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Video: A Day In The Life Of Birdman (Part 2)

Sun, Dec 27, 2009 by

Follow Birdman, and Jay Sean on the album release week for Baby’s album Priceless and Jay’s album All Or Nothing in part 2 of “A Day In The Life Of Birdman”. The video includes:

Day 4: In New York, Jay Sean performs at the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, and then meets Birdman in Miami to fly over to London.

Day 5: They land in London, go shopping and then head to the Royal Exchange for their Cash Money party with guests such as Alesha Dixon, Rihanna, Ice T, Coco, and many more.

Day 6: Fly back to Atlanta.

Day 7: Enjoy a day full of Football.

Day 8: Back to New York to do BET 106 & Park.

Props Derick G

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  • vikramindia

    nice stuff

  • Remix baby

    That “Bad” song was playing and it sounded like the full cd quality version and no britney spears but some other male artist

    Does anyone have a link?

  • nice stuff. and nice video

  • JMB

    fuck whoever sais first you killed just socially killed yourself




    @ That Bitch WHo said FIRST

    Suk Out U Cunt

  • Это рельно сайт Lil’Wayne или нет?

  • Mista X

    who was that on the “Bad” beat?



  • vikramindia

    all the ones who are hatin me cause they are jealous peace dudes


    Y da Fuk We Gna B Jealous Because You Were The First To comment by chance,
    It really doesnt Affect anybodys life in any way whatsoever.
    Im gna stop talkin about it now.

  • SimLan

    this is, why you post birdman videos in here.. its not necessary


    yes it is.

  • infinite

    very nice video!! keep it going YMCMB prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrra

  • Tru

    Word, love all the derick g vids! birdman is a baller!

    Check out “My Boat” haha new song!

  • izzi32

    im cool now huh

  • jay


  • Jay Sax u suck!!!

    its a video about birdman. and it only has songs from wayne…xD

  • mike

    lol jay sean is lip singing

  • Young_Money_

    It s Cool 🙂 I like You Birdman xDD

  • Dave

    What is the song with the “blinded by the light” (from the movie blow) called?
    never heard wayne on it b4.

    hook me up someone

  • Gay sean so fuck faggot I hate him

  • Omareezy

    props to derrick G, but he needs to change the songs!
    the videos are about birdman, and he puts wayne songs??? come on!
    that’s the thing that bothered me.

  • rawtune

    dat song is blinded by star ft lil wayne its on the drough is over pt 6 reincarnation

  • zacbrin

    what is the name of the song by lil wayne when birdman is on his way to the airport after the cash money thing?

  • zacbrin

    can you tell me the song please

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  • Kluus

    According to Jay Sean everything was craaaaaaazy, insaaaane and siiiick.
    (High variety of words)