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Mack 10 – So Sharp (Feat Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & Jazze Pha) [Music Video]

Tue, Jul 14, 2009 by

Here is the official music video for Mack 10‘s “So Sharp” single featuring Lil Wayne, Jazze Pha and Rick Ross.

The visual was directed by K.C. Amos and the Jazze Pha, Don Vito and Blade-co-produced song appears on Mack‘s Soft White album, available to stream and buy now!

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  • Thanks Dan For Posting it. pretty tight video i love it 8)

  • MWeezyBaby

    /\/\/\ kiss ass hahah so funny

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  • y is jazzy pha wearin pajamas?

  • ABC

    This video would be shite if it was not for Weezy πŸ˜›

  • wayne looks so fly in this vid



  • carteryeahhh

    sick shades

  • LilDrig17

    dat shit clean wayne gave good humor to da vid muda fucka im SHARP

  • realgangsta111

    does Mack 10 know how to rapp on beat ??? he fukin sucks

  • weezy f aka godzilla


    now suck me up and don’t you bite! don’t need mike tyson here tonight!

  • antuon

    wayne got more camera time than anyone in the damn video !

  • lil wayne was the hotest on there and the cute one

  • Waala

    deamm weezy looks f. fly on dizz video [:
    lovee it

  • weezyfbabiee17

    weezy f babyy

  • amin

    If pig ross wasn’t i could have say it was a good song but so far no this shit is whac next ima listen to it im just gonna rewind to waynes part meh

  • fckinross sucks

    rosss sucks dick!

  • Matthew reid jr

    Im sorry to say

    But I Think Weezy is going to die this year

  • Goon7

    Matthey reid srey to say but url mom will die!!

    Ohhh shit weezy went hard ma nigg is the shit!!

    DruGs beatin me up I’m fightin for ma life & if u want that beat then I’m mike tyison for to night suck me up & don’t u bite LOL!!

  • weezy

    good song
    weezy the best in the song….and ross the…

  • Oh my god, Wayne was really hot in this vid.. He’s so pretty πŸ™‚

  • Ooohhh

    Wayne was jokes in this vid and when is Down coming?

  • Mrs Carter

    OMG Lil Wayne looked soooooooooooooo HOT!!! LMAO He’s so sexcii in this videoooooo!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

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  • gazz

    Where can I buy waynes glasses

  • Hot Boy

    Damned, very nice vid. Hot Girls, very different like waynes other clips, but its cool, too ! GO ahead rappin Boy, stop rockin !

  • Vveezy

    Where can i get the top he was wearin, not the white t

  • Y Mullah

    Damn Finally Ive Been Waitin For This Vid Forever!
    Sick Ass Vid!.

  • i jus like weezy part the other people part is weak and old ass hell

  • Brett

    this vid is class, weezy is a pure gangsta

  • grand buzz

    was that ray j??

  • gangbang

    Ray j … in ur asszz … the fuck is ray j doing in there…. his level is nowhere near those guys

  • Wrestball27579

    What hoodie was he wearing?
    I wanna but that shit.

  • jmb

    he CRAZY

  • brf

    weezy’s part was more than the rest

  • mOLiVER727


  • this vid real fresh. but when is the down video commin out ?

  • outherekidd

    Weezy’s Shades Are Dope!

  • Matthew reid jr

    well all that cough syrup Man

    I Think his time is almost here

    im not trying to diss weezy

    but if he dnt change he will die

  • weezy f aka godzilla

    seemed to be like this video was more lil wayne ft. mack 10 ricky ross and jazze pha…instead of mack 10 ft. wayne ross and pha

  • lilweezy24

    that was ray j at 3:47

  • jmb

    around 3:40 waynes smoking again..
    should have expected it..haha
    he the best of the whole vid
    his humour is crazy
    one of the reasons he the best

  • CJ

    For once a hip hop video with BEAUTIFULL women not to mention Black and white.. Weezy must of had somethin to do with it? πŸ˜‰ … Are they in cali or south beach?

  • Lil Wayne iz tha mutha fuckin best rapper alive no homo & my home city Louisiana bitchhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  • Veezy[$$$]

    Man. Tha shades sick. Can anybody find out what kind they are. gotta get them hoes.

    -Mrs. Carter to be.

  • w3schools

    nice video =]] but idk where i can downlaod it))))

  • miguelil

    I love you lil wayne <3 youΒ΄re the best .. keep going =D

  • mimi

    sickk shades weezy how come every songg thats features weezy he be killin it lol

  • HipHop Boodline

    I think the So Sharp song is pretty good. As for myself, I personally think Mr. O.Z. song “Stay So Shobb” a lot better. Mr. O.Z. had a better flow & a catchier hook. Lil Wayne had a tight verse though.

  • lil grinch

    dis shit go…..