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T.I. – Yeah (Feat Lil Wayne) [No DJ]

TI Yeah Feat Lil Wayne - No DJ

Here is the tagless version of T.I.‘s “Yeah” record featuring Lil Wayne from Tip‘s Fuck A Mixtape. If you missed the video of Weezy recording his verse to this song, then you can check that out here. Lil C produced this track and you can view the full lyrics here!

Download: T.I. – Yeah (Feat Lil Wayne) [No DJ]

It’s always better to have the no DJ version.

Previously: T.I. – Yeah (Feat Lil Wayne)


T.I. – Yeah (Feat Lil Wayne)

TI Yeah Feat Lil Wayne

Here is some new music from T.I. and Lil Wayne called “Yeah“, from T.I.‘s Fuck A Mixtape. You can watch Weezy record part of his verse from this song which was produced by Lil C here (from in the studio all the way back in 2007), and you can stream/download the track below:

Download: T.I. – Yeah (Feat Lil Wayne) [Rapidshare]

“So fuck them, and fuck you too (U2)
Now go tell that to Bono”


T.I. Says He’s Reppin’ For Lil Wayne While He’s In Jail

“Well, his daughter and my daughter, they’re real, real close,” Tip explained. “My daughter spends the night with them, his daughter comes to spend the night with us. I told him, ‘Whatever I can do. Whatever it is that’s within my power’ … I know how it is with kids, especially with a period of time like that.

“Even though it may seem like a short time — to the media, it may seem like ‘He got off easy’; to everybody, it may seem like ‘It’s only a couple of months’ — to a child, that’s an eternity,” he continued. “So I’m like, ‘Whatever I can do, it’s all good.’ I just let him know there’s people out here who’s still reppin’ for him, people who will go above and beyond to do whatever needs to be done.” – MTV

Also, be sure to check back later (around 8PM EST) for a new Lil Wayne feature on T.I.‘s upcoming mixtape “Fuck A Mixtape” 🙂