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Studio Preview: Lloyd – Pusha (Feat Lil Wayne)

Thu, Sep 10, 2009 by

Lloyd previews Lil Wayne‘s verse for “Pusha” in a video for his upcoming single, and it sounds hot! I’m already a fan of the original with Juelz as they both do their thing on the record, but just check out Weezy‘s lyrics below and see how good it is:

And this is your Wayne on drugs
I be running round getting high on love
Too much for you… I know that’s right
But she got that crack and I got that pipe
Now if she’s the pusha, and I’m the hustla
And loves the drug, then its a lover
One time for the boys in the streets with it
And me and shorty we be hopping in the sheets with it
She got me on fire
And only when the drugs are done I’ll feel like dying
She bad, I think I’mma have to go to rehab…

Your boy ain’t know killer
She’s my pusha
She’s my killer…

Expect the CDQ soon 🙂

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  • JMB

    nice can’t wait for CDQ

  • cheese-pol

    ahahaha that crack pipe line was siik

  • Remix baby

    Is the song he was on about on Twitter?

  • Ooohhh

    Wow this sounds good 😀

  • Can’t wait =]

  • james roby

    props for the lyrics

  • oh that was hot cant wait to hear it allll

  • b

    its not high on love its “High And Above”

  • b

    wrong lyrics..

    “This is Lil Wayne on Drugs and i be runnin around getting high and above”

  • Zly

    I really really can’t wait for it!!!

  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    sounding sickk

  • YoungLloyd4Naritaaa

    uhh. b? listen to the song PROPERLY and then comment !