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Kendrick Lamar Reacts To Lil Wayne Saying He Will Quit Music, Raps Old Wayne Verses Word For Word [Video]

Kendrick Lamar Reacts To Lil Wayne Saying He Will Quit Music, Raps Old Wayne Verses Word For Word

Like everyone else, Kendrick Lamar does not want Lil Wayne to quit or retire from music! The Compton rapper, who had been drinking, recorded a public service announcement of himself talking to the camera about Wayne and rapping his old verses word for word at 5:30AM this morning.

K. Dot‘s reaction to hearing Tunechi wanted to leave hip-hop was “Fuck that!”, as well as shouted “No!” more than a few times. He also mentioned that he was in the studio working on features and he can remember Tune back in 2007-2008 knocking out “ten motherfucking features in a row… back to back”.

The old Weezy verses that Kendrick was rapping are: “Gangsta Shit” off 500 Degreez, “Ridin’” off Guerrilla Warfare, “Respect My Mind” off Guerrilla Warfare, and “Where You At” off 500 Degreez. You can check out the 3-minute-and-a-half clip after the jump below!

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2 Chainz Discusses 10-Year Friendship With Lil Wayne On “This Is How I Made It” [Video]

On MTV‘s first episode of their new docu-series called “This Is How I Made It”, 2 Chainz chats about his ten-year friendship with Lil Wayne. The Playaz Circle rapper, formerly known as Tity Boy, remembers hearing Weezy shout out his name on one of his singles called “Where You At” back in 2002: “Yeah Tity baby, put it in the air”. 2 Chainz then goes on to tell the story of how the “Duffle Bag Boy” collaboration came together.

“I’ve had a relationship with Lil Wayne for over 10 years now. Me and Wayne are like real peers, he liked my vibe from day one. I just remember being like ‘dude put me in a song’–that’s cool as hell. So when I got the ‘Duffle Bag Boy’ beat I was like, ‘I got an idea, I think I’ma put Wayne on this.’ Wayne was in Atlanta at the time. So I rolled up, gave him the CD and flew to Miami maybe two or three weeks later and I remember hearing, ‘If I don’t do nothing I’ma ball.’ I was like, you did this for me bro?”