T.I. – Yeah (Feat Lil Wayne)

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TI Yeah Feat Lil Wayne

Here is some new music from T.I. and Lil Wayne called “Yeah“, from T.I.‘s Fuck A Mixtape. You can watch Weezy record part of his verse from this song which was produced by Lil C here (from in the studio all the way back in 2007), and you can stream/download the track below:

Download: T.I. – Yeah (Feat Lil Wayne) [Rapidshare]

“So fuck them, and fuck you too (U2)
Now go tell that to Bono”

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  • lilwayne602

    this is hot weezy killed the song but T.I is wack

  • boykas

    1st u asshole

  • gjcb



  • dj zone

    first mothafuckasss!!! BEast ass song man!!!!!!!! #FreeWeezy

  • LiL Wayne

    rippin on there

  • haha first time i get to post a comment.


    Weezy f baby and the f is for bunch of shit!

  • boykas

    1st u sucka

  • elmo

    Wayne goes hard in this one I love it… Free tunechi

  • KingRich

    1st bitches…

  • lilwayne602

    you guys are all wack man

  • Kenny

    2 of my favo artists,, Wayne First Then T.I ,,Dope!!!

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  • lovalle

    thanks danny

  • T.I Did His Thang On This Tape. Wayne’s Flow Was Crazy, Both Of Em Kill The Track.

  • oungtune

    LOOL i keep these hoes on E like a four runner haha weeezayyyy

  • ferny

    best song ever

  • gary

    Need no dj

  • Waynehead

    Nice song need that no dj doe

  • weezyfbaby and the f is for fan^^

    i love this song^^

  • haha

    ti used to rap about real shit…now hes stooped to waynes level of rapping about the same shit over and over lol…

    1. money
    2. hoes
    3. more money shit

    For all those who dont know real rap listen to tupac. Lil wayne is mainstream trash. Says hes from the ghetto and never raps about it. Only cares about money and bitches.

  • jake

    @haha: who the fuck wants to rap about the ghetto and takes pride in being in the ghetto? wtf?! rappers rap cuz they wanna get OUT of the ghetto, not to keep talking about it, wayne raps about money cuz thats what pushed him to be better and get out of the ghetto. fuckin retard

  • haha

    name one song by lil wayne that doesnt mention money, cars, hoes, or gangs. u cant do it. everything past carter III is trash. he doesnt care about his music he just wants the money. ever since carter III. im not hatin. its FACT

  • @haha. Paradice, drop the world, lifes 2 short, trouble, uptown, damn damn, lolipop and more you dumb fuck

  • ammofan

    WOW! This is great….weezy killed it as usual….TI is also a beast

    “No homo, they suck like tony romo!” HAHHHAHHA

  • haha

    just saying that every single song he puts out there has no meaning to it. there good songs just not interesting at all. listen to some joell ortiz, isreal spain, biggie, tupac, etc. They have variety. wayne doesnt. wayne raps about the same old money, syrup, hoes in every mixtape and song. yea we get it ur rich no one cares move on. get some quality lyrics. joell ortiz rips wayne on every track and u prob aint ever heard of him

  • lol

    drop the world

  • weezy fan

    LMAOO @ao-c4 u served him…btw( i think dam dam is about girls )

  • weezy fan

    and so is lollipop

  • haha

    WTF??? lollipop is the song u say is about real life. lol the song is made up of fake words like jerp jerp lololololol.

    Joell Ortiz- Hip Hop, Run this town freestyle
    Isreal Spain- just youtube it lol
    tupac- do i need to explain?
    lupe fiasco- same as tupac
    the list goes on

    Waynes lyrics consist of saying hes blood (which he aint), money, bitches, and drugs.
    THAT IS FACT. u really cant argue that i mean come on u cant. ur tellin me a song like lollipop is good. lol

  • haha

    every single song u mention was about what i just explained u obviosly cant read. get off lil waynes dick and listen to other rappers. ull learn what rap is eventually. hell maybe u might realize why rap is dead now. lmfao

  • haha

    this is hip hop.
    not “rap” a.k.a lil wayne

  • @haha Your Right.

    Lil Wayne Mainly Raps About Young Money, Bitches, Drugs, & Money, He Has Hardly Any Content In His Songs, Excluding A Couple Off Of Rebirth & A Couple Other Tapes.

  • haha

    slaughterhouse- Pray (Its a Shame)

    yea there all rich in this song but there still keepin it real and reppin the ghetto. opposite of t wayne

  • asdasd

    I bet Haha wont hook about that shit. Nigga wayne is ill and He does talk about being from the ghetto listen to la la la pussy. Get Big. Free Weezy and Boosie

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    @haha If u dont like his music then dont listen to it or get on a Lil Wayne website & waste your time talkin about him. Its a really easy solution to your problem. Glad i could help….Oh yea #FreeWeezy

  • Haha


    im not hatin i like lil wayne…im on this site a couple times a day. It just amazes me how ppl think this song is good. Like seriously?! U guys need to listen to other rappers and open ur eyes to hip hop
    and thanks youngtune for accepting the truth unlike these wayne lovers who worship him

  • axoool

    haha gtfoh and listen to “go getta”

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    @ haha who said all his songs were good all rappers have hits & misses & who says the ppl on this site don’t listen to other artist. i mean u just said ur self that u listen to other rappers so why assume the ppl on here dont do the same.

  • @ hahaLol, your talken shit about wayne but your on a site thats just about him:S tell me if that make sense. you talk about all these other rappers how there better and shit then why is your bitch ass on this site still arguing. I listen to other rappers other then weezy like kanye, t.i, drake, bob, the game like you know me so next time you come on lil wayne hq realize your gonna have abunch of people sticken up for weezy aka the best rapper alive while your bitch ass is talken about A.rappers that arent alive or B. Rappers that dont have that much recognition like weezy. No dick riden either YM for life bitch boy

  • ET

    Wat about “Im a go getta”??
    that song isnt about money hoes or drugs… dumbass

  • eggyd

    yo hahah,

    one of my big pet peevs are people like you trying to persuade the world.
    why does everyone have to like the same genre of rap? why cant rap evolve? why do people have to rap about the same thing?

    some people dig waynes flair, persona, and punchlines, so take your ignorance somewhere else

  • Tunechi

    @Haha, Go Suck a Dick. Stop talkinq shit and live your life.. let people listen what they want to listen. fuckinq hater. Free Weezy. Best Rapper Alive!!

  • Mr Xclusive

    lol at all u …specially Haha

  • BKL

    Im a big lil wayne fan…
    yea he does rap about materialistic stuff but when he’s on a song with heavyhitters….(Kanye…HOV..Eminem) just to name a few….
    He come with his best shit and i doubt he smokes while he trys to body them on the song….
    Jus look at the Carter Doc when he’s recording his swagga like us verse….its like 7 am in the morning…n he sober as shit…..and that’s one of his best verses eva cuz his wordplay is ridiculous….Like T.I. says in his verse on dat song….”Go see Weezy for the Wordplay…..Jeezy for the birdplay…Yeezy for diversity and me for controversy”
    Every rapper has their own Jeezy always talkin bout trappin and shit….

    Like wayne says on Unstoppable by Drake

    “Bizzarre Circus…that’s when my bars surface…therefore I act a clown”

  • sasire

    let haha hate all he want… but i know for a fact that wayne is a great mc.. cuz i listened to all his stuff and i witnessed, and i know whether a rapper is good or not cuz i listen to mostly all of them .. fuck haha and anyone down with him…

  • Haha

    Never hated on anything. Just sayin wayne needs to stop rappin about materialistic shit. Stop overreacting im just expressin my opinion. Wayne just has no content in his songs for me get off waynes dick AND my dick

  • weezyfan

    all u said is true. He has no content. I just like his beats and punchlines. Otherwise there are much realer rappers out there. Ppl on this site will never understand that

  • jake walker

    dude lil wayne is a fucking G !!!

  • its young money like ben franks baby pictures

    yall funny

  • exEo

    thats the thing you all don’t understand. he dosen’t have to have content, wtf. he not rapping for you broke ass niggas. he gone rap about what he want. he has the money to do that. so stfu and listen or don’t.

  • haha

    ok i realize now u guys are rite lil wayne is pretty good i listened to im a go getta…dam hes BEASTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    #free weezay

  • yeah weezy killed his verse. but t.i didn’t do good. on this. weezy killed this song. 🙂 free weezy 🙂

  • TriGGaJay

    ….ur a dumbass lol
    Free Weezy bro

  • Hyphy03

    @haha by songs about real life do you mean songs like Tie My Hands? Real Rap? Pray To The Lord? Get Over? There’s four off the top of my head.

  • So awesome…I love how they do a verse together, if No Love is like that…damn that would be amazing.
    Can’t wait for no dj. Shit is hotttt

  • BTW, in Fuck a Mixtape T.I. sample’s Stuntin With My Daddy.

  • Haha

    Yah that’s what I meant, like tie my hands…. But it’s All good now lol I realize he’s good

  • FEP

    I remember seeing that one vid on this song where t.i. Kept messing up and Wayne did it in one take. Oh well it’s still great.

  • youngtunechi05

    fiiiirrrrrrrrrreeeee!!! yea im me like a mudafu**a! flyer than a vampire lookin for a bloodsucker!!

  • Haha=bitchass

    how about fresh blessings, georgia bush….listen to more than just his singles before you start bitching..bitch

  • BTW T.I. sample’s “Stuntin Like My Daddy” on the song “Gettin Paid” on Fuck A Mixtape.

  • DMo

    for all you fucks who are tryin to say wayne aint this wayne aint that, get the fuck off of Lilwaynehq then this is a fansite for lil wayne, not a place for bitches to talk shit about someone who will be more successful than any of you homos

  • Matheo

    The worst T.I track since his release

  • weeeeeeeeeeezyfbitch

    weezy kinda sucks on this one wtf! his flow is killa but not good lyrically wise. i aint hatin so shut the fuck up you dont like what i have to say, bitches!

    he be killin “miss me” tho, love that shit!

  • TunechiStylez

    Man ya’ll stop talkin shit enjoy music that’s what is bout Wayne’s fucking great maybe yeah he raps much bout money but he’s a beast ya’ll even the haters gotta acept it listen to his old songs not all of em are bout the same, listen to something you forgot for example it has some deep shit in or tha block is hot shit like that.
    I do agree there are what ppl call realer rappers and of course you should listen to Pac Joell Biggie and shit but just stop arguing over these stupid things and enoy em songs, T.I. himself has got real shit too.

    Free Weezy ya’ll

    P.D. and if you only listen to Wayne then open your fuckin’ eyes there are a lot of great rappers out there.

  • skullcandy365.erichq

    go listen to “pray to the lord”

  • Wisheezy

    Hmm, disapointed. Thought this was pretty weak tbh.

  • Lil Zly

    old weezy!

  • young mike

    ghetto rich remix faggot

  • lennie[ms barbie]

    lol yall so funny ha ha jus doesn’t have a life when on the website a million times a day and he tired of people dissin him ha ha get a life u still ok though ha ha but anyways……….. i luv this song they both killed it yall remember danny them in the studio recordin it on this website

  • lennie

    @feb i rember that to because thats when ti jus was lik 1 more time 1 more time and wayne got it lol …………………….. so how can listen to a few songs and say he good now he jus tryin to stop soundin stupid cuz he no he soundin stupid gone listin to a few songs and say he good now plez

  • ehmhmm

    does weezy like U2??

  • Kuba17

    you need to grow up man. music is subjective, and this is a lil wayne fansite. nobody here is going to agree with you and all you’re doing is wasting your time and putting bad vibes out. you aren’t going to change people’s taste in music and frankly i dont understand why you would want to. if you don’t like his music don’t listen to it, and quit making an ass out of yourself.

  • b

    i love how dumb fucks get on a wayne fan site and talk shit. fuck em. fuck you @haha.

  • weezyfbaby and the f is for fan^^

    danny pls ban this haterz

  • Young P

    Weezy and T.I. So fucking great!!!
    Weezy is the best rapper alive
    Free Weezy

  • KasualMoula

    BOUT DAMN TIME T.I. and Weezy did a colabo together!! Straight Fire!!! Love the “King Uncaged”

  • Yaboy

    @haha listen to ghetto rich remix that’s all I gotta say

  • haha

    damn aight didnt know i was gunna cause such an outrage. Im wrong, yall are right, wayne is mad lyrical. I want to suck his dick. Im a homosexual tbh. Im off this site. pc bitches

  • nigga t.i. is tha king

    T. make a blunt look like a arm without a f-ckin’ hand
    T. break a pound straight down like a bucket man

    who is t. lolzzzzz

  • jmoney

    most you dudes makin comments are faggots. just so you know. first hahaha sit down punk

  • Yung Spark

    I think T.I. did better on this one

  • lil wayne







  • Michael

    I like the song, the (no dj) and the other version. Can’t choose which is best.

  • T.weezy

    this song is crazy. i like it.
    BTW young money can suck my dick

  • wayneo7897

    o haha’s gay that explains why he didnt like weezy till now