Lil Wayne’s “Tie My Hands” Song Saved A Soldier’s Life In Afghanistan

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Check out this interesting article Kuzz just came across about how Lil Wayne‘s “Tie My Hands” song saved a soldier’s life in Afghanistan. The soldier’s name is Lander Chappell and you can watch him explain the story in the video above, or read about his story after the jump below.

I’m sure Weezy F Baby‘s music has influenced every one of us in different ways, but it’s always nice to hear his music saving people’s lives! Lander recently tweeted this message on his Twitter account too: “Would like to thank Lil Wayne for making Tie My Hands. It kept me alive when I stepped on an IED in Afghanistan. That song is inspiration.”

Two months into his first deployment, Private First Class Lander Chappell was clearing a road of IED’s. He worked in concert with his battalion, to the rhythm of his favorite song.

“I play it all the time. And I sing it all the time. And the beat’s always in my head,” Lander said of Lil Wayne’s song, “Tie My Hands.”

It’s a song he says saved his life.

“We were going to clear this road, and we had a thing that shoots grenades down the road. Pressure grenades to put pressure on the ground to blow any pressure plate IED’s,” Lander described. “We had a guy who was clearing. I guess he just missed it. And as I came up, I stepped to the right just a little bit and next thing I knew, I was in the air. I’m looking at the sky. I don’t wanna look, I don’t wanna look. At the same time, you really want to look because you just want to see. Make sure. But my leg, it was gone.”

Lander’s body was tensing up. He was losing blood and drifting in and out of consciousness.

A fellow soldier offered a life line.

“He was like, ‘I got something for you,’ ” Lander recalled. “Sing your song. Sing your favorite song. Sing it, sing it, sing it.”

And he sang.

“It got my mind off it and finally the medivac came. We were still singing. We get on to the medivac. It’s one of the things I really appreciate him doing for me.”

Lander believes the song and the soldier saved his life, allowing military doctors to save his badly damaged left leg. His right leg is now fitted with a prosthesis.

“I have my days where I’m down about it,” Lander said. “But you know with my wife behind me, always pushing me, telling me that God has a reason, has a plan. I believe it. So we keep moving everyday.”

Recently, that meant leaving Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and traveling home to Lanett, Alabama, where Lander was a star high school football player. The school retired his number and honored his sacrifice.

But the gesture that perhaps means the most was a call from his old coach while Lander was still hospitalized, offering him a job with the team whenever he decides he might want it.

“I just want to get better and go back to school,” Lander said. “If I can stay in the Army, I would love to. But if I can’t, I did what I had to do.”

Lander is still doing what he has to do, including a recent surgery and daily therapy. And he’s still singing his favorite song.

Via KOMO News

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    That’s crazy. I wonder how Wayne feels.

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    *goes and plays tie my hands*

    forgot how good this song was

  • Paul

    Its very inspiring and amazing how a song could save his life, Im happy hes okay

  • Rezzy

    Once Wayne finds out about this
    I am sure he will go and meet the soldier
    Cause that is the type of person he is

  • I ain’t got no worries

    Inspiring story and motivational record.

    Shout out Lander Chappell, glad you are okay.

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    That’s my favorite song

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    gr8 read…..

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    every weezy hater needs to read this and then go play in traffic

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    Unfortunately weezy doesnt make musik like that no more … I let IANAHB II prove me wrong 😉

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    unfortunately that weezy ain’t alive no more . I was listen to one of his track called “trouble” and it made me realize how great he was and how much he has contribute to the rap game. I miss you Wayne (the real Wayne) .

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    danny, i ain’t seen drake near weezy for a min. Whats wrong….it doesnt luk good hope im wrong

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    that’s awesome

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    You are not a true wayne fan if you did not immediately listen to “Tie My Hands” after reading this.

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    This is just great

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    that song is a weezy classic!!

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    I will listen to wayne music and i wont die

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    hmmmmmm, lil wayne is the man, i love his music’s

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    ha 8th song on tha tha carter III …always loved this song…..old wayne and new wayne?? Lil Wayne is Lil Wayne. From ‘The Block is hot’ to ‘Dedication 4’ …he’s just improving after each project… 🙂

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    same here..weezys music motivates me to keep breathin n let my heart pumpin blood! Tunechi I love you!!!

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    Lil Wayne is the greatest ever nuff said … wanna argue ? beat what he did before you say a word bitch …. <3 Tunechi forever

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    This is the Wayne we want
    We don’t want the I’ve always talking about pussy and skating
    Wayne is wack now
    Just because he was the best at one point doesn’t mean he still is
    Wayne needs to wake up and make more tie my hands
    Yes i hate the new Wayne
    If that makes me a hater then I’m a hater
    I hate tunechi
    All those yes men around Wayne need to leave
    All those white boy skaters need to get away from Wayne
    All these fans that keep accepting this garbage that he puts out need to go back and listen to miss my dawgs Georgia Bush and tie my hands and then listen to dedication 4 and Carter 4 because he’s garbage now
    Danny is wrong by saying that dedication 4 was good
    Im a Weezy fan not a tunechi fan
    Wayne needs to snap out of it
    He is contradicting everything he said on the dedication skits
    Wayne is like a r&b singer now
    He doesn’t work anymore
    He’s singing now
    He contradicts everything he said in the why I’m the predator skit
    Wayne is garbage now and all you “fans”need to stop supporting it

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      Dnt listn music,,,try to feel music.there u go, u wont be rejectin him cuz of his new music. Itz gud that if he will do de old stuff again, u knw de hiphop! Real hiphop!! Which he was used to be.. Bt now itz dffrnt but i lyk dat too.. And dat makes him look lyk a fckn allroundr!! U dnt get dat, right? Get it man! Den go for da music

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    he was making that kind of music (good music) when he still was weezy f baby.. now all i’m hearing is tunechi

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  • maybe if Wayne heard that story he wake up and return to the real Wayne. would be nice … :\

  • Dennis Hernandez

    @President Dad
    I’m guessing your one of those “fans” that has been calling all this garbage “good”.
    I’m actually aware of that, but he didn’t say it on every damn song. And he didn’t say it with that gay sqeak that he has now.
    If you really do think that Wayne is still the bestn

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    for someone that listens to wayne daily and understsands his passion i can tell you now wayne aint hungry for the throne like he used too, true fan s know wayne had to switch his style up to stay relevant in the the game, go getter helped me graduate high school that and i made it, but wayne my fav rapper but he already proved the world he accomplished more then 99% of rappers and producers today, wayne is one of the best musicians of all time but honestly without weed i dont think we will ever see the same wayne we all love because the best verse he featured on since he been out was hustle hard remix nothing topped that verse but his songs has to be blunt blowing that relates to everyone, but wayne need weed to get his thoughts outter space so he can come up with crazy metaphors then skating interferes too so hopefully inahb 2 will be great and better then saying pussy metaphors every verse.

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    Wayne tweeted about this

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    tunechi still tha bestt

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    Damn thats real touching!

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    this story is deep and amazing but i hate that danny cant even post a story w/o yall trolling lame bitches leaving the same we miss the old wayne blah blah blah shit” like wtf does that have to do w/ every damn post? NOTHING!! dont like him NOW? then STOP FUCKING LISTNING TO HIM ! SIMPLE …god you people are retarded i hate alot of the artist music today and they “hot” let yall tell it but you dont see me LIVING on the internaet wasting my time crying about it.

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  • andzaboi

    You should not have been involved in a war in first place. Music, however, is amazing. Just two very mismatching things.

  • Im so Young Money