Lil Wayne & T-Pain – Can’t Believe It (Remix) [T-Wayne Version]

Sun, Oct 18, 2009 by

Lil Wayne & T-Pain Cant Believe It Remix - T-Wayne Version

This version is a bit different from the original and could be from the T-Wayne collaboration album? Lil Wayne has a brand new verse along with his old verse and more adlibs on this “Can’t Believe It Remix” with T-Pain.

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Shouts to the homies Team Supreme Music

So which version do y’all prefer? I prefer this T-Wayne remix a lot more…

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  • Carter

    first bitches, imma download it right away


    its alright hope its not on the mixtape… cant wait for no ceilings

  • Weezy Fan

    I’ll hope it comes a T-Wayne Version of Got Money Too! that would be raw!

  • Ooohhh

    Naw ^ we want new lyrics and beats man

    This version > original version

  • grand buzz

    that kelly rowland line is bananas



  • young money

    t-wayne version is better because more wayne 😉

  • Remix baby

    This collab album better not come before I CANT FEEL MY FACE

  • Martian

    Hmm.. sounds pretty good.

  • Antoine Wayne

    Hello everybody I am looking for the name of this fucking song and i bet you’re gonna find it …. as your are some real fans of wayne !!!

    Bye and please … help me !

  • weezyanimal

    more wayne equals better song

  • Truth

    To Antoine Wayne

    The lyrics are from Dedication 2 mixtape its called Cannon .. But the beat I think Waynes band either made their own or mixed it with another.. Sounds dope too.. I went to his concert in Miami

  • nice2k

    @Antoine Wayne

    DJ Drama – cannon (remix) (feat._lil_wayne_willie_the_kid_freeway_and_t.i.)

    This version sounds better than the one on the dedication 2 mixtape because no dj 😀

  • The original one is 382349238492384 times better than this one.

    You can so tell Lil’ Wayne just added himself later on. The volume of the voices aren’t the same and the auto-tune is way off.

    Original >>>>>>>>>>> this one.

  • dw

    I hate autotune lol Get this shit outta here.

    NO CEILINGS!!!!!!

  • YungGinge

    How can you say the orginal’s better? it’s the same but more wayne lyrics, so this one is deffo better!

    Cash Money UK!

  • beezy!

    i never really liked the orginal version anyway, but this one is somewhat better. And infact this song will be on the t-wayne album.



    original is better, the second need to be mastered.

  • fatfreediscount

    this one is way better

  • Thomas

    Old version’s better.

  • t-wayne version is sick/ hard.

  • luiseezy

    nooooooooooooo ceilingssssssss fuckkkkkkkkkkk

  • Weezy F Kobe

    fuck boff of them get back on ur grizzy weezy

  • jc.weezy

    Diggin new version. Danny please post no ceiling with a zshare link when it drops.