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Videos: Deleted Scenes From “The Carter Documentary”

Sun, Mar 14, 2010 by

Here we have some deleted scenes from Lil Wayne‘s The Carter Documentary, shot by QD3 Entertainment. You can view two more deleted scenes after the jump ,and a story about Wayne which Adam Bhala Lough tells us.

Via pistonhonda

I was probably one of the first people in the universe to hear this song. The same night he sang the elusive “Flower Song” (which is now called “Damn Damn”) prominently featured in The Carter. I was reluctant about following him into the vocal booth but he was very welcoming and I set up 2 cameras, one on a tripod and one hand-held. He was really in great spirits that night and turned to me at one point and thanked me for shooting this moment in time. The Carter 3 was released at midnight. Members of his entourage walked over to Virgin Megastore and bought a dozen copies and gave him his first copy. He looked through the tracklisting and didn’t recognize some of the names. Then he turned to the camera and told a long, complicated but hilarious story of how he believes Magic Johnson doesn’t really have AIDS and it’s a grand conspiracy created by the US Government in order to publicize the disease to the general public using a celebrity as a springboard. Then he told us the story of how he tried to buy a Starbucks franchise a few years back while he was taking classes at the University of Houston. Apparently he said he had more than enough money but failed the rigorous ‘background screening’ test that the Starbucks company demands of all franchise owners. He went back into the vocal booth and recorded what sounded like a Country song. He sang “I’m the white cup drinker, baby I’m a rapper turned trapper turned singer.” His New Orleans accent was so thick I could hardly understand some of the words croaking out of his mouth. I felt like a Lil Wayne Country album would have been an interesting career move but it never manifested. Same with the “Artist Formerly Known as Tunechi” solo R&B album that he was recording all during the filming of The Carter. But that’s another story…

A solo Lil Wayne R&B album ❓ hmmm…

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  • Murder_inc._956

    woo hoo first XD

  • EE!

    first i think! is that 30 mins to N.O…? love this shit

  • tay


  • tay

    freeweezyearly 2nd

  • onur

    ı love you nıgga come ın turkey ın ıstanbul.. Weezy 10uR

  • Ooohhh

    Nicki minaj without any makeup on lool…..she still hot though

  • wow

    weezy a beast what the name of the song from the last clip FUCK THAT FIRST SHIT

  • young nas

    its good that they didnt put these scenes in the movie cuz it would make wayne look more like hes addicted to drugs (even though he is) holllaaaaaaaa

  • Murder_inc._956

    i also like the album that came out in autraliaa
    carter files

  • F r e e W a y n e

    Free Wayne
    demolition song be killing
    Free Wayne !



  • pie148

    why is he always smoking he gonna die soon 🙁

  • Free Weezy Baby

    whats the song in the 1st video? that trkk goes extra hard

  • Remix baby

    This guy needs to release more footage when they are playing the 30 mins to NO song

  • Remix baby

    Also he needs to show some footage on him recording this R&B album

  • Samser

    The songs are:-

    Can’t Believe It
    Demolition Freestyle
    Hollywood Divorce

    But real Wayne fans should know this 😕

  • F r e e W a y n e

    tha last song old like 08 or 07 called hollywood divorce the first one is Demolition freestyle pt 2

  • Wezzy.fuckin.Baby


    first vid, song is called “Gonna Get It” from the “Official White Label (Sec Edition)” Mixtape. its dedicated to Michael Phelps I think.




  • Matheo

    Anybodu knows how the first song in first video is called ?

  • Samser

    Matheo – It’s Can’t Believe It

    Wezzy.fuckin.Baby – Are you stupid, there was even a video for this song and you don’t know what it is 😕

  • Sulian

    DVD in France ?



    marijuana isnt bad for health it even has benefits, google it !

  • young Money

    damn the track from the first part
    how is the name of the song

  • che

    Why does everybody call the flower song “Damn Damn”?! It’s called Wham…

  • obtor

    i cant believe people here dont know Hollywood divorce… dammnnnn.. this is one of best wayne verses ever..

    the first clip was demolition freestyle 2 … damn.. yall call urselfs wayne fans??

  • young Money

    are you stupd its called damn damn not wham you know nothin

  • NatalieCarter

    woah. that’s an amazing video! thanks 😀

  • che

    @ young Money
    stfu kid..some random dj called that song damn damn, but tha bizness told everyone that its called wham…

  • MoHa9

    Addicted 2 Lil Wayne …

  • brendan

    this song is his verse in hollywood divorce, how did some people not know this?

  • Felicia

    he is amazing, the best.

  • I think wayne gone release some of them tunchi songs soon because if you notice he says that more ofton now so be on the look out for tunchi r&b everybody!!

  • damn

    man how the fuck have i not heard hollywood divorce?? i guess im not a real fan sense i havent heard 1 one his thousands…DUMB FUCKS not even you know every single wayne song..

  • infinite


    Love the videos


  • flame5

    WTF weezy had a ps3

  • Young Money

    Free Wayne !

  • Sulian

    Il y a une version française de ce DVD ?

  • darren

    man he was mees up then good thing he got his self together and drop the purp, next is the weed

  • damn

    man he’s changed alot..that was a dark time in his life im sure he wants back cause he looks pretty sad through out this whole dvd..anybody know when nino 3 comin out scoob doos keeps sayin comin on on twitter but still no date.

  • Piia

    I love the songs!

  • 30 minutes to new orleans !? these videos are so cute. FREE TUNECHI.<3 i love you sosoosmuchh. my prayers are with you <3

  • whats the name of that song on the first video

  • Jason704

    Yeah he was a mess in the doc. He’s actually happy in nino brown part 2. I’m glad he got through the darkness…

  • Felicia

    Jason704 I agree! I’m so glad for him! My prayers are for you wayne!

  • Can anyone rip the audio for the very last video on here?

  • the source

    y does he never inhale

  • Vee

    Wat iz the name off the Song in the first video

  • CEO

    The R&B Album, I Think It Turned Out to be the Rock album – Rebirth.

  • Future

    the r&b album was supposed to be called “Luv Sawngz”
    but i was never released…

  • Future


  • hellraiser

    when u smoke all day u dont have to inhale lol

  • nana

    Lil wayne is at such more higher level than people on this earth that for people to totally understand him they need to step up their spiritual and artistic wisdom. ALSO I HAVE TO SAY I HAVE HEARD HIS VOICE SINGING R & B AND HE SOUNDS SO SEXY.

  • TooWayne

    does anybody no the song name on the first video ?

  • just got info from @greggates that Willi Wonka mite be leakin tomorw

  • TooWayne

    demolition freestyle, goes hard
    weeezy f baabyy

  • kryspy

    i dnt get why ppl dnt want lil wayne smoking..first it’s not ur shoes, so dnt try to measure his foot kuz he already knows his size..second, weed isn’t even bad..if lil wayne has been smoking weed through his whole career, that must show that he’s doing something right..whether eith the drank or with weed…plus, he’s experienced so much in his life that he could turn to drugs nd kill himself kuz im pretty sure he has already accomplished everything he set his mind to..

  • MrDiego

    the name of the first song is demoliton freestyle pt. 2 from guddaville mixtape

  • @TooWayne it is called Demoliton part 1 from GUDDAVILLE mixtape

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  • Romeo

    Sulian, there is not french version of Tha Carter Documentary, learn english. If you are a real fan, you would do it..

  • Matthew

    Basically They Waitied 4 Weezy 2 Go 2 jail
    2 Released This Footage.I know He Didnt Want Nobody 2 See Thoses Parts.

  • Romeo

    @ Jonathan

    The name of the song on the last video is called “Hollywood Divorde”, I can’t rip, but try to get that, good luck.

  • lamillie7

    Just download the songs yall acting so stupid the songs been out for a long time now and yall still havent heard them guess you’ll aren’t real wayne fans

  • chris

    niggas raw

  • faisal

    His hoodie in the first video looks nuts , anyone know where i can cop it? , All i know that its a 291 from venice

  • J

    The “country” song he’s talking about…
    “He went back into the vocal booth and recorded what sounded like a Country song. He sang “I’m the white cup drinker, baby I’m a rapper turned trapper turned singer.” ”

    Is actually a throw away track for the T-Wayne album called “He Rap, He Sing”… You can hear that verse on here:

    Not really country at all…

  • Tunechi

    Whats the song in the last video? its really really good will someone please tell me, thanks

  • hellraiser

    yo they should gather all the extra scenes and make a extended version

  • Romeo

    @ Tunechi

    man (or… oh wathever) dude you should read the comments before post dumb questions like that… No, really… Did you really think nobody asked for it before you ??? damn

  • well to solve all of this controversy of ppl being a lil wayne fan…. # 1 i can understand why alot oof ppl didint know the track hollywood divorce nd nither did i because lil wayne was featured in that track nd it wasnt a solo.. i mostly listen to lil waynes solos nd #2 there is a problem if ur not fimmilar w cant belive it .. even thoo lil wayne was feautured on that track aswell, that song wass biggggg it had a video and everything… that t pain track was huge nd it was on the radio 247 and as for demolition part 2 , i knew that sounded fimilar becuase i only took in demolition part 1 nd his voice sounded the same in part 2.. but anyways to get to the point… WEEzy put out 100000000 of tracks.. juss cause somone aint fimilar wit two or 3 it dont mean nun … nd if anyone does know every single weeezy track in the world i praise u.

  • tng

    are u stupid?

    the song in the first video isn’t
    Can’t Believe It
    Demolition Freestyle
    Hollywood Divorce

    and it’s not gonna get it

  • JaayDean

    what’s the name of the song weezy raps in the first vid?


  • MrDiego


  • samibabixo


  • Lil Wizzle


  • Flaun

    Weezy I love you and the things I would do to you. Yes Sirr. But I wonder about you sometime but I would still do you.

  • Shene

    reportin from DR…

  • DirtyStunna-209

    yall r fukin dumb.

    track listing in order:

    Mentally Mind Blown/Demolition Freestyle 2
    Damn Damn
    Hollywood Divorce

    he released tha ‘flower song’ as Damn Damn

  • Weezy


    ur the fucking dumb one because the 2nd song is Can’t Believe It you tool

  • ah! videos no longer exist… really wanted to check it out. Hope they make an extended version at one point

    • Jayasinghe Galegedara