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Lil Wayne Purchases New $17 Million Miami Mansion, See What It Looks Like Inside [Video]

Lil Wayne Purchases New 17 Million Miami Mansion, See What It Looks Like Inside

A year after selling his mansion in Miami Beach, Lil Wayne has bought another 10,632-square-foot waterfront mansion with views of Biscayne Bay in the same area for $16.75 million.

Tunechi sold his property, which included a skate park on top of his roof and a shark lagoon, last year for $10 million after two “swatting” incidents took place in 2016 and 2015, where someone sent police to the house after claiming someone had been shot.

The new pad that Wayne has purchased on Allison Island possesses seven bedrooms, a suede wall cinema, a tall mahogany-clad entryway, an infinity pool, two “living” plant walls, a 22-foot ceiling living room, and so much more. You can watch a video showing what Weezy‘s new home looks like below! What are your thoughts on it?

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Police Say There Were No Shots Fired At Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach Home, It Was One Huge Expensive Hoax

Shots Have Been Fired Inside Lil Wayne Miami Beach Home

Earlier today, police received a phone call from an unknown person that said he had shot four people and “seriously wounded” them at Lil Wayne‘s Miami Beach home.

Police officers arrived to the scene quickly and set up a perimeter. After waiting for it to be secure, the SWAT team entered Weezy‘s home and searched room for room, but found nothing.

Mack Maine also confirmed on Twitter as this was all going on that Tunechi is okay and was not at his house when the so-called shots were fired. Cortez Bryant was spotted co-operating with the police outside of Tune‘s crib too.

After the search was completed, police gave the all clear and said there were no indications of a shooting at Wayne‘s mansion, as well as confirmed that it was a large expensive hoax. They said they will now make an investigation to see who made the phone call!

UPDATE: You can listen to a recording of the hoax phone call below.

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