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Tony Yayo Explains What Lil Wayne’s Time In Prison Will Be Like x Diddy Says We Will Miss Tunechi

Tue, Mar 2, 2010 by

In the video above, Tony Yayo speaks to Vlad TV in an interview about what Lil Wayne‘s time in Rikers Island will be like. Yayo tells Weezy he should consider to smuggle drugs into the jail by sticking them in his ass, no homo. I also found it funny when Yayo said he masturbated over the ‘girly magazines’ to stop him from going insane… and he thinks Tune will probably do the same (pause).

Hit the jump to watch another video – this time of Diddy speaking about the “Strobe Lights” record, and he also says that “Hip Hop will miss Lil Wayne‘s energy during jail time”.

“On Last Train to Paris, Wayne is on the album, Drake is on the album, we’re trying to get Hov on the album, trying to get Janelle Monáe on the album,” Diddy told MTV News. “Everybody that’s on the album, it’s not done in a regular appearance way. It’s done in a unique way that’s authentic. It’s not about a single or [album sales]. It doesn’t have that behind it. Wayne is on a record that’s called ‘Strobe Lights.’ It’s one of the first records where I hear him talking about love and how love has affected him. That’s the type of things I wanted to get out of people if they were on the album. I wanted people to get out of their comfort zone and do something that was special. He did the video for me over the weekend. ‘Strobe Lights,’ it’s gonna be tough.”

“I think we gonna miss a certain energy that Wayne has,” Diddy said. “The beauty about it is, he’ll be back, and hopefully he’ll come back a better person. Whenever we get in trouble, we’re in the public spotlight. So hopefully there’s a lot of kids out there who could learn from any mistakes that we may have put ourselves in even if we’re not guilty of the crime sometimes. We are human. People have to learn: ‘Make sure you know where you’re going, who you riding with, what the situation is.’ We’re targets. I’m just happy he doesn’t have to do a lot of time and that he’ll be out, and hopefully he’ll use the time wisely and use it in a positive way.” – MTV

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  • tay

    first hoe !

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    free #tune

  • Onti.

    fuck!!! second !!!!!

  • TylerJM

    Why do you guys do that stupid first stuff? I never understood, I mean if it’s something revolutionary I might be able to uunderstand, but…
    -kanye shrug-

    Uh what @ Tony Yayo. lol, dude’s crazy.

  • YO


    fcuk America Laws.

  • Tunechi

    fuck man i wanna hear that fucking song called strobe lights !!!!!!!

  • tay

    yo mad cause he 4th or whatever lol
    but the video should be dope i wanna see that Running Video & Drop The World

  • tay

    yo mad cause he 5th or whatever lol
    but the video should be dope i wanna see that Running Video & Drop The World

  • YM1312


    *rumor..but i heard waynes court building caught fire today… personally idk if hes still free or not,,,but they its postponed

  • JMB

    damnn check this homepage dude
    just 2 post underneath this one stupid
    @Tyler JM
    neither did i ever understand it
    SMH…. need attention?
    check forums i probably saw anything on the homepage earlier then you did
    and guess what i don’t give a fuck so why should you?

  • JMB

    And BTW
    props at Tony because he did not said one thing bad about f baby
    though he is 50’s bitch

  • Notice how he says 2 years at first, then changes it to nearly one year. Lol.

  • natalskaa

    ahhh he sucks! fck g-unit! lol

  • a man

    he wasnt dissing wayne…im a huge wayne fan but G-Unit is also the shit..

  • chitownki

    JMB get that side of hot cock out your mouth ya fuckin lame.

  • damn

    can someone please let me know some info on drought 7 this is some bullshit if we dont get it by atleast tomorrow cause of wayne going to jail…havent got some new waynes joints FOR A WHILE…

  • rob

    man thats gonna suck i feel bad for him

  • Tunechi Lionches

    @Tunechi- Strobe Lights is about a month and a half old now lol.

  • jake

    lmao tony yayo fuckin crazy

  • natalskaa

    okay so i gave the video a shot, and damn! he gave us alot of information, shit 23 hour lock down? how did he not go crazy? that’s just wow. shocking. anyways i appreciate the video now. i liked it lol.

  • jc.weezy

    Strobe lights came out a long time ago

  • JMB

    who are you?….. atleast I am bringing something relevant to this what use to be filled with relevant comments
    you are just fantasising about your own gay fantasy’s
    byebye homo

  • Drcastle

    strobe lights beat is sikk…can’t control your head when you’re geeked to that song..:)
    keep your head up Dr. Carter

  • lol…Yayo has some solid advice lmfao…

  • Slik

    When I first seen this I assumed he was going to be talkin shit bout Weezy but he didn’t still lol. I was surprised on the amount of information he was giving also. 23hr lock down … I would have to beat the meat to keep me sane lolol .. ya n I guess if Wayne wanted he could work out lol. Might as well.

    Is it weird that im kind of looking forward to Wayne goin in so we can get some more tunes on the go ? lol .. Am I a bad fan for thinking that? lol I just want some more beats thats all.

  • Matheo

    Real talk Yay knows something about situation like this .

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  • rrr

    2 years, a little less than 1 year

  • feli weezy

    weezy is d man 4 lyf 4k d americn law