Nas & Damian Marley – My Generation (Feat Lil Wayne & Joss Stone)

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Nas & Damian Marley My Generation Feat Lil Wayne & Joss Stone

Check out this new record about the world which has just leaked today called “My Generation“! It’s Nas and Damian Marley featuring Lil Wayne and Joss Stone, and the track will be featured on Nas‘ and Damian‘s Distant Relatives album which is dropping May 18th. You can listen and download the song below:

Download: Nas & Damian Marley – My Generation (Feat Lil Wayne & Joss Stone)

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  • rrichii

    I like the song!!

  • YEAH!


  • weezy’s part is da best!!!

  • Simple mitch

    Had to do it one time
    tight song!

  • Wayne Went In..Deep Nas Is Back

  • weezyf

    Jheez! Guess who’s back? WEEZY!
    Rebirth is over! Its the carter weezy now bitches!
    Haterz watch out!

  • FreeWayne

    hot song
    weezy kills it
    maaan he looks fuckin high on this pic
    hope hes doin fine in jail

  • Wooooow


    Just had to a leave comment… FIRE!@!@!@!#!@!@@!!!!!!!#!@)(!*@()#*!@()!*#(!*@)(!@!

  • yeah

    YEAHHH Weezy killed that

  • Louis

    I can say is Damn….My generation can make a change

  • tunechi

    WOAHHH FIREEE! weezy went allll in!

  • sashaj

    IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!! love it

  • OH YES!!!!

    Nas killed this and Wayne went in! Damian’s production is genius!

  • o-sre


  • Kev

    Dope they all did justice to the song!

  • Wayneeeeeeee!!!!!!! i was fuckin nervous 2 hear that niggas verse drop. Damnnn he went inn, thats that real wayne.

  • jake

    yeah dog. nice. free weezy

  • darren


  • CACA


  • dj zone

    ugh If you weather that storm
    Then that rain bring sun
    Been a long time comin
    I know change gone come
    Man I gotta keep it movin to the beat of my drum
    Last night I set the future at the feet of my son
    But they thinkin that my generation gotta die young
    If we all come together then they cant divide one
    Don’t worry bout it just be about it
    Got a message from god heaven too crowded
    But I say hey young world you’ve never looked betta
    And I heard change started with man in the mirror ugh
    This generation
    Ima represent
    A generation led by a black president
    Now hows that for change
    Who knew that could change
    I don’t even look at the flag the same hah ugh
    So when you finish readin revelations
    Thank god for my generation

    and Everything red lyrics:Took the choppa out had to go east side wit him
    Split a nigga in two make the peace sign wit him
    Play witht that pussy put the p sign in
    I never thought id see a fuckin free me sign nigga
    Young carter niggas know im blood
    Bad red bone sittin In my tub
    I ball harder I don’t need a sub
    Break yo bitch ass off like a ticket stub
    What it do I show you what it does
    And everybody know real bees don’t buzz
    Pull up in the drive
    Drop a whole bunch of bloods
    And later on in life ima forget who she was
    Pimpin aint easy
    Naw pimpin aint weezy
    Got too many bloods I could never be anemic
    You know my motto is put it in the air
    And I fuck with the game like a true player


  • martian101

    fuckin dope song and weezy killllled ittt

  • yeedee

    This is the best song ever!! fuckin love you Danny thankyou!! (no homo)

  • muho

    woooow wohooo i fucking love weezys voise in this song :-D:-D:-D

    i hope he stops that rebirth shit after the jail…

  • Matheo

    Weezy verse is ok but others ? trash 🙁

  • weezyf

    Weezys verse was amazing!
    Hope he puts shit like this on Tha Carter IV after he comes out, definitely buying that album day ONE, all of y’all should too and support him for his time in jail y’all!
    Hope he gets 2-4 million in one week this time, breaking all records!

  • Kuba17

    this song was everything i expected it to be

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    danny u need to get involved in da conversation dude n give yo opinion on da shit weezy bee doin for real

  • PaniCarter

    Fajna ta piosenka podoba mi sie bardzo!!!

    Free Weezy!!!!

    I love LIL<33

  • weezyfan

    @PaniCarter speak english

  • Uncredited

    If you think Wayne did better then either of them you’re a fuckin’ idoit. Wayne could never outdo Nas, fucktards. Liste to REAL music!

  • mike

    wtfff everybody talking bout weezy’s verse nas murdered itt!!!

  • Ryan

    This is a wayne fan site man , so they all dick ride him Verse: nas> damian> wayne( yes waynes verse was good compared to the garbage he puts out today)

  • nas used the same lyrics and flow from the track that he was featured by HHP(hiphop pansula) rapper from South Africa.anyway they gud he lyrics

  • JeNiffer

    none of you understand what real music is. it’s sad thou. Nas & Damian shouldn’t let wayne spit on dis track. . he does kill it but not in a qood way, see weezy is all talk…his music is different. damian & nas are GREAT lyricists! anyways their album is hot. should buy it if yhu dont qot it.

  • Jay

    Nas’s verse was the hottest! Dame and Weezy were acceptable…

  • Trina Beena

    This message auctually has a good message listen to the words not just the artist. Nas and Damain both killed thoses versus. Honestly i think Wayne was just there to make sales because hes popular to our generation but if you listen to the words his verse his part didnt really fit the message of the song. Again this is MY POINION..

  • Trina Beena

    I ment this song has a good message sorry.

  • Jourdan Potee

    Young money gonna sign me, like it or not
    and well make more money than a pipe and a rock
    forty on my hip, knife in my sock
    flows on fireman, writin or not
    and im so sick you need a shot right after
    shots come first and the cops come after
    im a beast im a dog you are not my master
    by the time you say getem i say gotcha bastard
    call me the truth, not no actor
    make ya whole face red cuz im not proactive
    dis me i will never ever holla back
    ima beast im a dog where my collar at
    rob ya leave ya broke like my fathers back ya girl aint alone im insider her back
    that right thurr is some sick ass shit, if i tell you to get bet you sit back quick
    and dont act slick or you get that clip
    get my money on that quick fast tip
    im so fuckin wild, i live in the zoo
    and you a yellow bellied bitch like winnie the pooh
    drink when i drive like henny and coupes
    dont fuck wit you but im a friend o your boo
    best watch your back, i got enemies too
    and if you bigger than me that means theres plenty to shoot
    Yall aint fuckin wit me
    Ima beast ima dog yall nothin but fleas
    i know my alphabet, yall stuck in the C’s
    Im so fuckin ill im like a fuckin disease
    and your girl she say dont stop fuckin her please!!
    Work somethin, Twerk somethin baby
    These whores young like skirts on a baby
    yall play games wouldnt work on a baby
    i be gettin money go to work if you lazy
    out that deep water like i work for the navy
    like i said im out that murky river
    leave you sleepin like a turkey dinner
    and your girl well that bitch wit me
    i get ham like a christmas feast
    please somebody sign me well make history

  • Jourdan Potee

    weezy ill be in miami soon im young and all about money and my flow is chemo sick 410 757 7399 holladay