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Lil Wayne – Get A Life [Official Music Video]

Mon, May 31, 2010 by

Here is the official music video for Lil Wayne‘s “Get A Life” song that was produced by Cool & Dre and appears on his rock-inspired album, Rebirth.

The visual, which was directed by David Rousseau and includes a cameo from ยกMayday!, was shot on top of South Beach Hotel in Miami, Florida just like the “Da Da Da” music video.

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  • noone


  • Chris(YungMoney)91

    1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally Lol , But uhh yea ben waitin on dis 1 dis my shyt an its Dope as alwayz… Alredy got it on ma page. Free Weezy !! Or im comin to get em ! Lol Im Gone!

  • jason

    tdv midden yaddigg first lame as video is minder just tha same man free weezy

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    hope we get a 5th video its probably the one wit Kevin Rudolph

  • Chris(YungMoney)91

    Weezy iz tha best ta eva do it , Im 1st !!!

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  • Yung Les

    ummm yea top so far had 2 b runnin and knocknout

  • Memo The Boss :P

    i think Knockout is godd because Nicki & her ass

    and i think the best video is da da da

  • Mr Xclusive

    ehh…okay…i personally dont like this song at all…vid is nice though…hoping we get a 5th vid thats a good song…ex. Paradice, One Way Trip, American Star…

  • AnDz

    really bad song. One off the worst songs wayne ever did.

  • Lil Zly

    DA DA DA is the best.


  • TK

    What’s the diffrence between this video and DA DA DA :S LOOKs da SAME ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 1. On Fire
    2. Drop The World
    3. Prom Queen
    4. Runnin
    5. Knockout
    6. Da Da Da
    7. ?????????????????
    8. Get A Better Director (Get A Life)

  • joachim0512

    All i can say is GET A LIFE”!

  • New Lil Wayne Song Snippet:

  • drizzydrake1

    rebirth is fucking horrible, can’t wait till he forgets about it and does tha carter 4.

  • tay tay

    what time do all these videos premiere

  • My Favorite Rebirth Video’s In Order
    1. Knockout
    2. Drop The World
    3. Prom Queen
    4. Runnin’
    5. Get A Life
    6. Da Da Da
    7. On Fire

    To Be Premiered

    7. Die For You

  • Fouado

    Get a life! hahahahahaha

  • Tunechi


    1 Da Da Da
    2 Get a Life
    3 KnockOut
    4 Runnin’





  • Tunechi

    And What Channel..??!
    I Dont Wanna Miss This!!!

  • Tunechi

    I THink Its WAs The 30, Sunday… Fuck, I Missed It.

  • young nas

    lol at wayne saying “get a life” when he is behind bars

  • james roby

    this was by far the worst video out of all 4

  • tay tay

    wen are they gonna show the surprise video

  • Fouado

    what surprise video?

  • tay tay

    there was supposed to be 1

  • youngmulababy24

    1.Da Da Da
    3.Get A Life
    But dey were all good videos

  • Matheo

    Knockout is the best no doubt ! Second Da Da Da Third Runnin and fourth this one .

  • A-Bjerg

    Fav vid’s

    1. Drop the World
    2. Da Da Da
    3. Runnin’
    4. Knockout
    5. On Fire
    6. Get a Life

    “Prom Queen” …Some place between 2 and 4.

  • youngmoneyent

    you tired of yo motha fuckin friends hatin on yo motha fucking nigga everytime he call?
    Lazy buncha motha fuckas aint it?
    just say fuck you (fuck you!)
    get a life( GET A LIFE!)
    Man I got to much shit on my head to have to deal with all of you!

    Even if you hating, he just doesn’t have time to deal with your bs..

  • Young P Weezy

    I think this video is okay.
    You must understand that he had no time to make a really great video.
    Fucking Haters Weezy went to jail!!!
    Cant Wait for Tha Carta 4
    Free Weezy!

  • Horrible song, indeed.

    What’s up with Wayne’s voice?

  • By the way, we all LOVE Wayne.
    That’s why we’re here.
    But, we’re not dickryders, who take every kind of bullshit.

    So, slow down out there, suckers.

  • this video was fine ๐Ÿ™‚ i can’t wait till the fifth video comes out. my favorite that might be coming out, will be with kevin roulph. free weezy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kim

    da da da was the best

  • younqqmulaxo

    Wayne did his thing. I just wish he would of gotten a better director ! but the song and the whole rebirth is amazing. free tune . at Danny ushould make free wayne shirts , they’d sell in a second ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jkhkjhk

    censorship ass !

    Favourite Videos in Order:

    1. Knockout
    2. Prom Queen
    3. Da Da Da
    4. On Fire
    5. Get A Life
    6. Runnin’
    7. Drop The World

  • lovalle

    this was the best one this weekend besides Da Da Da. i just need Die For You to come out, hopefully its not green screen =/

  • Uptown

    No, I think Steady Mobbin is the next video . . or at least it’s coming real soon.

  • lol..

    cant wait til we get past this rock thing..

    shits horrible… doesnt sound good at all.

  • Mr. Heard

    Knockout was my favorite i like this vid though

  • I AM LJ

    lol at 1:48 he looks funny..anyways wayne keeps on doing his thing even behind bars..cant wait for C4, and i hope that surprise music video is a video for i’ll die for you. i liked that song

  • Louis

    I liked Da Da Da the most maybe the reactions, Wayne’s energy or the fact that it was real. But really because he raps on it so I like more than the rest.

  • amejia

    what glasses is he rockn in this video?

  • amejia

    i know theyre not oliver people, sabre madness or crap? anyone know?

  • Man personally Wayne killed every song on the rebirth,I hate that hot revolver didnt make it though they need to quit leakin Wayne’s shit.But Wayne is a beast in every aspect on both rap & rock.

  • Yanna

    tha best crazy video ..
    i love it ..