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Lil Wayne To Endorse Marijuana Cigars

Mon, Jun 15, 2009 by

Lil Wayne To Endorse Marijuana Cigars

Rapper Lil Wayne will be seen endorsing a new range of cigars – specially made for smoking marijuana.

According to the Hip Hop Weekly magazine, the Lollipop hitmaker is a well-known advocate of the drug.

He’s a huge fan of Bogey Blunts and thus has allowed manufacturers to use his image on the packaging, reports Contactmusic .

The cigars are made with leaves that can be easily unrolled for users to add their own tobacco.

Shout outs to The Times Of India and forum thread:

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  • weezyfbabiee17

    yEAH Boii! now im deff only qonna use dhese to roll me blunts

  • Ooohhh

    This is amazing business for Weezy along with his condoms 😛

  • >>DMC

    SO r these out??

  • Samser

    I think they are out, but where can you buy them?


  • cheese-pol

    fuck this shit, why doesnt wayne just bring out some sneakers or a clothing line

  • Doug

    INGNORANT ASS SHIT “bOGEY bLUNTS” Lil’ Wayne Has more class than this shit. they didn’t even do a photoshoot. homemade blunts

  • Young Money!

    cant be mad,he making money off of this….let it be

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • birdmanIII

    hes promoting what he’s into…fuckin and smokin weed…aint nothin wrong wit dat

  • lil wayne best rapper alife……………..young mula baby

  • fgd

    For your information Mr reporter its not made like that you can smoke em with the tobacco that Congress rolled and I find them to go very well with some dom perigon so find something else to bitch shit …..@weezy f do up that babe f

  • Antony

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