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Lil Wayne Promotes His Personal Health Therapist’s Book On Grocery Store Shopping

Lil Wayne Promotes His Personal Health Therapist Book On Grocery Store Shopping

Every Body Thrive’s very own Karlee Fain, who is Lil Wayne‘s personal health therapist, has released a new book called “The Grocery Store Adventure Guide“.

Who would have thought that I’d be bringing the lettuce wrap to gangsta rap, I love these guys! I appreciate Wayne so much, you’ll see a special message I wrote to him on the dedication page.

The book outlines 7 easy steps that you should follow when shopping at the grocery store to eliminate your food-related stress and live a fun and healthier lifestyle.

Weezy F Baby can be seen promoting the book in the picture above along with Karlee and his homies Marley G and DJ Scoob Doo, who is actually holding a copy of the book.

Click here to read more information about “The Grocery Store Adventure Guide“, as well as read the first chapter for free and pre-order the book!