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Lil Wayne Explains What Happened Between Him & The Cameraman At Celebrity Beach Bowl

After DIRECTV’s 7th Annual Celebrity Beach Bowl game in New Orleans yesterday, E! chopped it up with Lil Wayne to discuss the situation between him and a cameraman.

Still angry at the cameraman, Weezy F Baby explains that he does not like to be touched by people who he tells not to touch him. He also added he is going to get straight out of the building, because if he touches the cameraman back, he would be going straight back to jail.

“I don’t like to be touched by people I don’t tell to touch me. So I’m gonna get out of the building, because if I touch somebody I go to jail.”

“They not the same color I am, so you know how that go. But to them – fuck you!”


Lil Wayne Calls His Latest Skateboarding Injury “Fun” [Video]

In the video above, Lil Wayne explains his latest skateboarding injury to MTV backstage after his performance at Hot 107.9’s 2012 Birthday Bash in Atlanta, Georgia on June 16th.

“I broke my clavicle, like, two months ago. What happened was, I didn’t go to the doctor when I broke it, so it healed on its own. Whenever you let a break heal on its own, it don’t heal right, so I got a lot of bone callouses around it.”

“So this tape keeps my bone from popping out of my skin,” Wayne said, pointing to his shoulder with a childlike grin. “It’s fun.”

Weezy previously showed us a bone sticking out of his shoulder on set of the “Pop That” video shoot on Memorial Day Weekend.


Video: Lil Wayne Explains Drake’s Absense From “I Am Still Music” Tour x Confirms Touring Overseas This Summer

Above, Lil Wayne explains Drake‘s absence from the “I Am Still Music” tour and confirms that he will be touring overseas after the NBA finals this summer.

In a recent interview with MTV News’ Sway, Wayne once again explained Drake’s absence and understood from the fan’s standpoint how his protégé’s omission from the tour looked from the outside, sympathizing with the speculative remarks of Young Money supporters. “That’s just due to this world we live in today,” said the Young Money captain. “Because I remember back in the days when if someone wasn’t on tour then the first thing we’d think was they were doing a movie or they were doing something else that was productive.”

Wayne went on to add, “Nowadays if you don’t see somebody in the picture, then it’s ‘Oh, he’s leaving’ and he’s this and “Oh Wayne, you’re mad at this person’ and I don’t even deal with it man. I just get my money and call the shots.” – MTV


Amerie Explains Lil Wayne’s Music Video Disappearance: “He Just Had A Baby”

Amerie Explains Lil Waynes Music Video Disappearance

R&B singer Amerie recently updated fans on her “Heard ‘Em AllLil Wayne collaboration and said his “disappearance” from the accompanying music video was partially due to his newborn child with Lauren London.

In addition to the video, Amerie also explained her respect for the self-proclaimed ‘Greatest Rapper Alive’.

“He definitely is [going to appear in the video],” Amerie told interviewer Lola Plaku. “We just have to do that shot, which we’ve been trying to do — and he just had a baby and he has another baby coming soon, we of course don’t know what day is going to be so [sighs] hopefully it goes — no I’m not going to say hopefully it goes down; it is going to go down…Lil Wayne is great. I’ve liked him since he was with Cash Money…I’ve always liked what he does, and I love his energy. For me it was just awesome working with him. Of course I like the stuff that he’s done recently as well, but he’s just really into the artistry. He’s really into being an artist and I think that’s awesome. Because sometimes people are into the life, but not into the art of it.” (SOHH)

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