Madonna – Revolver (Feat Lil Wayne) [Official CDQ]

Wed, Sep 16, 2009 by

Madonna Revolver Feat Lil Wayne

Here is the official “Revolver” record from Madonna featuring Lil Wayne. This song is straight fire and there should be a music video being shot this month.

Download: Madonna – Revolver (Feat Lil Wayne) [Official CDQ] [Updated with a working link]

Enjoy 8)

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  • 1st

  • where is it?? so psyched

  • 3rd 🙂 wooooooooo more songs =)

  • sashaj

    the demo was much better than this version, they cut down waynes part too and the beat overwhelms madonnas voice , it was a 9.5/10 but the official version is like a 7

  • TStreets

    I love it

  • KaNNis

    So much missing from the Original Wayne part… and even the missing part is better than the part he has now…. meh

  • yeah his best part was when he said my love is a revolver do u wanna be my target.. im really pissed off..

  • yungnitto

    i dont like it as much her voice is drowned and weezys verse is cut down but the add libs are nice def will b a radio hit though

  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    wonder if wayne was pissed they shorten his part – he sound do his own remix lol his full part was soooo sick….boii not worth all that wait but we’ll see how the vid is…..if we hadnt heard waynes full bit, its a good song….

  • jay money

    dhat shit is tufff but the same song yall posted a few weeks ago was the real one and it was hard because it had the whole verse of weezy on it but its not his song so i understand y they did that

  • dc


    THEY SHOULD NOT have cut out wayne’s part cuz he outshined madonna tho lol

  • dc

    but the adlibs he added are just as great tho.

  • matt

    My love is a revolver. Do you want to be my target.
    Cuz I’m a sharp shooter. Matter of fact im tha sharpest.
    My aim is so flawless, girl you can be the farthest.
    Ima still shoot my love, let me know that you caught it.
    Im the trigger man, I pull it. I will when he wouldn’t.
    Do you want to eat the bullet? And I know where to put it.
    Its weezy. F baby. Im shooting like the [omit].
    Girl I should be illegal. Better put the safety on it.

    This entire part was cut. You can really hear a boost in energy from Wayne in this part and this is what makes the verse. I will even go as far as saying that without the part the track goes from one of the most legendary Weezy features of all time to just another pop song featuring Lil Wayne.

  • dc

    “my love is a revolver do u wanna be my target cuz im the sharp shooter matter fact im the sharpest my aim is so flawless girl u can be the furthest ima still shoot my love let me know that u caught it im the triggerman i pull it i will when he wouldnt do u wanna eat the bullet and i kno where to put it its weezy f baby im shootin like the army girl i should be illegal better put the safety on me yeaaaahhhh” – chunk missing from OG verison.

    the new adlibs make up for it tho.

  • cosign matt

  • matt

    Any idea as to why they cut it out? I’m really bummed. Ever since I heard this song months ago I was looking forward to its release, now its been butchered.

  • trizzy

    damn!!!! wayne redid his 1st but y he cut it down

  • i hope wayne’s verse in transformer ain’t 30 seconds too.. whats up with these 30 seconds verses… would’ve been 10000000x better if they didn’t cut his best part..

  • shoo

    maybe it was too long?

  • UrMOM

    Am I the only one who thinks this is TRASH!

  • c-ron

    its sick i wish the entire verse was in it

  • boi

    can someone take the longer verse and put it on this version?

  • can someone take the longer verse and put it on this version? pleaaaase

  • Erik

    Its dead … atleast for me dunno bout you all

  • Stevön

    the download link is error -.-

  • lil wayne fanwurasik

    can’t open link <— Error 404 – File Not Found

  • Michelle

    cutting his verse seriously ruined the song for me. i’m extremely disappointed. it would’ve been alright if i didn’t know the other part of the verse existed.

  • Josh

    for those who wanted to download it since the other one is dead

  • Tmmy

    props josh thanks

  • Suckzess

    For all those who want to hear the “full version”…. I quickly made up a mix with the whole weezyverse…unfortunately they use 2 different instrumentals and I don’t have the new one and there’s also no vocalversion of the original triggerman…
    so this is all I could do…

  • carter yeahhh

    what are “adlibs”?

  • lil wayne fanwurasik

    thxxxx <3 😀

  • WOW

    holy fuck suckzees that was amazing! just the end of lil waynes verse sounded abit odd or out of place, but thanks anyways i duno if there would be a way to fix taht but if there would.. wow

  • optimistic

    Just listen to it like you have never heard the other version and Wayne’s rap is not cutted. You’ll like it and then enjoy it’s success all over the word. Just think it, just think “Whoa i have never heard this rap, it rocks,Lil Wayne did it again!”

  • Suckzess

    @ wow you’re right the second blend was kind of rough^^
    now it’s a lil better…..but anyway to do the whole thing we would need both the new instrumental & the old vocal version

    Revolver “full version 2”

    have fun!

  • Lil Lil

    madonna is an ugly biaaaatch!!!!!!!!!

  • optimistic

    Hey, there’s going to be an extended version on Single. With full Lil Wayne rap. So don’t worry!

  • the link doesn’t work anymore 🙁

  • Madonna can suck my cock 10 times n than ill fuck her so hard, that shell recite my name backwards in 50 different languages

  • Suckzess
  • WOW

    thanks alot suckzess that was INSANE

  • Updated the download link with a working one 🙂

  • robert

    the new link doesnt work it says error 404

  • Rain

    Nice Song,
    but im Sorry,
    thats Pictures Nasty

  • uzo

    thats ok

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