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Lil Wayne Shooting A Music Video For “Drop The World” With Eminem

Fri, Jan 29, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Shooting A Music Video For Drop The World With Eminem

It’s looking more and more like Lil Wayne is keeping the same Rebirth that leaked, but the good news is that Weezy is shooting a video for “Drop The World” featuring Eminem before he goes to jail.

Do y’all think this is the best choice for the next single ❓

Shouts to RR

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  • lil harlem

    first. lol

  • Easy choice, this is gonna put rebirth every, where, and make wezzy leave with a bang. And whens that rebirth dropping, cuz i aint here shit lately.

  • Ain’t it sunny in the summer

    Finally 1st LOL
    But yeah I think this is the best choice it does have the net going bonkers (my fav word LOL)
    But yea can’t wait I should try out for video lls

  • Bmoney09

    Great news is that this will be a video, crappy news if he keeps the same tracklist. If so i’ll be waiting on C4

  • Ain’t it sunny in the summer

    Damn nevermind y’all beat me to1st

  • Aj Birch

    09?? look at the call date…

  • lil harlem

    sorry i beat ya. now u gotta suck my penis lol.

  • lilweez89


  • Abeerah

    dam i love this song can’t wait til tha music video :]

  • its dropping feburary 2nd.. i just saw the tv comercial.. everybody is like rushing to the store screaming. and they got drop the world playin in the background.. and they guy says get rebirth feburary second

  • AROD

    @ lil harlem , i dont think anybody
    wants to suck your “Lil Harlem Penis”

    &&& hollllyyyshittt weezy done did it agen
    Rebirth will be going platinum in the first week or 2
    just because of this song/video .

  • zach

    where can i see ths commercial? i all ready seen tha one with “On Fire” playing.. i wana see ths new commercial

  • lovalle

    YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so glad they’re shooting the video!!! cant wait!!

  • thekidinthevideo

    Two greatest coming together in a video, thought it would never happen but it is and im happy!

  • greatestofalltime

    LIL WAYNE+EMIENEM=___________________ Fill In THE Blank!!! people 🙂

  • darren

    wasnt the song like number one in the country couple weeks back?

  • Glowe

    paradise hands down is the only good song on the album and should be the next single. better than drop the world atleast

  • LarcenyOfMSP

    the whole rebirth album is fire don’t get me wrong but im more a fan of “The Price is Wrong” or “One Way Trip” (Im just not an Em fan)

  • kyle#7


  • rufus carter

    cool cant wait r they gonna shoot the video together? cuz that wud be dope

  • Kenner,louisiana

    eminem is nothing compared to lil wayne , and this will be waynes next single , just because of this song rebirth will go platinum right away bet

  • ym8



  • Alex Sierra

    How do i get in touch with the producer to get a chance to be in the video?

  • Ben Dover

    What An Incredible Video Thats Gonna Be…

  • iJayNor

    Lil Wayne And Eminem Has The Best Collaboration Since Who Knows??? haha


    OMG! WOW! Eminem + Lil’ Wayne= BEAST! If they like each other there’ll prob be more collabs with em’.

  • nice. the music video is going to be sick. i think its good idea. when is the music video coming out? i can’t wait till it comes out.

  • Omareezy

    I really can’t wait!!
    And I think they are shooting the video the same night as the grammys!
    It’s going to be awesome!

  • i love this song and im glad there makin a music video of it but i want 1 of paradise

  • noneofurbiz

    I saw Rebirth and Rebirth + bonus at Walmart last week.

  • jc.weezy

    iTunes has rebirth’s Number three in rap albums.let’s support the lil nigga & make’rm sell a milli.(which prolly won’t happen)

  • Italianocapo1190

    Hell yea they should Make a video for this.. I dont wanna diss Weezy on this.. But Em ate him on the verses……

  • S

    Cant wait for tha video, too bad rebirth didn’t change…j.c weezy’s right, it’s on itunes for preorder. Preorder it!

  • perfect song just wish it did not leack wanted it to be fresh like juelz do his shit

  • C-Hues

    It’s the smartest move being it one of the only songs that’s hot on the album plus featuring a talent like Eminem. Love Weezy but not down wit the copy of Rebirth that I got (I mean that got leaked). Waiting on the Carter 4 and any other mixtape material he puts out. MIXTAPETORRENT.COM for all those exclusives. I am curious about their vision for the video, I hope they do it up big.

  • C-Hues

    Oh and for people sayin Em & Weezy got the best collabo ever need I remind you of “Renegade” wit HOV & Em??????

  • AROD

    eminem did not eat wayne !!! your fkn
    stupid if you think he did , waynes shit murderd him

    just because eminem raps fast doesnt mean he did shit !!

  • does anyone kno what kind of a jacket that is tht weezy is wearing the WTF video shoot the grey one with the triangle buttons and the hood its pretty sikk

  • Brenda

    Yo am in for them extras

    lil wayne makes a hit no
    matter what

  • O-shizzle

    anybody else notice the date says 2009? haha but this songs hot, one of my favorites off rebirth with one way trip and knockout. my nigga weezy gonna stay doin his thing this year!


  • B-Cloud

    That is sick 😡 😡 … I’ll waiting for that shit 😡 …. Weezy + Eminem = 1 black,1 white = we got 2 greatest rappers alive 😡 😡

  • WeezyForLife(408)


    this shit ganna be crazy!

    WEEZY GUNNA KILL 2010 even if he ganna be gone

  • Needinfo

    Where’s the vido shoot at I want to be in it if got info plz let me know

  • does anyone kno what kind of a jacket that is tht weezy is wearing the WTF video shoot the grey one with the triangle buttons and the hood its pretty sikkk

  • weezys verse to WTF is here

    if anyone cares

  • Emerson Winfield

    Yo i cant lie i got the leak of rebirth but i got it pre-ordered on the ipod and im getting it at 12 at walmart and ill buy it at bestbuy later when they open…Definately get out there and support m y nigga a milli+ ya dig…yo good choice of video though em was the rawest at one time and now the torch has been passed and this nigg is on fia….so good choice weezy

  • Emerson Winfield

    make sure everyone gets on facebook…weezy has a petition to get his time shortened and we need to support that u can find it under my page emerson winfield is the name make sure we help my nigga out as much as we can what the fuk we gonna do for 9 months with out weezy whos gonna come tou ur hometown and put on a concert….who would u wanna see in a concert besides yung mulah baby

  • natalskaa

    ohhh! i so want to see this video : D

  • Matheo

    Fucking Awesome i wait for this moment ! This is very good choice i think so because Drop The World is one of the best songs on Rebirth !

  • YoungMoney

    thats will be the best video ever
    this is the best choice because all people love this track

  • Seb

    Of cause it’s the best choice.
    It’s by far the best single.
    Can’t wait to see the video.

  • Mike

    I believe rebirth will flop but still I will support it

  • john anthony

    how do you get info to be in the video? i wanna be in that shit

  • rrichii

    This video is going to be a monster!,. I really Like the song!

  • this is the best choice! That song with EM is nothing short of phenomenal!

  • 2332

    only on place 75 after 4 weeks that is shit!=(

  • rebirth is numba 2 on rap albums pre-order that shit

  • Klubhead

    i think it’s a great choice.. drop the world is fuggin awesome

  • LeesLiie (Y)

    J’ADHERE ! (Y)

  • too awesome!

  • lil guccy

    I was actually wishing last night that weezy and Em would shoot a video for drop the world and it came true how strange is that

  • luiseezy f crazy

    dis also means dey can perform dis at da grammys on sun day damn shit gona be hot

  • rebirth on #1 in itunes america pre-order it and support weezy

  • S

    #1 In rap…let’s make ti #1 total! Already preordered it even though I dl’d the leaked version! yo suppor weezy!

  • yessir! #16

  • youngavenue

    i wanna be in this video ill do it for free but i cant wait for this to drop i think drop the world is one of wayne best songs ever

  • DF

    FEB 2 2010 – Rebirth Album* Go Get It. FEB 2 2010 – Rebirth Album* Go Get It. FEB 2 2010 – Rebirth Album* Go Get It. People Need to buy at least one album of him if u listen to him.. go get that shit

  • Bouss


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  • running is my shit on rebirth shanell sexy ass hell

  • damn wayne video with everybody juelz santana ,player circle,kevin rudolf,
    shawty lo, eminem

  • I like this video, Eminem is hot!!!