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Juvenile Unsure Of Hot Boys Reunion, Says Group Has Yet To Record Any New Songs

Fri, Aug 28, 2009 by

Juvenile Unsure of Hot Boys Reunion

While rumors of a Hot Boys reunion have been circulating the net for some time now, it has yet to materialize. During a recent interview Juvenile told that all four members of the group have yet to hit the studio together.

“They already gave me some money on that project but I don’t really know what happened to that,” Juvie told XXL. “I would love to give people a concrete answer but all I can tell you is I did receive some money for that project. I don’t know what happened with the business on everybody else so I can only speak on a Juvenile standpoint.”

Although he has already been compensated, Juvie says that himself, Lil Wayne, B.G. and Turk, have yet to make any new tracks together. When asked if they have even recorded any new music, the New Orleans native replied, “Nah we never made it to that point. “ He does assure us, on the other hand, that him and B.G. have shared the vocal booth together on one track.

Damn, this is crazy, I could of sworn that Birdman said they have been in the studio and already cooked up some tracks. I remember him also saying the Hot Boys reunion album will be out sometime in March 2010, but I doubt that!

So what do y’all think ❓ Will there be a Hot Boys reunion ❓

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