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Erykah Badu & Lil Wayne Music Video Coming Soon?

Thu, Jan 14, 2010 by

Erykah Badu's Musical Director Speaks On Music Video With Lil Wayne

In a recent interview, Erykah Badu’s musical director spoke about the record she and Lil Wayne did together and the music video for it, which has already been shot.

You are also Erykah Badu’s musical director. Are you guys finished with the new album yet?

It’s almost done. Me and one of the Cannabinoids have a single that’s about to drop, it’s called “Jump Up In The Air And Stay There” featuring Erykah and Lil Wayne. They just shot the video here last week in Dallas so I got to meet Lil Wayne and everybody else that’s on the record. It’s pretty exciting. Erykah’s the best. She is one of the best entertainers, and I’m not just saying that because I play with her. From all the artists I play with, I learned a lot from her about how she just commands the stage and uses every part of the artistry she knows from dance to singing, emotions, acting. Everything. Traveling the world and seeing how she commands the crowd, I learned a lot and that helped me with my band and the things I’m trying to do.

Shouts to datshyt, and so we have another music video to be looking out for…

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  • james roby

    so we got this and homerun?

  • ImTrill



    this is gona be fire !

  • gazz

    We getting the cdq song soon and I thought there was 10 rappers on it ??

  • rg

    has the song itself dropped yet ?

  • JMB

    i hope it will drop very soon!
    best combo

  • alfagta

    When Cash Money Heroes video is comin?

  • this shit is going to on fire

  • carter yeahhh

    ok, so who is Erykah Badu….she was mentioned in A Milli….is she actually a good artist or what?

  • blooded

    this song leaked the other day but it was studio quality ^

  • ym-cm

    homerun and cash money heroes should come before this

  • best artist,DASS RIC

  • mmasts

    ym-cm cash money heroes is already out man

    btw home run is coming on monday.. juelz said that on ustream

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    Check this out new lil wayne song from rebirth ..!!

  • Tha B.G.’z

    I wanna know who else is on the record.

  • every one better buy the rebirth lets hold this shit down while the best musican in the game is locked up..get a copy for ur self and tell ur mom to get one for her to

  • yooo

    yo young nino can ur mom hook me yp w/ a copy too?

  • goon7

    hard wroking WAYNE


  • jc.weezy

    @ Carter yeaahh

    how u gonna be a fan of rap/hiphop or watevr u wanna call it & not know who she hate & don’t get mad but that’s crazzy. Go listen 2 some Fugees & find out… Can’t wait for CDq song 2 drop

    man that’s funny.

  • Carteryeah

    What is fugees lol is she actually like amazing good though because in a milli, Wayne said ok I’m rappin like big jay and tupac Andre 3000 where is Eryka Badu at

  • Carteryeah

    Then after he says who dat? So like is she good or not

  • wwf

    wayne only mentions her in a milli cus she had a kid and used to be with andre 3000
    ‘…andre 3000..where is erykah badu at?’
    doesnt really have to do with her music talent, which she has obviously and which is why i am pumped for this song.

  • rhymesfromoldancienttymes

    bilal is also on the track his vocals personally I think she should have left weezy out of it he suckssss big time ass, but i stay woke…..sooooo whatever erykah fatbellybella does is pure FYIA…she the shittttttttttttttttttt……

  • rhymesfromoldancienttymes

    sn: I’m excited for the video can’t waitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt stay woke*

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  • rae

    why did someonesay to look up the fugees to ind out about badu?
    that’s lauryn hill honey