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Feature Friday #104: Fat Joe – The Crack House (Feat Lil Wayne & Dre)

Fat Joe The Crack House Feat Lil Wayne & Dre

For this week’s “Feature Friday” edition, I have chosen Fat Joe‘s “The Crack House” song featuring Lil Wayne and Dre from production duo Cool & Dre.

The Steve Morales-produced track can be found on Joey Crack‘s The Elephant In The Room album that was released back in 2008. It also appears on the official soundtrack for the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

“Hey, this is the crack house, welcome to the crack house; I mean, I’m talking more parties than a frat house”

You can listen to “The Crack House” below.

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Feature Friday #56: Stack$ – Money Ova Here (Feat Lil Wayne)

Stacks Money Ova Here Feat Lil Wayne

The “Feature Friday” installment for this week is a single from Stack$ called “Money Ova Here” featuring 2 verses from Lil Wayne.

The Steve Morales-produced song, which was released back in early 2007, appears on Stack$Crazee & Confuzed album that dropped in 2008.

“Mr. Tough Thug don’t start with me; I am a painter and blood is an art to me; I piss on you guys, youse a wart to me; Hah and ya girlfriend still report to me”

You can listen to “Money Ova Here” below!

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Feature Friday #35: Fabolous – Diamonds On My Damn Chain (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne)

Fabolous Diamonds On My Damn Chain Remix Feat Lil Wayne

For this week’s “Feature Friday” installment, I have picked Fabolous‘ “Diamonds On My Damn Chain” aka “Diamonds” remix featuring a verse from Lil Wayne.

The original version of this Steve Morales and Sarom co-produced-song that features Young Jeezy instead of Weezy appears on Fab‘s fourth studio album, From Nothin’ To Somethin’, which dropped back in 2007.

“What that girl name? I call my jeweller up and tell him: ‘make that girl a chain’; I take that girl to Spain, she can’t pronounce a thang; And she got a girlfriend on the side like fangs; The fetish is Lil Wayne, I’m bombin’ like Hussein; Ma I’m that fire, now swallow my Butane”

You can listen to the “Diamonds On My Damn Chain” remix after the jump below!

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