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Lil Wayne In The Studio Recording The Original Version Of “Hittas” & Playing It For Drake [Video]

Lil Wayne In The Studio Recording The Original Version Of Hittas & Playing It For Drake

Lil Wayne took to his Instagram page a few days ago to reveal some exclusive behind the scenes footage of him recording his “Hittas” song.

The clip shows Wayne recording the original version of Tha Carter V track before then playing it for Drake, who calls it an “anthem” and tells Tune that he needs to give him the session so he can record an alternative version to it.

It’s unknown if Drizzy did ever record another version or a remix of “Hittas“, but he does have one line on the 2018 version that we all heard: “Weezy, where you been? The people miss you”.

You can check out the behind the scenes video that was filmed by DJ Scoob Doo after the jump below! With the “To Be Continued” at the end, I wonder if we are about to get a C5 in the making documentary, or even the long-awaited The Nino Brown Story (Part 3)?

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DJ Scoob Doo Says Free The Making Of “Tha Carter V” & “The Nino Brown Story (Part 3)”

DJ Scoob Doo Says Free The Making Of Tha Carter V & The Nino Brown Story 3

Straight after Birdman posted a picture of him and Lil Wayne at LIV nightclub on early Monday morning, DJ Scoob Doo shared the same photo on his Instagram with an interesting caption that read:

“Free C5….Free Making of C5 & Nino Brown 3 directed by @djscoobdoo”

If you can recall, “The Nino Brown Story (Part 3)” is an unreleased documentary on Tunechi that will show his reaction to when he hears Drake’s verse from “Over” for the very first time, Justin Bieber spitting “A Milli” to Tune‘s face at the Grammys, a tour of his crib, and more.

It also looks like Scoob Doo has plenty more footage of Weezy from when he was recording Tha Carter V album that we will hopefully get to see once Wayne gets the green light to drop the album!

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Update On Lil Wayne & DJ Scoob Doo’s “The Nino Brown Story (Part 3)” DVD

Lil Wayne & DJ Scoob Doo The Nino Brown Story 3 DVD

Remember Lil Wayne and DJ Scoob Doo‘s “The Nino Brown Story (Part 3)” DVD that was supposed to drop 3 years ago? Well today, we finally get an update on the documentary and why it has not yet been released.

Scoob Doo sent Nick Canas a direct message on Twitter explaining that he is waiting on Weezy F Baby and Young Money to give him the green light first before he puts out “The Nino Brown Story (Part 3)“.

I know this ain’t really anything new, but I guess the documentary could drop at the end of this year or in 2020. Also, I wonder if the people who pre-ordered it like myself will still get their copy when the DVD is finally released.

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Lil Wayne Wants To Introduce You To His Skate World [Video]

Check out some behind the scenes footage from Lil Wayne‘s photo shoot with CCS magazine above, which was shot in Canoga Park, California. Weezy will appear on the front cover of the skateboard magazine’s May issue with professional skaters: Paul Rodriguez, Shane O’Neill, Torey Pudwill, Theotis Beasley and Chance Eldridge. In this clip that will probably be included in The Nino Brown Story Part 3 DVD, Tune introduces the skaters who will appear on the CCS cover with him.

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Video: Lil Wayne Discusses His Skateboarding Accident

“Unfortunately I was skating and I tried to do an ollie down one of my banks and I tailed out at the end of it,” Weezy said in a clip from DJ Scoob Doo’s upcoming “The Nino Brown Story” DVD that was given exclusively to MTV News.

“I kinda didn’t separate it — hopefully I didn’t separate my shoulder, but if it was separated I wouldn’t be able to move it,” he said, showing off his new Trukfit tee for the camera. “I probably strained a muscle. I don’t know the name of the muscle, my therapist told me the name of it — I’m not sure. We were thinking I probably sprained the muscle, which is like a slight tear, which will probably take a few days to heal. A few days and I’ll be back.”

“I ain’t worried about the pain, it hurts like hell but the worst thing is that I couldn’t really skate,” he said. “I always get injured but I never get an injury where I can’t get back on the board. Remember we had the nine stitches? That didn’t mean we couldn’t skate the next day, so we skated the next day.” – MTV

Two photos of Lil Wayne skateboarding with Justin Bieber and no arm sling on surfaced online yesterday, so it does look like Weezy is fully-healed from his skateboarding injury. Also, I wonder if this new clip we have got means DJ Scoob Doo and Tune are planning to release The Nino Brown Story Part 3 soon ❓

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