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Twista Pays Homage To Lil Wayne – “He Did What Tupac Did”

Thu, Jul 16, 2009 by


Rap veteran Twista has become the latest artist to pay homage to Lil Wayne and has pointed out the similarities Weezy shares with the late Tupac Shakur.

Speaking on Wayne‘s autotune usage, Twista also explained the motivation he brings out of him.

“You can’t really hate on Lil Wayne for it ’cause no one had done it before in rap,” Twista said in an interview. “He was the first one that done it, so, you have to respect that. I love Lil Wayne ’cause one, he did what Tupac did — brought a lotta records out and exceeded the normal rapper’s output. And two, he’s one of the last rappers that still makes me want to rap. Like other rappers I listen to and don’t feel nothing. But I can listen to Wayne and get inspired to pick up the pad and write something myself.”

Shout outs to SOHH and what do you think about Twista saying this… do you agree or disagree ❓

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  • jmb

    he right

  • YoUnCaRteR

    thas whatssup!!..weezy its the legacy of 2pac ,ya fell me!?,weezy is the best in tha game just dad simple!!!!….CAHS MONEY FOR LIFE BITCHES!!!

  • Yep!

    I really fuckin hate it when people try to put ANY rapper in the same box as Tupac. Tupac may not have been the GREATEST rapper to EVERYONE, but he certainly was the realest. He didn’t have no gimmicks, and as much as I like some Wayne’s music, Wayne’s drug habit, inability to turn down pussy, and love for material possessions, not to mention “I don’t give a fuck attitude” is what makes the younger generation appeal to him.

    Tupac grew up in a different era than Wayne, and by a different Mother who instilled love for black people and knowledge of our struggle in him. Wayne seems to not give a damn about any of that, just money, cars, hoes and clothes. Wayne has made millions of dollars and he is certainly talented, but he never wrote lyrics that did anything to uplift our people or inspire the youth in any way. In reality, his lyrics really talk about bullsh!t and bring us down as a people, but when nobody gives a fuck about life or death anymore, that type of thing happens. “I feel like living”, not dying youngsters. Lil Wayne may drop alot of music, and work with alot of artist, but he doesn’t talk about sh!t, and that’s the difference between him and Pac. Yep!

  • i agree that Twista is right.

  • skimdudee420

    Twista is soo right.

  • jmb

    yep! get laid please and shut the fuck up
    you piss everyone off
    just stop
    mufucking ho’

  • fuck yeah hes right lil wayne is the best out of all these rappers fuck 50 cent tryin to hate on wayne

  • Ooohhh

    Fuck that… he is better than 2pac 😀

  • E-MAN

    wat the hell is yep! sayin shut the hell up. tupac is dead and lil wayne has done so much more than him so wat are you sayin…wat and idiot…

  • SwaGG

    hell yeah Twista right

  • TomDa5Nine

    I agree with him to the extent of making a lot of music like pac but pac rapped about real shit lil wayne just raps bout random shit like money hoes drugs and his guns

  • Yep!

    Fuck you if you don’t agree, because ALL you niggas on here sucking Wayne dick, need to get off and stay off of that homo sh!t. If I ever see you niggas talking about “no homo”, I’ma call yo dick suckin’ asses out. You hoes is bleedin’ from the @sshole, getting fucked by Wayne, trying to dress like him, trying to smoke and drink syrup like him, concerned about the hoes he’s with. You fuckin’ wanna be ass nerds. People on here always telling me to get laid, that’s not my priority, Wayne made it yours apparently. I get money and focus on school, while you stay on here studying Wayne and HIS life 24/7, so that must mean you have no time to become as successful as Wayne is, which is what you should be trying to do.

    * Tupac is dead YES, we all know this, but what does that mean? that he never existed? He made STREET/KNOWLEDGEABLE/INSPIRATIONAL music, BOTTOM LINE! I don’t give a fuck about QUANTITY, I’m talking about QUALITY. Lil Wayne can put out a Billion records, but 9/10 they are going to be about the same 3 basic subjects Money, Hoes/Pussy/Fucking, or INDUSTRY gangsta shit, because Lil Wayne has never had to be a gangster in his life. He came into the game at 11 years old, so it’s only natural that he would have had the chance to put out more than Pac, and Pac died young. However Tupac’s music was about pain, love, struggle, life…His shit could make you cry and feel good about you, and THINK at the same time. I personally listen to Wayne’s music because his lyrics are entertaining, but I never take any of it seriously, it’s all bubble gum rap to me. Tupac was just realer and wiser. Some people on here will have no clue what the hell I’m talking about, because Wayne’s dick is so far up their ass, it’s fuckin with their intelligence/memory cells. Lol! Yep!

  • ThaCarter4

    Fully agree with Yep

  • jmb

    yep u just can’t say anything new huh?
    btw you said fuck you if you don’t agree
    well i don’t agree but atleast i get to fuck
    not like you, you sexually frustated bitch
    why you here anyway no kiddin’?
    because i think 90% really isn’t waiting for you comments
    JMB! (kinda useless huh? putting my own name at the end)

  • luiseezy

    yall need to post this where the haterz can see it.

  • TomDa5Nine

    Thats basically what i was Trying to say, “yep!” But you just explained it further

  • Weezyfff


  • Samser

    These two need to do another collabo together =]

    Burn this city was the shit =]

  • E-MAN

    shut the fuck up yep! not every body wants to cry when you hear a song! we want to laugh and say o shit thats hot. not the shit that put you to sleep…. for knowledge you can go to school and for inspiration, theres other people besides wayne and people like to dress the way he do cuz the swagg goes hard.. always tryin to talk some shit…go say ur poetry somewhere else

  • youngmilionaire

    Yep! bro ur an idiot have u heard tie my hands? scarface from the carter 3 sessions, trouble from the drought is over 4. he talks about real shit and puts his swag on in it

  • Yep!

    I’d also like to add that Tupac didn’t need to grow dreads, fuck “EVERY GIRL IN THE WORLD”, or surgically attach a styrofoam cup to his hand to sell records and add to an image. He REALLY went through hard shit (not to say that Wayne didn’t at some point in his life), but when you listened to Tupac’s music, you could FEEL what he was talking about and it could anger you, make you want to shake your ass, or make you want to do positive shit to make a difference when it comes to what’s right. Tupac dedicated songs to his Mom, got spiritual with it, and made you say “damn, that’s real talk”. The only thing Wayne has ever dedicated a song to is a bottle of Promethazine, girls he’ll never be faithful to, and money, and occasionally Baby. That’s cool, cuz that’s who he is, and that’s what he knows, but it’s all still bullshit, compared to what Pac was rapping about. Yep!

  • ThaCarter4

    Alright, this useless arguement is pissing me off. I agree with Twista when he adresses Wayne’s use of autotune and that Wayne is an amazing rapper. However, comparing Wayne to Tupac just isn’t right because Wayne’s style to me is a style that amuses me, such as his use of drugs, sex, pussy, etc. That style is a bit exaggerated though, not even Wayne lives in the same life he raps about. So I think its sad that all of you are sucking up to Wayne and calling him better than Tupac. Tupac’s rap had meaning that may not appeal to this generation, but had a better influence on people as compared to Wayne’s profane rap. In comparison, if Tupac was a 10/10, Wayne is a 7/10. And JMB, you should really learn that life is not about you fucking.
    In the end, all i’m saying is that I don’t agree with Twista’s comment on Wayne being better than Tupac. If you don’t agree, suit yourself, but consider what I say carefully.
    Finally, to what I want to say. Wayne is a beast for being able to combine rock with rap, and under talent, I can compare him to Tupac.
    Have a nice day

  • me

    o god. i red the first sentence. there goes that dumb bitch YUP tellin us all were suckin his dick again… LMFAO. i dont know hot you can act hard with a screen name like YUP. and then come to a lil wayne website and say nothin but bad shit then tell us were ridin his dick, we suckin his dick. YUP must got a thing for his dick cause we just fans and we support him and have our opinion. our POSITIVE opinions, might i add.


    ya man. i love twist and wayne! collabo!

  • Yep!

    Whoever “me” is, they need to go back to English class, so he/she can be understood when making a comment. Also I appreciate the fact that other users like TheCarter4 (who actually have true intelligence) get on this site.

    *I am a Wayne fan (musically). I just don’t feel that I have to like EVERYTHING about him, in order to be a fan, and for some reason people on here think that. Individuality people, come on! Yep!

  • TomDa5Nine

    2pac was far better than wayne will ever be. lil wayne just doesnt have the lyrical content that pac did “youngmilionaire” we have heard those songs and they are pretty deep but you named three songs out of about two thousand but i like lil wayne hes my favorite rapper but pac was in a different league you cant compare em.

  • Game

    Nigga stop writing Yep! Wack as fuk

  • ThaCarter4

    Haha guys I think you should all learn to chill. Yep is just expressing his opinion and if you honestly believe that Wayne is better that Tupac, then so be it. Doesn’t mean you have to antagonize Yep for stating his beliefs. So everybody (including you Yep) should just leave your comments and SHUT THE FU*K UP AND STOP ARGUING

  • jmb

    oke quit it now
    we all now you have self esteem issues
    and you tryna hide it by acting all tough liek you the shit and you know everything better and shit
    but really
    you should have low esteem cause you a low bitch

  • goon7

    Hell yeah u right nigg



  • youngmula

    weezy is the best right now and influences a lot of people and i love him no homo, but no one compares to pac, end of story

  • ant

    dudes jsut appreciate wayne for what he has done, and then appreciate pac for what he has done 🙂

  • TomDa5Nine

    No one is better than Diddy though. Am i right???

  • youngmula

    lmao diddy??? diddy doesnt do shitt

  • TomDa5Nine

    Lol hahaha i know im fucking with ya Pause and no homo

  • PillPoppin’Animal

    lmfao im with jmb..Yep should need to get laid n smoke a bluunt mann u needa chilll

  • youngmula

    aha everyone chill over here dont worry bruh

  • Mr.DeyRok



  • youngmula

    i agree with u mr.deyrok but TUPAC IS ALIVEE!

  • Yeah tupac finish,,whole new generation. wayne is da fukin king.

  • lexa

    yep! if you hate wayne why are you on this site? if you are supposedly “getting money and focusing on school” you’re lying because if you were, you wouldn’t have time to come on this website and post hateful replies to people…i mean honestly? you’re hatin on wayne on his FANSITE. wowwww

  • lexa

    and 2pac is dead,darling.

  • lexa

    you all are so gay, fighting on a website when nobody knows each other personally at all and you are fighting like you’re enemies….GOOD GOD

  • bennnyyyyyyy

    as a recall, Snoop Dogg did it first on Sexual Eruption.

  • me

    yup, their called typos you fucking moron. you make them too, im sure. and i aint said you had to like everything the man does but at least SOMETHING homie come on. as i said before, all NEGATIVE comments all the time. lmfao but ok whatever… im done.

  • So0o NASTY 69

    oh plz lil wayne is better than tupac

  • ThaCarter4

    Haha these arguements are priceless

  • youngmula

    tupacs not dead, faked his death comin back 2014 guarentee it

  • keenofosho

    who gonna disagree? this a wayne fansite lol

  • John doe

    i Agree

  • Platnum B

    Weezy better than Tupac?….Weezy is tha king?….Tupac is over?!….TUPAC WILL NEVER B OVER….NOBODY CAN REPLACE TUPAC….and 4 all u IDIOTS out ther that sez Weezy dont rap bout reel stuff u sure aint reel fanz….he has rapped bout reel things b4….ther r som songz that hav made me cry….Weezy is a VERY TALENTED RAPPER….But TUPAC WILL ALWAYZ B THA KING 4 EVER….WEEZY IS THA BEST RAPPER SO FAR RITE NOW….GO WEEZY!!!!….illl stand up for him and suport him no matter wut!!!!….

  • jminor01

    haters writin big ass essays tupac is done and dead wayne has now taken over period

  • hey is Yep! sucking lil Wayne’s dick or what????? and hell yeh lil wayne is better than Mr.R.N.P that means he is dead Yep! he’s gone let go with him ok honey let goooo!!!! any way Yep! if u hate wayne he loves hates so knock ur selfout honey ok and don’t came back here u hoe nobody want u here

  • Alllilwayne

    I’m just going to say there way two different people that are talented, but you can’t compare them both,,

  • YMOB

    I dont want to repeat everything that has been already been said but i totally agree with E-Man. Tupac and Lil wayne have different styles to their rapping. Lil wayne has lyrical mastery while tupac may have stories and lessons to his music. If u think about it didnt hip hop start with Lil wayne-like rap. People making things sound good with rap talent? Rappers delight? KRS-One? Kool Moe Dee? Busy Bee? just a little to think about. Yep! has some valid points but he just needs to stop exaggerating it. Comment and keep it at that. Dude talkin about ppl on a weezy fansite that will agree with wayne, saying that we are takin his dick in our openings and he doesn’t expect ppl do get pissed. Not smart at all. And a slightly unrrelated comment to bennyyyyy….—–> snoop just sang with the autotune, wayne sang and rapped with it

  • Young Mula Babyy

    The only shit that pisses me off with what you said Yep! is Tupac “didn’t need to grow dreads”. What the fuck does a hairstyle have to do with it. Why would you even bring that up? I have dreads, and I’m white, that doesn’t mean shit,

  • ThaCarter4

    I don’t think anybody understood the point of what I said. Wayne is the leader of this generation and Tupac is the leader of the previous one. Besides, Twista is comparing them in the sense that they both have talent and I agree Tupac had talent in what he did and Wayne has talent in what he’s doing. So don’t say I’m hatin on Wayne, I’m just trying to add some perspective


  • what does lil wayne’s hair had to do with that Yep!! get lost

  • ThaCarter4

    you’re not refering to me right cuz I’m not yep!

  • lilweezy24

    @the carter4
    relax they said yep lol not u, and i really do c were ur coming from in all of ur comments u seem like a very knowledgable person and its nice that ur not scared to say ur opinion, because every1 on here seems like they want to kill any1 who doesnt think wayne is perfect, i do love wayne more then pac because i enjoy listening to wayne but to be honest pac had way more powerful and meaningful lyrics, lil wayne has crazy lyrics that we all love but we wouldnt accept from another rapper , n plus atm no 1 alive is near waynes level, thats just my opinion

  • a i disagree

  • first of all tupac is way better than lil wayne. second lil wayne is not on tupac’s level. and third he will never be on tupac’s level. ya dig.

  • Waynes the BEST to ever do it f*ck the newest f*ck the oldest hes the coolest hes the coldest hes hottest and hes the baddest and hes outta this stratus fear GOD not him

  • Hello,
    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

  • maggie

    worrrrddd up prince. lil wayne is not, never will be, and never has been tupac

  • hey prince frist of all lil wayne is already better than tupac and his 2ed tupac is not on lil wayne’s level. 3 lil wayne is the greatest of all

  • @candy
    tupac is way better than lil wayne. because if tupac was still alive wayne won’t be the best rapper alive. and third,lilwayne is not even near greatest of all time list if you say he is then thats your opinion. but i know this wayne is not better than nas,jay-z,biggie,raekwon,ghost face killah, lupe fiasco,kanye west,big pun,charles hamilton,kid cudi,wale,j.cole,currensy. lil wayne is not better than any of those names i just said.

  • Yep – I would agree with that.. Thanks for the line.

  • Damnnn

    WTF wrong wit niggas, Why wont anybody give wayne credit for shit he do. This nigga get downed for every damn thing.


    Fuck tupac, he’s DEAD!!!!! HE’S NOT COMMING BACK, ALL YOU OLD GEEZERS STOP REPLYING TO THIS, your like my grandpa, complaint that the beetles are the best lol all you people who like tupac an say he’s better are dumb as hell, your generation is over, so shut up, it’s our generation, WE decide who’s the best and WE SAY LIL WAYNE. FUCK OFF!!!!

    • Patrick

      2pac still sold more

  • lilwayne fan n tupac

    lil wayne is a way different rapping style den TUPAC. prince ur a fukin dumbass u say lilwayne aint better den all dem u got me fuked up tupac is old school lilwayne is now dey both rap some real shitt

  • Cody

    “He did what Tupac did”?
    I didn’t know Tupac stole lyrics from Andre 3000, NORE, Boosie, Juvenile, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, AND Aaliyah. Just to name a few.

    In fact, Wayne stole a whole verse from Aaliyah in his song “Rock Bottom”.

  • fk lil wayne

    tupac rapped about real life, not gangsta fantasies. but the best rapper alive is Ice Cube, not lil wayne

  • Concrete-bones

    all those who say that lil wayne is better than 2pac, he is not, he has yet to make a song in which his flow exceeds just one of tupacs songs, and he has not told a story in a rap song to move people as much as tupac did in his songs. lyrically, yes he might have the best metafors and the best punchlines, but tupac was more than punchlines and metafors. the meaning of the lyrics and the honesty behind them which you can feel because of the way tupac wrote exceeds lil wayne. Tupac has his story telling ability and ability to relate to people and at the same time be real to his own life, and have a conscience to the world and society, and at the same time have that crazy flow. wayne has a nice flow, and great metafors and great punchlines. the verdict is tupac has more abilities as a rapper, than any rapper ever. thats why he is the best rapper dead or alive.

  • just imagine these lyrics 2pac:. Can a brothr gt a lil peace thz war in the streets and a war in the midle east instead of war on poverty thy got war on drugz so the police can bother me and i aint never did a crime i ant had 2 do so nw im back with the facts givng it back 2 u*lil wayne:i buck,buck then buck buck thn buck buck agian.,ur criteria compard 2 ma carriar ths isnt fair,young carter darlling understnd im michael jordin balln,leathr so soft

  • mrfloss

    it is right that wayne does drop alot of shit. He has crazy metaphors and ridiculous wordplay . I could see twista , as an artist being inspired because of wayne,s dedication to his craft. The rappers these days are mostly full of shit . These cats come straight out and say that they move so much weight , drive fancy cars, do all types of drugs , kill any nigga, fuck every hoe they come across and have more money than all of us x 1000. Pac had more than just braggin raps , he had some positive and uplifting raps , telling people to help themselves and unite. The only rappers that even talk about anything anymore are underground. It seem s to me that as soon as an mc goes mainstream everything changes. I personally don,t listen to any of the popular mc,s anymore, they,re all on some bullshit, The odd song here and there but mostly underground and old school mc,s. Drake , jayz , rick ross , lil wayne , jeezy and wiz khalifa all have different flows but by the most part have the same content.

  • Isaac

    lil wayne has been in the game since he was 12….. lil wayne made more music than pac lil wayne raps about what rap is about you act like pac never made ignorant music when most of it is. has earned more awards as well. because lil wayne had made so much money he caused his own down fall pac never his level its a shame but not lil waynes fault. THIS IS RAP somebody is going to take the thrown and its him. I will say pac made music that people could relate to…. but you HAVE to look at the times…… you HAVE to. pac will forever be a icon for what he has done and should be acknowledged for it no doubt. its like kobe and mike yall… it just depends of your perception you 90s kids like my self need to stop acting like you felt pacs music like the older generation did you go with whats happening in your life time. That being said i clearly think lil wayne is better. HOWEVER there are some ways in which wayne just aint fucking with pac honestly.

  • Patrick

    2Pac is a lot better than lil Wayne

    The only rappers on 2pacs level is nas and Eminem