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Lil Wayne – Rebirth [Official Album Artwork]

Thu, Jun 25, 2009 by

Lil Wayne Rebirth Official Album Cover

Above, is the official album artwork for the Lil WayneRebirth” album. You can view a bigger, better quality and tagless version by clicking on the image above 😉

Bonus: Jonathan Mannion explains the concept behind Lil Wayne‘s “Rebirth” album artwork in the video below.

So what do ya’ll think of the artwork ❓ Do y’all prefer this than the Hot Revolver single cover ❓ Personally, I think this photo is amazing 🙂

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  • Lil Drig17

    cant wait to get dat rebirth its goin be fire comin outa yo speakers

  • nice sweet. the cover is amazing. i can’t wait to buy the rebirth..

  • cece bby

    awww i love it! i cant wait to cop the album!

  • Ooohhh

    I am not gonna lie, it is very similar to Hot Revolver, but I am loving the gold color scheme.

  • This is a friggin sweet cover =]

  • weezana


  • MaTT F Babyy

    Fucking amazing.

  • yeah it was the same shoot from hot revolver

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  • cheese-pol

    wow this pic is so detailed but i do love it

  • Weezyweetellem

    I like the hot revolver cover better but this is pretty good too



  • Artille

    Sweet pic, but why does it not say Rebirth anywhere on it?

  • Young Money!

    This pic is fresh.can’t wait for da album.its gonna be crazy,every body buy it,1 million da first week!

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lilwayneisawesome

    I think the cover is sweet, but the only thing is it don’t say Rebirth!

  • Samser

    Its not the cover… it is the artwork lol

    But I am liking Wayne’s pants

  • YeAh!!!he’s dat best rapper alive (real shit)

  • cuba

    i love the whole classic rock look he goin fa

  • Weezyfff

    Very good artwork, a little bit tock picture is good because the album had a taste of rock too..

  • milad

    not better than the carter III artwork , but still love it

  • grand buzz

    interesting cover indeed!

  • >>DMC

    Are them jeans YELLOW or another color LOL

  • yuntune33

    i cant wait for this cd to come out ya digg this shit is going to be poundin in my cadillac cts on aug 18th ya digg

  • Didya


  • yea da pic iz dope juz cant wait in til da rebirth com out

  • BigBoneThaRapper

    My version of the rebirth

  • BigBoneThaRapper


  • D.A.S

    Oh My Fuckin’ Lord , The Entire Fuckin’ game has never seen an artwork so worked on !! That’s really a fuckin picture dat could be in a fuckin art gallery ! Rebirth !!!

  • woddle1000

    sweet, thanks for the desktop background!

  • I dont like it it’s 2 similar 2 da hot revolver single copy cover but da tracks gonna be fye

  • COOL

  • Vante’

    Damn that album is nice. I thought he’d just have a pic of him playin a guitar, but it still has that rockstar image to it.

  • mandem


  • andythegreat12

    i fuckin love this pic. i think he should use this one

  • britt

    love it =]

  • pmk

    allready heard his cd. big weezy fane but it suck sorry weezy stick to your carter 2 and drought 3 mix tape

  • Rafeeq

    Its cool but I think they can do better then look too borin..bland ass colors

  • salem

    cant waiit mother fuckers.its gooo be big nigers
    boom boom weezy
    fuck ya all………..:x

  • Man wayne just need’s too sighn me…come to portland or ill come to wereevr your at man just sighn me lol forealz though.

  • Your post Lil Wayne – Rebirth [Official Album Artwork] | Lil Wayne HQ was very interesting when I found it over google on Saturday by my search for boy dem franchise. I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.

  • WeezyBby

    Ah, He Is Gorgeous.
    This Album Is Amazingggg. (:


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