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Videos: Deleted Scenes From “The Carter Documentary”

Sun, Mar 14, 2010 by

Here we have some deleted scenes from Lil Wayne‘s The Carter Documentary, shot by QD3 Entertainment. You can view two more deleted scenes after the jump ,and a story about Wayne which Adam Bhala Lough tells us.

Via pistonhonda

I was probably one of the first people in the universe to hear this song. The same night he sang the elusive “Flower Song” (which is now called “Damn Damn”) prominently featured in The Carter. I was reluctant about following him into the vocal booth but he was very welcoming and I set up 2 cameras, one on a tripod and one hand-held. He was really in great spirits that night and turned to me at one point and thanked me for shooting this moment in time. The Carter 3 was released at midnight. Members of his entourage walked over to Virgin Megastore and bought a dozen copies and gave him his first copy. He looked through the tracklisting and didn’t recognize some of the names. Then he turned to the camera and told a long, complicated but hilarious story of how he believes Magic Johnson doesn’t really have AIDS and it’s a grand conspiracy created by the US Government in order to publicize the disease to the general public using a celebrity as a springboard. Then he told us the story of how he tried to buy a Starbucks franchise a few years back while he was taking classes at the University of Houston. Apparently he said he had more than enough money but failed the rigorous ‘background screening’ test that the Starbucks company demands of all franchise owners. He went back into the vocal booth and recorded what sounded like a Country song. He sang “I’m the white cup drinker, baby I’m a rapper turned trapper turned singer.” His New Orleans accent was so thick I could hardly understand some of the words croaking out of his mouth. I felt like a Lil Wayne Country album would have been an interesting career move but it never manifested. Same with the “Artist Formerly Known as Tunechi” solo R&B album that he was recording all during the filming of The Carter. But that’s another story…

A solo Lil Wayne R&B album ❓ hmmm…

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