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Wyclef Jean “Seventeen” featuring Lil Wayne Coming Soon?

Thu, Sep 3, 2009 by

Wyclef Jean Seventeen featuring Lil Wayne Coming Soon

It looks like we will be getting another Lil Wayne record on Labor day (7th September)!

The Runners tweeted that a new Wyclef Jean single titled “Seventeen” will be coming on Labor day and it will feature non-other than Lil Wayne himself.

They also mention a new DJ Khaled song too and there is supposedly going to be a DJ Khaled and Weezy track from Khaled’s upcoming album… so maybe/hopefully this will be the record The Runners are talking about.

The song(s) is produced by The Runners and anyone remember Wyclef Jean‘s and Lil Wayne‘s collaboration tracks called “Sweetest Girl” and “Operate On Me” ❓ They where awesome and let’s hope “Seventeen” will be as good as them or even better 😀

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  • Tits Mcgee

    Nice, new Wayne songs!


  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    niceeeeee 1 (thumbs up)

  • izzi32

    great month Oo

  • baby

    4 days away 😀

  • sweet i can’t wait

  • Cli-City

    Let’s Admit something right now……Someone who is a Lil Wayne Fan has the best life….. We just get news like every couple of days about these records and then its back into anticipation mode… We never know what to expect…..He might sing, he might just murder the beat or he might do some rock and rolll….Everytime a new Wayne record comes out it is unexpected what he is going to bring and thats makes Wayne Unique…….Now I’m siked until Monday..Lets admit though other artist(except Ne-yo and probably Trey SongZ) u have to wait like every month or every couple of months to hear something new.. “WE” hear something new almost every couple of days…..That is why there is room for mistakes because he record so much so there is a bigger window of failure…And sorry he hasnt failed that much..A couple records but for the most ( a helluva lot) he had killed tracks..

  • Cli-City

    Songs still unheard:
    1. Girl you know w/ Young Money
    2.Seventeen w/ Wyclef
    3. Untiltled track with (Dj Khaled) off Victory
    4.Song w/ Kid Rock for new Kid Rock album
    5. Come on w/ 2 pistols and J Holiday ( new wayne verse)

    Videos Still Unseen
    1. War w/ Sean Kingston
    2. Revovler w/ Madonna
    3. Come on w/ 2 Pistols and J Holiday
    4.Money To Blow
    5. Forever w/ Drake, Kanye, Eminem
    6.I’m Going In
    7. Video he was shooting in Atlanta…( who knows what that is for)

    Films Still Unseen

    Tha Carter Documentary
    VH1 Behind the Music…

    Thats a lot of Wayne and lets not forget ( fingers crossed)

    Albums still waiting on.

    1. Rebirth
    2. Carter IV
    3. I Can’t Feel My Face
    4. T-Wayne (He Rap, He Sing)
    5. Hot Boys Compilation
    6. Young Money Compilation
    7. Priceless (lets admit it we only want this to hear some wayne features)

  • When start on tv 4 lil Wayne new video or feature n I don’t see
    nothin y wat happen ?

  • JMB

    @ cli city
    you spoke my mind!

  • Ooohhh

    Cli-City your right, so much stuff coming up and isn’t it great that we now seem to know when a new Wayne song will drop 😛

  • Remix baby

    Looking forward to this song so much

  • that song with dj khaled is called we do this. and its not just featureing wayne. there other people the track. like rick ross young jeezy yung d and ace hood. just go to to see.

  • dc

    Cli City is right! :O

  • Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

  • Hi there,
    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.

  • mweez22

    were is the song ?~?!?!~

  • wheres tha song at?

  • trevor

    Still Waiting and its Tuesday Afternoon

  • Big D

    I have heard the song and it was great. I heard in Wyclef Jean studio in New York back in May. You should wait for another song that will come up on spring break AAA.