMC



  • MWeezyBaby

    na weezy sounded kinda fucked up all slowed down and shit he prolly just forgot tyga he does have a bunch of artist on YM

  • I can’t wait for the music video =]

    Anyone know when it is coming =]


  • Ooohhh

    What the fuck was Officer Ricky doing in the way ROFL

  • JMoney

    he forgot about tyga… haahah

  • JMoney

    good catch Xx253FoLyfexX

  • Weezyyybrah


  • luiseezy

    ooops no tyga

  • cart_1511

    cooool videeoo
    weezy da best

  • Young Money!

    I want the Gudda Gudda,J Millz,Mack Mizzle CD already.I cant freakin wait.Either or,dey all gonna shut shit down,Young Money has hip-hop in their hands,and dey have it on lock.

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • masha


  • Vante’

    he always forgettin Tyga, i mean prolly cus Tyga never with YM, he was first signed with GEDinc. that who Tyga be chillin with, not YM, be he claim YM every song drop

  • Vante’

    now i think about it, drake aint even with YM, he signed with interscope, he just affilated

  • justin

    he forgot tyga

  • justin

    ha i should have read the other commens first
    now i feel like a duescher

  • lilwaynewiffy

    tyga? lol rick ross fat ass was in the way hahaha

  • Rafeeq

    Wayne look fucked up. Like he just woke up from a long night of partying and still feelin the drugs

  • ThrowBackWayne

    This Video is Supaa Dupaaa Old.