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Lil Wayne & Kobe Bryant Interview At The Photo Shoot [Video]

Wed, Jul 8, 2009 by

N’neka Hite interviews Lil Wayne at the photo shoot with Kobe Bryant for VIBE Magazine. This is a great video shoot and it shows Wayne joking about using the trophy as a mirror when they are taking his picture with Kobe ๐Ÿ˜† He also talks about Rebirth, how he came up with the Kobe Bryant song and the Hot Boys re-union. You can view pictures from the shoot here and you can watch the video below:

Enjoy 8)

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  • Waynelil

    Nice vid Daniel, I like the new layout you have for your site now. I just launched my weezy site and I will email you shortly about possible link exchange/partnership. One

  • i like how Kobe’s just looking at the camera like “shit wayne get done staring at the trophy” haha, good shit.



  • Nice, I’m looking forward to his new album. It was cool to see how nice he was. He seemed very respectful and humble, as opposed to someone like Kanye West.

    Btw, I don’t know if you saw my response about the pics being too big but I posted a link that might help you. And check out my latest post on rap/hip hop! You might like it!

  • WeezyzBaybee

    Omq Weezy keep lukkin at hizself..
    He alredy nOe he dha iish..
    i lOve dhat dude mann real tlk โ™ฅ

  • Brett

    he is gangsta. Makes me feel more gutted that he wont be coming here

  • Samser

    Haha, no homo but I always love it when Weezy smiles

    Good video

  • AJ-cufc

    What type of sneakers does weezy have on there?

  • Ooohhh

    So Rebirth is definitely done woo ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cheese-pol

    haha wayne was funny with the joking around taking he photos and cool interview but should of been longer…

  • Thanks for the video =] Loved it =]

  • sdasdadadjrtd

    Rebirth Is done!!!!

  • jmb

    i can’t wait!!
    aah i’m having a orgasme just thinking bout it
    i could say no homo
    but i’m serieusly doubting myself now
    noo just kiddin’:P

  • luiseezy

    weezy fffffffffffff baby

  • youngmoneyent

    And when i did it, I did it

  • Mr, Heard

    I cant wait till Turk gets out and im glad the rebirth is done(wayne so short)

  • fankibones

    its done but he need to find a label

  • this video is tight. thanks dan for posting it. and the rebirth is ready to go :D, i am so happy that he rebirth is ready to go. and the Hot Boys re-union will be out soon to. nice. and its pretty sweet Turk is coming out soon to.:), and Woo the rebirth is definitely done and ready to go ya:).

  • lil wayne is my baby, he look too too short next to kobe but cutter

  • JaY

    I might be late or maybe never noticed it, but i believe weezy has a new tatt on his palm?

  • lmontejo

    looks like there havin fun

  • @JaY – It says “The World” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Bazelle

    Man Weezy F Baby is hilarious!!! haha

  • Seriously if Kanye West was there with them two, it would of been the best video ever ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  • i love that kobe bryant tune



  • Hot Boy

    thx much 4 this vid, just like you can see wanye is a great man, i ยดm very excited about REBRITH !!

  • grand buzz

    i wonder if all the songs that have leaked will be on rebirth, because wayne is saying it is done

  • Young Money!

    Nice.Kobe and Wayne makes my life complete..great music and great bball

    YOUNG MULA BABBBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • weeeeeeeeeeeeez is da best