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Amerie Explains Lil Wayne’s Music Video Disappearance: “He Just Had A Baby”

Sat, Sep 26, 2009 by

Amerie Explains Lil Waynes Music Video Disappearance

R&B singer Amerie recently updated fans on her “Heard ‘Em AllLil Wayne collaboration and said his “disappearance” from the accompanying music video was partially due to his newborn child with Lauren London.

In addition to the video, Amerie also explained her respect for the self-proclaimed ‘Greatest Rapper Alive’.

“He definitely is [going to appear in the video],” Amerie told interviewer Lola Plaku. “We just have to do that shot, which we’ve been trying to do — and he just had a baby and he has another baby coming soon, we of course don’t know what day is going to be so [sighs] hopefully it goes — no I’m not going to say hopefully it goes down; it is going to go down…Lil Wayne is great. I’ve liked him since he was with Cash Money…I’ve always liked what he does, and I love his energy. For me it was just awesome working with him. Of course I like the stuff that he’s done recently as well, but he’s just really into the artistry. He’s really into being an artist and I think that’s awesome. Because sometimes people are into the life, but not into the art of it.” (SOHH)

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    I’m really curious to know how he manages to work out being a father to 4 kids, with 4 different women involved. They are in different cities, and I’m pretty sure, they are all willing to fuck him whenever he does come around to spend time with the kids. iI wonder if they are all just happy to say that they had a baby with a rapper. Just seems like a big ass headache to me. He seems like he’s trying, but SHIIT!

    Reginae in New Orleans
    Dewayne Carter 3 in Cincinnati
    2nd son in L.A
    3rd Son in ATL

    Nivea should be poppin any day now.

    I mean when does he see his son with the Asian chick, when he’s on tour in Cincinnatti? Reginae see’s him on a regular basis it seems. He’s got a house in L.A to be closer to his son with Lauren. Then there’s this mystery chick from the “Spearmint Rhino” in L.A that could possibly be knocked up to. Wrap it up Weezy! For God sakes. That’s why the quality of music is going down. Who has time to be in the studio when your trying to be a Father to 4 kids? Honestly.

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