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Lauren London Gives Birth To A Baby Boy With Lil Wayne Standing By [Confirmed]

Sun, Sep 13, 2009 by

Lauren London Gives Birth To A Baby Boy With Lil Wayne Standing By

According to Hot Lanta Buzz, it looks like like Lauren London has given birth to a baby boy with Lil Wayne standing by the whole time.

Lauren London gave birth to a boy named, Lennox Samuel Ari Carter >7lbs & 12 ounces…21 inches long @Cedar Sanai. Lil Wayne was by her side the entire time and I’m told the baby looks like his mommy Lauren with dimples and all. Very cute baby…..I was told Lauren is right next door to Tisha Campbell-Martin who just gave birth to her second son…

The name of the baby is unknown at this current time, but keep checking back for more details.

This is Lil Wayne‘s third child and he has another baby on the way with Nivea.

Update: In an exclusive statement to, Actress Lauren London confirmed the birth of her baby boy on Wednesday. According to Lauren London’s publicist, Jocelyn R. Coleman of Favor PR, “Lauren London and Dwayne Carter welcomed their healthy baby boy into the world on 09-09-09. Everyone is happy and well.”

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  • cheese-pol


  • JMB

    congratulations to both!!

  • jay money

    congratulations 2 wayne and lauren!!

  • mike

    congrats 😀


    congratulation to my best rapper
    i wish him da best

  • Yep!

    Pop Bottles! Congrats Weezy and Lauren! Yep!

  • jminor01

    good luck wit the kid

  • Weezy’s #1 Fan

    congratulations to Lauren && Weezy.
    Hope you raise him up good. =)

  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    Awww Congratz to both of them – glad their son is healthy!!

  • Smartest alive

    This is Lil wAynes fourth child get on to shit LilwAyne hq

  • @smartest alive

    What are you talkin about? As of know there is only 3

  • *now

  • Whassaaap

    I think hes includin niveas in his count


    Its 3 but still cOngraTS

  • mandem

    Congratulations Weezy!

  • congratulations its nice to see after that was said about you and wayne, he was there to be with you and your child again congratulations

  • congrarts to both them, wezzyyy!!!!! the lil nigga gon b a player if he looking like his mommy holayyyy lol.

  • jayla

    congrats you better stp wayne u got a caree and u and i both no you aint going go be there all just like your other daughter from tiny that havent seen you yet

  • Bella

    Dame really laruen london ??? congrats love you both……….

  • any_ai

    poor baby is gonna be scarred for lyf.. probably already is.

  • dis dude is a baby making machine

  • deshaun1

    congratz 2 bof ov dem an i had a feelin da baby wud luk lik lauren

  • Rain

    Coongrats Wayne,
    Whoa i Just Noticed his Baby Was Born On 9-11

  • Candy

    i hope him the best cuz he is da best

  • weezybestrapperalive

    and for yah haters who said weezy anit gonna be their for their baby i guess he proved yah wrong ahhaah
    i bet that baby is ADORABLE

  • weezy get this hott babe and make her your wife..and yeh congrats young mula bby

  • prince

    congratulation and happy days with your soon

  • Bonniie228

    Congrat dwayne and lauren..ii kno lil carter iis gunnah beh ah heartbreaker..well ii hope the best for yuh 3

  • lmao

    why do cats come on here saying congrats like this is waynes site or something……yall got problems…

  • pebbz

    congrats 2 u both!!!

  • just cause i been chillin off on this blog does not mean you can take my name. so get the fuck off and use another name.

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  • This has now been officially confirmed.

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  • youngmoneyent

    Born 09-09-09 .. sick as fuck

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  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    aw 09 09 09 thats so cool, congratz again!

  • gazz


  • whocares

    lil wayn keep doing them drugs like crazy he not go be alive to see his kids take their first walk, first day of school, walk across the stage. SAD!!!!!!

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  • John Doe

    I wonder what the name is.

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  • Mr Allex

    Congratulatiiions To Wezzy && Lauren


  • congrats bby i dont care wat ppl think i still luv ur ass bae

  • Lil yunq of t.b.q ent.

    dats what up.!

    dhats a edited pic. doe.!

    man you brinqinq all dese lil weezys in dha world.! aint qon be no room in dha industry.!

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  • Hi there, – da best. Keep it going!

  • lil wayne is ugly his daughter reginae is ugly the baby boy gonna be ugly bet lauren think he ugly too when she look at his face it look like ugly lil wayne lil wayne is a nasty pig to get three women pregnant in one year he dont know dewayne mama his 11 month son he disgusting he make me sick lauren and nivea are stupid to get pregnant by him bet nivea baby gon be ugly specially if li wayne the dad lauren is beautiful she couldve have got a handsome man nivea is ugly hope her pregnancy go well lauren and toya are way pretty than nivea the dream is ugly li wayne hair is nappy you nasty freak wonder how reginae feel about her dad having 3 different baby mamas hope he pay child support they outta put his ugly butt in jail if he dont pay it

  • lil wayne is ugly the baby gonna be ugly too

    • Bailey

      Thats not nice

  • Are you all serious? Lauren London ain’t shit but a regular old bitch. Who in their right f’n mind would have a baby Lil Wayne? I hope she don’t think she winning because she totally degraded herself. As fine as she is, she killed herself with a mistake that she is going to regret.

  • realuhh

    Lil Wayne’s cute Lauren London is Beautiful Nivea mad pretty . Lil wayne’s Gannuh have cute kids
    GOD bless &|. Take care

  • Mrs Jones

    really really to be honst i dont to much care for new new or lauran casue she thinks that she all that and now she got a baby by lil wayne she really going to think you that shit but guess what im a better bitch you could ever be real talk just cause im that bitch and i want you to know that i rock the ”NEW NEW SHIT” ALWAYS 24/8 BETAT BELEAVE IT AND IF YOU DONT LIKE MA COMMENT THEN YOU CAN HIT ME UP AT 715-207-4178 BITCH IM MOBIEL

  • Allyson a.k.a Allycat

    Lol the first mother of his child name is Toaya not Tiny…keep up; nd i think Mrs.Jones is a lilo jealous of Lauren London. Nd to that ppl puttin ma nigga down…every nigga in this world wish they even came close to being like weezy…buh hey hate if yu wanna….anywho congrats to my idol love you very much nd luaren ….all i can say is good luck

  • congrats lauren and wayne 🙂

  • Bailey

    I thought u liked the boy from the game and u have a child with lil wayne . Say what now .