Lil Wayne – I’m On It [Snippet]

Tue, Feb 23, 2010 by

Lil Wayne Im On It - Snippet

Here is a snippet to Tyga‘s “I’m On It” record featuring Lil Wayne from Evil Empire’s Trending Topics 2 mixtape. This snippet only has Wayne‘s verse which he kills, and the video has already been shot for this track. You can watch some behind the scenes footage from the video shoot here with cameos from Drake and Juelz Santana, and you can stream/download the track below:

Download: Lil Wayne – I’m On It [Snippet]

Props Evil Empire

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  • Dre

    So Drake and Juelz isn’t on the record?

  • YM!24

    First!! lmaooo

    always wanted to do…..

  • Weezy7713


    This track is fire!! Wayne snapped!! Can’t wait for full version..Tyga goes in as well!
    Young Mula Baby!

  • Zov

    wayne is that dude 4real follow eeeem on twitter LilTunechi…..

  • rita32


    Weezy kills it yet again, i cant wait for this track. FIREEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  • Weezy7713

    Damn I wasn’t first lol

  • YM!24

    almost… but..


    Be Best Rapper C.E.O.
    Fine as wine flow
    Pinot Grigio
    Nigga cant fuck with me
    Leave the bitches,Need the hoes
    Life is a motherfucker gamble,Peter Rose
    Momma taught me well,Kush and the L
    Paper everywhere like books just fell
    More money to make,More pussy to smell
    Like yea imma Libra like put that on a scale
    New Orleans nigga with my dick up in my right hand
    Young Money nigga money longer then a lifespan
    Still go to sleep with my rifle on my nightstand
    Flyer then a bitch and you ain’t even got chu flight plannnnnn

    I’m on it..I’m on it….Tuneche!………yea…Soo Woo……Soo Woo Trill….hahahaha,yeaaa

  • ym-cmb fan

    why does everyone say first when they are clearly not

  • rita32

    @ ym-cmb fan

    bcuz it will say no comments on it so everybody tries to be first, its just funny 2 me

  • travis

    wayne murdred it like always

  • MO

    money erverywhere like bush just fail =) he´s the man

  • Ashwin

    Wayne’s awesome but dont bother following him on twitter lol, he hasnt got shit to say unfortunately.. hopefully he’ll come up with some interesting shit in his tweets..

  • lorenzo

    @MO he said PAPER everywhere like BOOKS just fell lol

    and yea buddy wayne is that nigga he’s music follow Me @LavishLeezy

  • Gettnmunny10

    If u talkin bout money beeeeeeitch… I’m on it! 😀


    New Lil Wayne song: Drop it Low Remix

  • gary

    Best rapper alive

  • Cli-City

    He doesnt kill this verse… Regular new wayne verse…..I want the best rapper alive wayne…




  • TriggaFinga

    When the fuck is this gonna drop, my finger is itching to DL this shit, i ain’t even gonna hear the whole thing, its like the No Ceilings Mixtape its an Automatic DL… Tyga no Lion

  • Ooohhh

    Need the full and no DJ asap

  • PD

    it’s not rifle on my night stand its bible

  • lil wayne jr

    madden champ is a fagget!

  • drzfinest3424

    ma nigga weezy lol

  • jc.weezy

    Kinda off topic but that’d be dope if Juelz signed with CM.ain’t he wit def jam though?

  • LIL TA3

    @ym24 its soo woo Trail…

    if u gon do the lyrics kno wat u sayin
    also he said best rappin CEO

  • Mike

    if u’re talkin’ bout money,hoes,bitches, on it babeyy!!!