Fabolous – Salute (Feat Lil Wayne) [No DJ] [Listen & Download]

Sun, Jul 12, 2009 by

Fabolous - Salute Feat Lil Wayne

Here is the Fabolous and Lil Wayne track that we have all been waiting for! It is called “Salute” and it’s from Fab‘s upcoming album “Loso’s Way“. You can listen and download it below:

Download: Rapidshare | zShare [Updated No DJ from them horrible and shitty tags 😕 ]

Enjoy and shout outs to YK2Daily 8)

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  • 804 Swagg

    crazy song by da way ima b bangin dis 4 a minit

  • 804 Swagg

    i fux wit dis site tho cuz yall b havin alota sht b4 dem.. im sayin dis cause my comment iz (awaiting moderation) so mybad ya dig all luv

  • carteryeah

    is this the nodj cdq version?? sickkkk

  • ThaCarter4

    @804 swagg no offense but i really hate when people try to talk like a gangster. why can’t people just use regular grammar when they leave a comment? anyway, sick song

  • LilDrig17

    thanx 2 wayne for not usin auto on dis hotass joint

  • tight / sick song. thanks dan for posting it. 😀

  • Alllilwayne

    sick song props for download,,

  • Young Money!

    This song go stupid hard..Tanx Dan..U Da Fuckin Best!!

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trizzy

    This shit go hard as hell its a great songz cuz fab go hard but wayne jus made it betta

  • Goon7

    Shit botch of ma niggz go hard!!!

    i aint gone lie fabolous goes hard

    but of course wayne is the shit!!1

    all yall make sure ya support this song so that this joint be hot!!

  • Banger!

  • WeezyMula

    Not what I was expecting 🙁

  • Diesel

    Finally a good song without auto-tune 🙂 D.O.A

  • Samser

    Them tags are disgusting

  • grand buzz

    song is good, chorus is great, beat is hot and verses are pretty nice

  • Fab and Weezy both went in =]

  • with no dj is much better. thanks man.


    song sucks but wayne did his thing on the hook

  • No Wayne

    Fab could have chose someone better than Wayne. Why not Cassidy???

  • gangbang

    @ no wayne….. Fuck U Man… Weezy is the fucking best….. the fuck u talking bout wilis

  • dc

    No wayne, y u on this site? LMAO loser.

    Anyways can somebody make a version WITHOUT Fab. He kinda ruins it :[

  • Weezyweetellem

    People like no wayne need to be banned from this site. Good song tho

  • I lov wayne but wht is he doin to his hair??? I lik it better when it is in dreads.. but i i dont care i LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wit all mii heaart//

  • beastman

    Dope ass verse! Heres the lyrics……

    Wayne Verse:
    Un.. Now just say hello to the captain
    And I stay away from magnets
    Cause the metals what I’m packin
    Bet yo brains on ya shirt
    Will look like jello on a napkin
    And I promise my fellows
    Will put ya fellows on a canvas
    Call me Weezy
    F. Baby
    Young Money Army
    Better get lea-vin (leaving just says it different)
    Fab I got’em
    Now watch me get’em
    And I do ’em
    How I did ’em
    And the tool inside my denim
    I shoot everythang but women
    And kids
    Bitch nigga stop bitchin
    This just how it is
    Now watch me let that sexy Nina
    Kiss ya by ya ribs
    You wont be satisfied
    Till I send them missiles by ya crib
    Shoot you in the stomach
    Now you pissin out ya ears
    Hol..Hollygrove allday
    Bodies in the hallway
    And if you come searchin
    Then you findin out the hard way
    No matter where you from
    You better recognize a real nigga
    When you see one

  • Ooohhh

    Thanks for the lyrics 😀

  • IReallyLovesWeezy

    yummy song, but only the wayne part. but fabolous was okay…

  • Alllilwayne

    sickk song the z-share download link thoug hstill got the dj on it,, rapidshare got no dj 😀

  • eu amo esse cara ele araza !
    da uma olhada no corpo dele cara
    o coisa linda
    esse é meu

  • Yup

    damn… this is where the wayne stalkers are… im out of here to creepy having grown men…”gawk” over a dood & anything that comes out his mouth..chicks can slide….but shit sounds homo in here….dont know how i got here…lmao

  • Rafeeq

    Aight song is dope. Straight crack. And fuck No Wayne, get yo bitch ass off this site..punk pussy ass go eat glass. Shout out to ^Beastman^ good lookin out bro.

  • allen

    dope song

  • allen

    reallyyy dope song

  • brf

    this music is soo extremely very hot

  • Young Money!

    this song go stupid hard!!!!!!!! but JUNO!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daniel

    another reason why weezy the greatest..hes a godest to the rap game..

  • bmeadz

    wayne kills again..we will it stopp…..NEVAA! oh nd fab did coo doe

  • Beastboy

    @beastman. He said weezy f baby young money army better yet navy

  • Young Money!

    think it says “young money on,betta get lazy”

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beastboy

    Naw bruh he said young money army betta get navy didn’t u listen ta da hotboys or u jus join da band wagon bg use ta say cash money iz a army betta yet the navy

  • FRESH.

  • Xx253FoLyfexX

    the links dont work can any one please give me another link????

  • s – Salute (Feat Lil Wayne) [No DJ] [Listen & Download] | Lil Wayne HQ? Seriously? I was searching Google for cara download mp3 and found this… will have to think about it.