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Birdman – Written On Her (Feat Jay Sean) [Music Video]

Fri, Aug 14, 2009 by

We don’t normally do posts on Cash Money artists on this blog, but we did post this song when it leaked months back and we promised we would post the video when it comes and guess what… it has come! I am a big fan of this song “Written On Her“, and I always love to hear music by Birdman and Jay Sean.

This music video was filmed over here in the UK and I also noticed that one of the babe’s in this video was the same babe from the “Always Strapped” video 😛 This is Birdman’s second single from his upcoming album and it is definitely a song that will tear up clubs!

So, what do you all think of the music video ❓ Is it better than Jay Sean‘s “Down” with Lil Wayne or Birdman‘s “Always Strapped” with Lil Wayne

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  • Weezy Fan

    Can’t Wait For Always Strapped!

  • Ooohhh



  • nana

    JAY SEAN!!!



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  • BC2G

    Cash Money Young Money 4 life

  • Weezy Fan

    >>DMC, yea the song ”Always Strapped” is out, but not the Album ”Always Strapped” 😛

  • lil wayne fanwurasik

    amm for me i think with these 3 video clips best 1st allways strapped, 2st down, 3st Written On Her :>>>

  • Tae

    Ca$hMoney & Young Mulah killing it ca$hmoney gettin better every year…Young Mulah Babbbbbbyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zjjjjj

    any hq link? can’t watch this. 8mb for 4.20 vid is fail

  • Lil Vin

    Always strapped is not the album name, its Priceless google it bitch

  • the kidddd

    birdmans verses has no refence to the chorus lol

  • i love it. and i like jay seans down video, and birdmans alwalys strapped video, and this video bridmans written on her. cash money rocks.

  • i love the song

  • humairrr

    @ Weezyfan;

    ow yeah right, birdman changed the name of his album.
    first it was named priceless, now always strapped!
    am i right?

    anyway only the hook and jay sean’s part was good,
    he can sing very good that dude.

  • Bianca Simmone a UK Model in all 3 videos representing for the UK and taking it to the USA.

    Main girl in Always strapped and Written on her…

    Check me out…

  • the birdman kill that shit young money/cash money baby

  • yeal already knew

  • W. Fuckin’ Baby

    Jay Sean is a good singer.. It s a ood thing that he is with Cash money records

  • orignal song (background beat):

    morgan page – the longest road (deadmau5 remix)

  • djez

    nice to see another artist sample a nice electro beat… damn pitbull…at least this one has some substance in it

  • Khris

    WTF? This is deadmau5 with some dude’s rapping some bs on the top. birdshit.