Pictures: Lil Wayne Celebrates His Daughter’s 11th Birthday + Weezy’s One Year Old Son

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Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His Daughters 11th Birthday With His One Year Old Son

Here are some pictures of Lil Wayne celebrating his daughter’s (Reginae) 11 year old birthday with his family. Guests included the OMG Girlz, Tiny, Toya, Lil Wayne’s mother Cita, T-Pain, T-Pain’s mother, Ne-Yo’s mother, and Weezy‘s one year old son who does look exactly like him at a younger age. You can view more pics after the jump below:

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His Daughters 11th Birthday With His One Year Old Son

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His Daughters 11th Birthday With His One Year Old Son

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His Daughters 11th Birthday With His One Year Old Son

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His Daughters 11th Birthday With His One Year Old Son
Lil Wayne and Lil Chuckee’s sister.

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His Daughters 11th Birthday With His One Year Old Son

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Celebrating His Daughters 11th Birthday With His One Year Old Son

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  • hiroichi

    Man he look so cute in the picture….nice one

  • Daz

    he looks like wayne, lets hope he is the next wayne 😀

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  • he already got him the red chucks lol

  • Ooohhh

    I wonder when can expect that Like Father Like Son album with Weezy and his son 😛

  • his kids

    damn his kids are very cute
    lets hope he take good care of them

  • Catherine

    Does this kid know his father is the best rapper alive XD

  • muzik1718

    lil wayne is sober lol

  • 2eZ

    Where can I get an Elmo get-up like that lol.. to bad Weezys gonna be in jail.. atleast his children are too young to realise he’ll be gone.. (except for Reginae)

  • Alexei

    I hope the son of lil wayne will do music like is father! Like father like son! I wish He will rap. YOUNG MULA BABYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • Lil Dweezy

    Ah ouais g kiffe les enfants de Weezy F baby joyeu anniv Reginae

  • Yep!

    Yep! I can see the resemblance.

  • carter jr

    so sweet they are together 🙂

  • tessssx

    aaah that lil baby is soo cute, and looks very very much like wayne thats cute, yeah like father like son

  • cutee! <3

  • Felicia

    lil wayne is so cute as a father! i love him!

  • Vivè Liva

    AWWWWWW! That is so freakin CUTE. I luv seein wayne with his kids! ^¤^

  • JMoney

    hahah— and he jus have a son with nivea!!! gnr, when london poppn ?

  • will ogert

    he prolly not rap wit his son cause he said he stopin the rap game when he around 35 if the drugs dont kill him before that but that would be sick if his kid was as good as him

  • Baby Luksz Lik Him Alott

  • same_`eyes),eyebrows|foreHEADshape|baby CARTER OR WEEZY BABBY_BABBY WEEZY.BIRDMAN(III)

  • WeezysLove

    cutest baby everr! : ) awwww

  • youngmoneyent

    The baby is so cute:P
    and he doesn’t even realize he is the son to
    one of the most influential people on the planet.

  • cevon

    dwayne u look sooo sexyyy!!! n ur kidsswell lets jus say u make beautiful babiezz boo!n u will alwayzz be my future hubbYy!!!!:P<3333

  • lil wayne fan #1

    dwayne 3 looks sssssooooooo cute!!!!!!!!

    just like his father!!!!!!!

    A chip off the old block!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mauricio

    you can tell hes a good father to them. i wonder if they know that their dad is the best rapper alive

  • holayyy that kid is cuteee, that nigga is gon b fuckin all the girls when he hit age 5 lmfaooo. lightskin lil wayne…

  • mandem

    Wayne and toya wearing the same trousers. Funny

  • fact

    this is AWESOME.

  • Nay

    Who is his babymom??

  • demi

    his son is so fricken cute!
    thats the sarah girls son i believe im sorry but he got his cute looks from wayne.

  • kelsey

    Lil Wayne is so sexyy… nd you make pretty babies!!! :)) I LOVE YOU!!

  • YOO

    WHo is the Baby Momma?

  • paige

    Wayne’s son is adorable!!! Lookin just like his daddy!

  • Nay

    Who’s Sara?? She white?

  • Tea

    watchin carter documentry… gud2 see she got wat she wanted for her bday!!! day with dad

  • missweezy

    AEwwwwww too cute !! hes son just look like himmm !!

  • honor

    AWWWWW what great pics… Jr is soooo adorable, I love his elmo pajamas… Wayne sure looks like a proud dad…. luv…

  • laiyah

    HAPPY B-DAY NA-NA , he look just like wayne

  • FREE willy

    shit cute baby nigga dude black babies are light when born isnt that lauron london baby dude wayne got a cute lil boy happy bday yung miss carter

  • FREE willy

    damn toya fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shit nigga wayne she suppa fine

  • linda foto se ven vien vueno

    pues cuidense y sigan unidos

    por que eso asen las familias q se quieren

    a echarle ganas por lo que uno mas quiere ya que

    le s deseo lo mejor los estima mas q un fans

    aqui andamos att.lilcrapi hahahahahahahahahahaha.

  • FREE willy light skinned JERK

    dude shit ummmmmm yah heheheh pointless comment to late…………………………………………………………….

  • koolkid

    man dats fuckin adorable i thought that was the baby wayne had with lauren who is this baby’s mother

  • So0o NASTY 69

    whos da mother of that kid??

    toya is so pretty

  • man dat lil nigga gone be gettin all tha hoes when he get older lmao


    but ay peoples check me out at tell me what u think…add me…I WOULD APPRECIATE IT

  • Candie

    lil wayne is so cute as him and as a father i love him he’s the hottest daddys ever his kids r cute like him

  • natalskaa

    aww that’s so cute. wayne looks really happy : ) that’s good.
    hes son looks just like him when he was a child. happy b-day Reginae : D

  • BiG wayNe

    the soN iS foR whiCh motheR !!!????
    pleaSe aNsweR iT !!!!!!!!



  • bilelinho

    who is the boy with blue glasses ?
    who is the girl at right ?
    who is the mother of the baby ?

    sorry for my english, i’m french…

  • Abdulhamid

    men hope his kids know that their dad is tha best rapper alive

  • Domo1212

    iThink Wayne Could End Up Gettin It In With Toya Again N Gettin Her Prego.lmao!

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  • D@t N!gg@ Gr!zz

    Wezzy is da best rapper alive. His son is goin 2 bagg all da bitchez wen he gets older.LMFAO…..

  • Miss Carter Baby

    Lil Wayne ur baby is so cute my lil bf

  • nunu

    yall look happy i wish i can be as happy as that hit me up 757-675-3075 plz im not a stolkin fan jus tryna be as big as yew wayne

  • Drake Baby Mova

    Aww they look so cute I really like this Lil Wayne role much better. Im so sick of him dating those ugly trashy yes Im talking about Nivea and Lauren London both them aint nothing but drama. He should have stayed with Toya she might be from the hood but she has more class then the both of them and she is Prettier. Fuck what yall say she look better than Lauren too.

  • MrS.caRteR

    LiKe fatheR liKe soN Lil WaYne is So Cute As aH daDdY And as Not One

  • iknoimlate

    The little boy with the blue glasses is Waynes 8 year old little brother Semaj.
    The mother of Wayne’s 1st born son Dwayne 3 (also know as lil Tune Chi) is Sara Vivan Ballew (the Asian and white chick from Ohio, you can check her out on twitter @SarahVivan)
    And to the person who asked about the little girl on the right, she is of course Wayne’s 1st born and only girl, Reginae’ Dwan Carter ( its her birthday party they’re at).

  • lil wayne is so ugly. he look a gorilla. he has 4 diffrent baby mamas how disgusting. hes a nasty pig. reginae is ugly. why would auren london wamnt tto have a nbaby by him . shes stupid. she couldve got anybody else.

  • this pictures is so cute and they look like a big happy family

  • they are so cute

  • nemataheni raymond

    ohhh dats so sweet” i never knew dat weezy is such a great dad! bt my advice to the nigga is dat he stick to one lady n stop behaving lyk an animal!…..

  • Waynes Daughter

    They are all so cute!!

  • christina weaver

    lol cute

  • joan

    he luks so happy 2 b dre. he luks lyk hes avn d best tym of his life. hes jst a great dad although his mad schedule……….thumbs 4 lil wayne

  • your son is soooooooo kute

  • damn wayne i like all the pictures ad your kids look nice and tiny toya keep doing yall and i hpe lil wayne lil boy be a rapper and be like young mulla babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Felicia

    Where is the mother for the Dwayne II?

  • oh ma God why weezy. hope God will find a good place in his heart for him. Reginae how are u doing. Dont worry cos your dad is still happy for you.

  • thats whats us daddy spen time with the kids when we have time but u know of top when is a b day we make time so thats whats up wish her many more

  • aww yalll hella cute wish i was wit yalll o well ima make it there one day and meet mah future husband lil wayne someday and all my future kids hahahahahahaha!!!! love yah

  • aaaawwww if that baby boy grows up to look like his gorgous dadday then he aint gonna have no problem with the ladies…. toya you are one of the luckiest woman that acctually get to touch that fiiinnneee thing we call MR. CARTER!!!! FOREVER BABY****

  • keke

    i think that is just so nice that he can just take a day off 2 go2 his baby girls big day that means that you knows that he cares that she is a live and that he can she her.

    R.I.P. D.M.C.

  • keke


  • tianna

    wayne look so cute and his kids look cute too they look really look happy wayne should get back with toya they loo so happy together

  • im just happy that there happy and proud of there daughter

  • jasdym

    wayne’s daughter is sooooooooooooo beautiful, just like her mama toya. they both have great smiles

  • mrs.shade

    dddaammnn reginae i wish i wuz you but hey i aint hatten but any way your little brother is so cute and i just wanted to say happy b-day! 😉

  • dam lil wayne yuh get it dwn lyik dhat dam bt ist gudddd dhat yuh take kare of demmm babi luvvvv yuh lil wayne young $money 4ifeeeeee

  • reginae is soo pretty!!! toya an wayne made a pretty lil gurl lol

  • jr is soooo adorable look at his pajamas

  • Lashirah

    soooo cute lil wayne is so adorable then that makes all his other children beautiful like him.I wish he wuz my hubby and then i can have kidz wit him LMMFAO! And who eva asked who dah boy in kanye glasses that’s weezy’s lil brother the girl at dah right iz Tiny T.I. fiance and the mother of the baby iz either Nivea or the white chick 4rm Ohio

  • tasha gustama

    u are in your daughter birthady party that pretty




  • Patnisha


  • i no u there

  • lil wayne i like you so march and i no that you also like me and my name is call obed arthur i want you to give me your own video music thank you lil wayne my god bless you and your family

  • Naenae

    awww the baby so cute he look jjut lik his daddy all his kids do….!!!!!

  • dariyene

    wat in the world that is not his baby the babys mom needs to get out the pic the baby don’t got nothing that his so called dad got the baby don’t even got his lip whos the babys mama if its toya i’ll give him that one but it don’t got noting on toya toya is the stuff but that baby is cute.NO HOMO

  • damn his babys is cute…… hoprfully hes gonna be sexy like his dad me n my fionce is HUGE fans my fionces myspace name is dwayne michel carter da 3 from another family any ways but he looks just like lil wayne just white n hes fine

  • when was her b-day if i’m totally late i’m sorry happy b-day i actually kep up with every-ones b-day even people i dnt know:]

  • nohomo your baby and kids are cute

  • natalie

    Reginae is so pretty!

  • i am wishing her a happy birthday and more arms to her elbow,young money go on bro
    you got us
    at your back i love you all.

  • M.AK

    “I Love The Beauty of happieness these photos share.”

  • may

    it’s amazing how exactly the same Weezy and his son look

  • may

    it’s amazing how exactly the same Weezy and his son look. this is a beautiful pic of the fam. if only lil Wayne would get his life together so he could spend more time with his children.

  • Sezavarenefrin


  • Tippo YB Gucci

    Wow….never believe Weezy has this very beautiful Doll….so cute babe ….love you Wayne.

  • badddbitch

    guess he is not the first born son afterall damn weezy… how you think the real 1st born feels about this shit

  • i luv da way yo daughter sing i really do

  • jimmy pius carter

    lil wayne

  • Christina

    Weezy is the best rapper alive……go weezy

  • merveille


  • merveille

    love you lil wayne

  • lil wayne’s fan

    l love lil wayne.he is so sweet.and his childrens <3

  • cas

    i luv wayne!!!!! so cute with his kids. BUT PLS STOP TAKING CODEINE AND OTHER DRUGS SO THAT U WILL NOT DIE B4 UR TIME. AND STICK 2 1 WOMAN(most likely toya) . I PRAY TO GOD U SEE THIS AND OBEY. luv u

  • stepherz

    Lil waynes daughter looks like she could be ushers daughter for real i see it in the eyes