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Robin Thicke & Lil Wayne Perform “Tie My Hands” & “Shooter” Live In A L.A. Restaurant, Wayne Reads Lyrics From His Phone [Video]

Robin Thicke & Lil Wayne Perform Tie My Hands & Shooter Live In A LA Restaurant, Wayne Reads Lyrics From His Phone

A couple of days ago on June 9th, Robin Thicke and Lil Wayne put on a surprise live performance for everyone in attendance at Verse restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

During their performance, Robin and Wayne performed their “Tie My Hands” and “Shooter” collaborations live. However, Weezy had to read the lyrics to his verses from his mobile phone.

You can watch Thicke and Tunechi perform these two songs live together at the L.A. restaurant with a live band behind them after the jump below!

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Lil Wayne’s “Tie My Hands” Song Saved A Soldier’s Life In Afghanistan

Check out this interesting article Kuzz just came across about how Lil Wayne‘s “Tie My Hands” song saved a soldier’s life in Afghanistan. The soldier’s name is Lander Chappell and you can watch him explain the story in the video above, or read about his story after the jump below.

I’m sure Weezy F Baby‘s music has influenced every one of us in different ways, but it’s always nice to hear his music saving people’s lives! Lander recently tweeted this message on his Twitter account too: “Would like to thank Lil Wayne for making Tie My Hands. It kept me alive when I stepped on an IED in Afghanistan. That song is inspiration.”

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