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Questions For An Upcoming Gudda Gudda LilWayneHQ.com Interview

Mon, Aug 31, 2009 by

Questions For An Upcoming Gudda Gudda LilWayneHQ.com Interview

Wassup Young Moneyians,

LilWayneHQ.com has got an interview with Young Money’s Gudda Gudda coming up and we think it would be good if our visitors would like to submit some reasonable questions.

We will be interviewing Gudda Gudda over the phone and asking him around 10 to 15 questions all about himself and Young Money.

Please post any questions you have and think would be good and suitable for the interview below in the comments and we might use them.

Also, be on the lookout for a Tyga and Mack Maine interview 😉

Thanks, Daniel Mousdell 🙂

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  • dc

    Now y u wanna go and do that lil Dan? u know only the birds and roaches will check for this lol

    nah im playing. Gudda can spit. Especially on that “ground zero”. Im only intirested in what he has to say about wayne’s progress on C4, wayne’s working habits in the studio and what does he think about wayne putting his career on hold to usher out YM and Drake.

    Aslo, any mixtapes from him?

  • Yeah, Guddaville is coming September and that was Tyga on “Ground Zero”

  • Yaydeezy

    wich clothes (labels) do the young money members wear?

  • SoSharp

    where can you get one of those young money fitted hats?

  • dc

    Oops I meant “lethal injection”

  • young nas

    ask him whats the deal with lethal injection and amazing love…. are they gonna be on rebirth or what?

  • One question could be whats diffrent with his experience with young money now then back when he was on young money as a sqad up member and also why did the sqad break up

  • brandon b

    1. Do you still talk to Squad Up or Kidd Kidd?

    2. Who do you have the most chemistry with in Young Money?

    3. What hobbies do you do outside of music?

    4. What relationship do you have with Lauren London because I see that you guys tweet back & forth a lot?

  • hey gudda gudda, since u been on the Americas Most Wanted tour, have u gotten chances to improve in the rap game?

  • chuckwb

    I know theres been talk about possibly a new Squad Up song on Guddaville, could we maybe get some more Squad material in the future?

  • Alex Flores

    what happened with curren$y?

  • will

    which was his favorite verse from “every girl”?

  • Alex Flores

    who does gudda gudda bump heads with the most while on tour?

  • Alex Flores

    when is it going to be gudda guddas time to shine?

  • The frenchy weezy

    euh Gudda, during your free time Which delire do you have with your friends of Young Money?

    and DC i salute u boy

  • epeezy

    Who outside of young money would he most like to collaborate with?

  • The frenchy weezy

    or which hobbies do you have together ?

  • alfonso

    how does everyone on YM act when the cameras are not on their faces?



  • DeadCivilian

    Is everyone actually signed to YM on paper/contract? Such as T-Streets, Chuckee, Twist, Millz, himself, Shanell, etc. seeing that I thought Nicki was already signed but recent news say that she just recently got signed..What’s up with that situation?

  • Cli-City

    1. Whats the progress on the Carter 4, The young Money compilation, and Rebirth.

    2. How has wayne influenced the art form and made him a better rapper

    3. Who had the best verse on the “Forever” record?

    4. Who had the best verse on the “Girl You Know” record

    5. Will Lil’ Wayne get back to Carter 2 Dedication 2, Drought 3 form in terms of music type, lyrical content, and flow…or is the Rebirth Wayne the one we should expect on the Carter IV

    6. Does he have any projects he featured on coming up

    7. How has the I am music tour and the America’s Most Wanted Tour prepare him for when its his time to hit the stage as a solo artist?

    8. What his procedure of getting a record done. ( freestyle, listen to the beat for hours, Writing, Think of concept then match the beat to it.)

    9. What happened to Omarion?

    10. Can Young Money Entertainment live up to the hype that is expected?

    11. How much pressure does he feel rapping alongside Lil’ Wayne and Drake?

    12. Is Tyga Tyga underrated?

    13. When can we expect an individual project from him?

    14. What Song does he enjoy performing most?

    15. What the weirdest line has he ever come up with?

    16. What his favorite line, Drake line, and Lil Wayne line?

  • mweeez22

    ask him if he can get me a pass to chill with them 😀 lol jk jk

    umm ask wear Weezy,tyga,twist,chukee (young money) buy their clothes [like yaydezzy said] ask him about the c4, if he heard any songs? and how they sound and if he is on it?
    and also about his new mixtape

  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    Do you enjoy having your twin sister (nicki) in the same record company with you, does she stay a positive influence to you so do your sometimes need your space =) ???

  • ShadyB967

    1. How did You Feel When You Left Sqad Up.?

    2. When Does The Guddavile Mixtape Comes Out.?

    3. Whos One Of Your Favorite Young Money Members.?

    4.Hows Your Relationship With Nicki Minaj.?

  • J-Bo

    My question is who do you think is the most respected Label in the rap industry. In my opinion it has to be YM because its so much fuckin talent and What other music groups do you guys as a whole listen to. GOne

  • 1. who will be the next young money artist to drop a solo album?

    2. how does it feel to be around his sister nicki al the time due to them not really growing up together?

    3.is there any artist that is outside of young money that you will like to work with?

    4.when will “girl you know” be dropped??

    5.how is it on the tour bus??

    6.who is the most underrated artist in young money??

    7.how come kid kid is the only sqaud up member that is not on young money?

    8. when will guddaville drop?

    9.how far are they on the young money compilation?

    10.will him and tyga tyga have a song together on guddaville or the introduction??

    11.do he have any information about the c4?

  • jay money

    wat do u think about 50 cent coming at wayne?

  • jay money

    wat happened to Squad Up? it was You…Wayne And Nutt Dha Kid

  • jay money

    i understand time will tell alot of things, so who do u think will be the next person to blow up out of young money

  • miss demi

    are you single? 🙂

  • alfady

    How do you feel about Young Money growing in members? Did you except it to have that many artists?

  • Me

    ooow i luv him
    ask him about his personal life 😀

  • alfady

    Hey Dan how will we know if you used any of our specific questions?

  • asxer

    Thnx Cli-City
    1. Whats the progress on the Carter 4, The young Money compilation, and Rebirth.
    3. Who had the best verse on the “Forever” record?

    4. Who had the best verse on the “Girl You Know” record

    5. Will Lil’ Wayne get back to Carter 2 Dedication 2, Drought 3 form in terms of music type, lyrical content, and flow…or is the Rebirth Wayne the one we should expect on the Carter IV

  • what happened to currency?
    When Will Wayne’s next single drop
    when will young money’s next single drop
    songs we should look forward too

  • Ver pwner

    Gudda sucks

  • LilWayneHqfan

    1) How did you re-new your relationship with Lil Wayne after having a temporary beef (The Sqad-Come On Wayne Diss)

    2)How did you become apphilliated wit CashMoney/YoungMoney?

    3)Will their ever be a Sqad Up Reunion?
    (T-streetz,Gudda,Kidd-Kidd,Raw Dizzy,Lil Wayne)

  • Weezy Fan

    When is your mixtape ”Gudaville” coming out??

  • when is lil wayne makeing movie? when is young money dropping a mixtape with some REGGAETON… and mix lil with techno/trance bets…. mix rock/trance/rap? cuz wayne have change the whole music world seens he came out with carter 2 3…. i like the rock bet and evrythang… he knows what he doing…. but can u really get crunk in club with some ROCK BET? wass up with all this RNB music? we already evryone in bad mood because of economy…. proud that lil wayne dont get involved in beef that much…. do wacth u do homie…. its all about that big money…..

    excited to see wayne first tv “show”… VH1 Thursday….

    holla at yo boii G

  • What’s new for young money?

    Where is the number 1 source for fans to locate him online???

    What is some of his expectetions for next year????

    What’s coming up for all the fans?????

    How can u get in the young money crew????

    How do u get young money to come to birthday parties as a surprise for the birhday person??????

    What’s your number????

    What is young money number????

    Can u and young money come to Portland Oregon and rock the stage???
    So much love to young money & hope y’all come to Portland Oregon!!!!!!!XOXO

  • Is there any album planned for yourself in the future?

  • dsto

    what do the teardrops on YOUR face mean. cause everybodys are for different reasons.

  • marsbars

    ask him about omarion

  • Lil Wayne

    Question for Gudda: What are your plans in the future ?


    What is the name of the young money compilation album

  • RichiE

    Daniel Mousdell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Gudda isz Nice.!! He ALWAYS Killsz every Track He’s On. I’ve Heard Stuff From the Sqad Up Mixtapes , Dedication 3, and Lil Flip’s Certified Mixtape. Gudda Gudda is My Fav Out of the Younq Money group…. Which is why im dissappointed he doesnt release more solo stuff! So with that Beinq said

    I Would Like too Know:

    1) When Will GuddaVille Drop!!!?

    2) When are You going too Release more solo tracks (Not including the Mixtape)???? The Throwback Sonq “Imma Break The Game Down” was REDRUM !! “Im The Man” was REDRUM(Murder) & Im Lookinq for More than Jus these 1Verse’s from him on a track. Because Gudda is HOT and once the world hears more of him doing his thing, HE GONNA BLOW UP!!!

    3) Are You Planning on Releasing an Album within the Next Year??? and if So, when do u think it will be dropping.????

    4) Will There be a “OFFICIAL” YounG MoneY Tour for the AlBuM within the Next Year.?? (NOT Talkinq About The AMW Tour cuz dat was mostly weezy and then YM MeMbers came Out..)

    5) What is Your Daily or Nightly Routine??? Are You ALWAYS in The Studio if NOT on Tour ????

    6) What is Your Recordin Process?, Do You WRITE after hearing the beat or Do Yo just Go in The Booth and Say wat You wanna Say???

    7) What do You Feel is The best or What is Your FAVORITE Verse or Line You EVER SPIT?????

    8) Would You Think About doinq Blogs???? so you can Keep Your Fans Posted?????

    9) When Will YM Be in NewYork and Where can They be Seen????


    YOUNG MULAAAAAAAAA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is Roadblock, Scrficie & Young Monyey Hospital Going To Be On The Album

  • I would like to know how to go about gettin signed wit Young Money.. ya dig?! Gudda Gudda is a beast wit the flow but he wasn’t always a rapper.. Lil’ Wayne had a lot to do with him gettin in the game.. I wanna know how to approach Young Money if you think you would be a good addition to the best team in the music business.. even though I know Wayne is comfortable with his all star roster.. ya dig?!

  • JMoney


  • weezy

    I want to know what plans for the future he has; what rap means to himself; wayne’s influence; about the young money album> will be omarion on the album ?; on how many songs he is on ? and so on…

  • Jimmy Brooks

    Ask him the big question….. what was his favorite verse on Forever?

  • brahm watson

    Ask if he still fucks with sqad up/kidd kidd and how his relationship is with lil flip nowadays

  • R u still fuck free world???

  • Marie

    Is it true that the tat on the middle of your head is the mark of the beast? And if not what is your religion?

  • Candy

    Why did you allow drake to take gay pics knowing that makes your record label look bad?

  • Ash

    Would you work with kid cudi knowing he is on drugs?

  • How do you feel about Lil’ Wayne being the star of Young Money? Someone who has to ‘fix a song when something is missing’. Do you think you will go beyond him and get your own ‘big career’ like him?

  • wat does gudda gudda do in his spare time??

    wat happened to currency?

    how many tat’s you got?

    how you and wayne meet?

    is gudda villie comin out soon?

    do you have any info on rebirth and c4?

  • kay johnson

    were can i send u beats

  • what up every one just stopping by to showb sooooome FaNtAStick rock love:)

  • gudda

    dont even think me as a hater… seriously anybody who knows rap would agree with me ..
    ma dude gudda is realy at 0 level .. and i’ve listened 2 only two tracks by him ..
    it’s ma ego .. i can sense…. avg tooo…. tyga can live .. for 1 month ..

    gudda. .my best advice 4 you is to make more money while you are in wayne’s shadow .. then later ,buy a resturant and own .. it run it ..

    you wont last

  • BigRoyce

    GuddaGudda spits fire. If you’ve heard only 2 tracks from him, you must not have heard his mixtape “Guddaville”, or “We Are Young Money”. Listen some more before you comment.

    Question for Gudda Gudda Interview:

    When will you release you next mixtape/album?

  • veronica

    Are you and nicki minaj brothers and sisters or yall just sing togetger with Young Money? If yall are brothers and sisters why dont you all take pictures with each other instead of with Young Money? From your fan Veronica and Kaylae,
    Ohh and i love you Gudda Gudda and Young Money, and Gudda Gudda you so FINE!!!!

  • Weezy

    Do u have kids