Lil Wayne – Eat You Alive (Feat Ludacris) [Full/CDQ/NoDJ]

Fri, Feb 12, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Eat You Alive Feat Ludacris - Full CDQ NoDJ

Remember the Lil Wayne song called “I’m A Monster” aka “Eat You Alive” on The Empire’s The Drought Is Over 6 (The Reincarnation) ❓ Thanks to the NMC we have the no DJ/CDQ song and full which features Ludacris. This song is a Tha Carter III leftover, and you can stream/download the joint below:

Check back to later today for Shawty Lo’s “WTF” featuring Weezy F Baby

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  • k


  • weezyFcrazy

    finallyyyy! nodj!

  • Chazz

    i luv this

  • Dgfshjkfh

    When the Holy fuck Empire will drop TDIO part7?
    I wait all day!

  • darkman

    Thnx 😀

  • Wisheezy

    This goes HARD!!!!!

  • ak_wayne


  • Ooohhh

    Is that Shanell on the chorus?

  • YMfan

    @ Ooohh yea that’s her

  • MO

    This gonna be on Carter IV



    lol no its not.

  • MO

    i just hoped

  • koa29

    They were sayin how Wayne has so much material, it could last him til Carter X if he really wanted. So….there’s probably a song he’s recorded a year ago that might end up on C4, you just never know if they don’t decide to make that shit public… This is a hot track, shame it leaked out like it did (Wayne verse first with DJ drops all over it)… I hate hearing unfinished tracks… this version is nice tho… couldve made C4…but in all honesty, Luda murked Wayne on this one

  • GhostKillah!

    This Track Was Ok Not 1 of his better tracks… definitely Cant Make C4… and Luda verse is from another song its a fake version they just took his verse from another song…

  • Empire Drops

    I found a song off Empire Drought 7 mixtape its at rapbasement com its maybach 3 with wayne and birdman go check it out

  • hello123

    wat time is WTF comin


    Dont lke this Sonq..

  • damn yooo…this shit is hot

  • hellraiser

    fuk this i want drought is over 7 fuk they waiting on

  • Dgfshjkfh

    hellraiser: you say it! I gets crazy!

  • ak_wayne

    its funny how jay z says ‘pair of sneakers’

  • Yo danny if u could put this on youtube and put the video on the site that would be dope. Thanks

  • A-diz

    Ok first off, this song is old! It was on The Drought is Over 6, the Empire series. I would know because it has been my favorite Wayne song since last summer. And @ Ooohhh, its not Shannel, its some other chick.

  • Short D

    Yo dis shit was fire last year, fuck they hatin 4

  • Short D

    Yo dis shit was fire last year, fuck they hatin

  • DJTzizzle

    its good, even though luda killed weezy on the track h8 though. 9 times outta 10 wayne’s got em

  • “I’m a Monster” from Tha Drought is Over 6 is actually my all-time favourite from Lil’ Wayne…it’s amazing. I never understood why it didn’t make C3.

  • 757

    @ DJTrizzle

    I agree wit you but you cnt compare dem 2 cuz lil wayne & ludacris are a beast n have different styles.

  • Rain

    Bout time man, been lookin for this fer a year…man i love this song.

  • bobby

    it clearly has shanell in it to

  • crackattak

    LUUUUUDAA tears this shit a new asshole st8 up! dayum… i liked da song before but DAMN SON goes hard as hell (no homo)



  • A-diz

    @ bobby its Juliana Hatfield not Shanell

  • DJTzizzle

    @ 757

    yea i get you, you can’t really compare them. But when thier on the same song its kinda hard not too. Just like Drop the World everyone said Eminem murdered wayne. I’m just like you can’t compare two different styles of rappers and say who is better. So your right lol

  • young prince

    monster flow

  • young prince

    young money all day every day boyyyyyyy fuck every one else

  • kaw317

    dude that songs old idk where i got it but its on a cd somewhere