Menace – Blood Niggaz (Feat Lil Wayne & Mitchy Slick)

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Menace Blood Niggaz Feat Lil Wayne & Mitchy

Check out this Menace single featuring Lil Wayne and Mitchy Slick titled “Blood Niggaz“. There is supposedly being a video shot for the track this week! For now, we only have a tagged version of this song, and you can listen and download it below:

Download: Menace – Blood Niggaz (Feat Lil Wayne & Mitchy Slick)

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  • rudeboi11208


  • Mrr3ye5

    Wayne Looks HIGH ASS FUCK!! or they just got a bad shot haha

  • Luka&WeezyFan


  • i love this song.

  • D!ps3t

    pretty good, wayne reppin them b’s hard before he goin to jail

  • EastSide

    @D!ps3t hell yea , dat nigga gonna have all the bloods in that bitch
    protectin him ,


    bloods not gonna protect wayne look at dat nigga he got stars on his face but this a nice song

  • soo woo

  • no bodys gonna fuck with weezy in jail he got pira watchin for him come on this guy is small but hes a crazy they should put him in a mental instutute hes a beast he still sane thoe hes not crazy just mad smart with his work.hes gonna hold shit down in jail fo sho

  • im high off of kush and syrup

  • thats how im gonna b the hole time when hes in jail high as fuck gotta hold it down for ur nigga

  • Rain

    Video shot for this? o:
    I can imagine all the censors……

  • Matheo

    I don’t feel this song ;/

  • W.Fuckin’Baby

    Sick track…He keep it Red bitch !


    SUwOO!!! “PIRU”
    Weezy is a Blood and hiz Blood brothers got him while he gunna B^ LoCK up….so dont worrY bout Him hes Taken Care Of……BaBY all reAdY got shit worked for HIM Anywayz…..YAll Jus KeeP pUMpin HIs MusiCk…..


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  • ..

    sounds like mitchy’s gettin @ weezy wit dat fake blood shit..

  • ..

    or is it just me?



    we bloods down south
    guns in ya mouth
    eat these fuckin bullets
    and shit them bitches out
    im talkin blood nigga shit
    Menace wat it do?
    i keep a red bitch.. i call her damu
    im sayin su woo to the hive
    you know what im bangin bout
    pistol in the sock if i run ill blow an ankle out
    i body these beats body bag in the booth
    red rag around the rear view mirror in the coupe
    oops i meant the BOUPE
    im smokin on the SNOOP
    and they my group more bloods then the loop
    blood im too high imma have to scoop
    and if you think you fly imma shoot your parachute
    yeah hat to the right flag to the same side
    weezy f baby and the f is for flame 5
    no homo big bs nigga
    blood game homie
    bleed nigga

  • CS

    Good sonq. only like weezy part tho.

  • G

    yeah sounds like there actually dissin wayne is this song

  • dac1tygohard

    Ahah funny how mitchy dissn wayne . Love this song !

  • Quinton


  • speedy

    Ok I’m about money fucc diz dumies ya don’t kno about me so y tawk funny dey say why u so mad maybe cuz I’m so grumpy got bitches from the past tawkin bout dey still luv me blunt on da side of me two like batterys smoke till I git allergies roll it up rapidly and if u got beef bitch u can come git at me nobody can stop thee even if ya catch me

  • Scourge Bloods

    I saw “Blood Niggaz” lyrics. They had Menace and Lil Wayne’s lyrics, but they don`t have Mitchy Slick’s lyrics for “Blood Niggaz”. I looked everywhere but there are no lyrics for Mitchy Slick.
    Whoever knows the lyrics for Mitchy Slick in “Blood Niggaz”, please tell me the lyrics and tell me which website did you found it.

  • Scourge Bloods

    Incase whoever has no idea about which rappers in “Blood Niggaz”, here it is:

    Menace is the first guy singing, and has a red flag.

    Lil Wayne is a second guy singing, a short guy with a gray sweater

    Mitchy Slick is a third guy singing, with sunglasses, and a green flag.

  • Scourge Bloods

    Mitchy Slick is sick man!

  • mrs carter

    i loove you wayne…
    you are the best rapper ever !!<3

  • i love lil wayne hisda best ……….SUUWUU!!! bitches!!!!hit a krip in the lip and wacth the tru kolor drip nikka!!