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Drake – Light Up (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne & Jay-Z)

Tue, Jun 15, 2010 by

Drake Light Up Remix Feat Lil Wayne & Jay-Z

Here is the official remix to Drake‘s song with Jay-ZLight Up” that we have all been waiting for. Drizzy‘s and Jay‘s verses have not changed from the album version, but this time around Weezy joins in and spits a sick verse over the phone live from Rikers Island. For obvious reasons the quality in Wayne‘s verse is not CDQ, but it is much better than the rip we posted last week. What do you guys think about Wayne‘s verse and do you think that we can expect more new verses from Tunechi while he is locked up ❓ Let us know in the comments and make sure you buy Drake‘s debut album Thank Me Later, in stores now!

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  • Free Weezy

    wayne kills this shit

  • Free Weezy

    oh yea first fags

  • Vancartiae

    Kill, this would have been perfect, weezy jii killed both of them, so i guess thats why he wouldnt put it up.

  • Murder_inc._956


  • Wow

    Why do people say first post it just prove you have no life nigga.

  • ME

    first off, dont be second guessing me
    jail is like third base ill be home eventually

    weezy destroyed both!

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  • Vancartiae

    Weezy Has to do the fly in/ fly out type thing for Tha Carter IV cause he just proved he can still do a flow raw, for about 2 straight mins, and he did that fast as shit. i swear he the best, i hope he does it for Tha Carter IV, and ima buy like 3 copies of Tha Carter IV….but in other words if they would have put this verse on the original song then it would have been more of a classic.

  • olboy

    FIREEEEE!!! mannnn im diggin this

  • Killa Kay

    Weezy dogged them both thats wild and Jay suppose to be the best rapper of all time smh lmao

  • tunechi man

    That verse alone shows that weezy is legend FREE MUDA FUCKING WEEZY

  • Moe

    Yea wayne gotta do the fly on fly out walk in walk out on carter 4

    Ppl on here is post carter 3 fans

  • What up niggas!!!!…. I need someone to help to find where to buy online(OFFICIAL) ”Free Weezy” T shirts??? Please anybody help me!!!!!……

    And of course, Lil Weezy is the best rapper Alive and behind bars!!!!!!



    thinking bout all that pussy i cant smell

    wayne killing shit, foreva.

  • A-Bjerg

    yeah! bin waiting on this! thanx

  • RikersIsland

    Weezys Lyrics Are Raw !.
    Just Wait Till He Gets Out
    And He Is Gonna Re-Record This Agian
    Then This Bitch Will The Shit >=]

  • Matheo

    Wayne voice is strange ;/ i don’t agree with all of you Weezy don’t kill it .

  • mylo

    @Matheo …..who cares how hiz voice sounds pay attention to the lyrics..if u think he didnt kill it then u obviously dont kno good lyrics

  • jake

    weezy is so raw! i hope they re record his verse when he gets out

  • Kim Weezy

    I havent heard it yet bt i know he recorded it on fone with Mac Maine when he heard it for the 1st tym.that’s the isht

  • LoveLil

    weezy is the best but not shit none,and a song I really like !

    drake album is great!!!

    Free Weezy!!!

  • Breezy


  • crakatak

    AYO FAM i thought R.E.D wuz suppost to be out today rivalin Thank ME Later?? yet no sign of game or the album smh lol

  • Fouad

    Free Weezy!

  • weezyf

    He just spit a better verse over the phone IN PRISON than most rappers can spit on a studio mic?!
    Dang, best rapper alive or what?!
    Even Pac aint ever done that!! JHEEEZ!
    Free Weezy, y’all better buy tha carter IV, its guna be FIRE!

  • b

    didnt really like jays verse

  • DWILS407

    if he kept on spittin more verses over the phone i can gurantee they would be considered classic or a classic moment in his career

  • Matt A

    real shit, he devours everything that is put in front of him. ripped this shit, many more to kome, and his carter IV is finished cant wait, free-wayne.

  • zaap
  • brahm

    its like the same rip its not even actually on the beat..sounds like shit

  • yeah wayne killed this shit. free weezy 🙂

  • yeedee

    ahh wasted my time downloadin. its the actual song and then it cuts to that other rip clip not even official

  • Matheo

    @mylo i know good lyrics but seriously i’m not blind on Weezy & i don’t think thant every song & verse he make must be fire or something .

  • music
    please check out my review of Thank Me Later.
    Absolutely crazy album.

  • silik

    Free Hip-Hop

  • Tune

    Today is the Day!!! Go Out and Buy Drake’s Thank Me Later!!! Jun 15th.

  • matttttttttt

    This sounds horrible i would prefer if weezy saved up his raps for when he gets out and can record it properly. I cant even tell what hes saying but this would be an amazing verse in CDQ

  • haha man wayne is sick wit it…man i foung this guy on youtube…i think he shuld sign to young money cuz he ill.

  • haha man wayne is sick wit it…man i found this guy on youtube…i think he shuld sign to young money cuz he ill….check for yourself..

  • yeedee

    thats probably you right? ahah

  • Wizzle

    Can Wayne fans do me a favor and go rate this video thumbs down. As a youtuber with 75 thousand subscribers please down this video. He is basically saying Lil Wayne sucks.

    Thanks wayne fans !!!

  • Weezy out with 2 but the verses should be kept for when you leave jail…..

  • FreeWeezyFBaby

    i hope c4 isnt rushed…. And funny how Lil Wayne fans r all like u dont no good lyrics if u dont like this… wtf lol… Dont get me wrong i love wayne but his lyrics suck dick this was tight though

  • Forilla Gorilla

    no not beast lyrics he re-used the blood line and anyways thats not even enemic thats hella ignorant liked my generation and no love verses better


    listen, 1st off let me start by sayin that im a real fan of wayne incase u didnt know theres a big diff from being a tru fan an being a dick rider (IJS) but im more of a fan of hip hop. Secondly this is what i want to know when u all call wayne the best rapper ever WTF are u basing this on…. i mean no doubt his raps has crazy ass punch lines, they have me buggin out at times, but BUY KNOW MEANS AN I MEAN NO!!!!!!!!!!! MEANS DOES HIS MUSIC HAVE ANY SUBSTANCE HE’S NOT A STORY TELLER AN HIS SHIT IS NOT DEEP NOTHING IN ANYTHING THAT HE PUTS OUT SAYS SHIT ABOUT LIFE (maybe 2% of his work ijs) MANY ARTIST PAST PRESENT AN FUTURE ISNT ON THAT SHIT, BUT WEN U LABEL SOMEONE THE BEST TO EVER BLESS THE MIC, U GOT TO TAKE IN STORY TELLIN AN LYRICAL CONTENT VERY TALENTED ARTIST BUT MOST DEF NOT THE BEST!

  • frega bao

    Well I think WEZZY is now having a bunch of tracks and if he can still keep on doing collabos via phone from Rikers we have to expect more verses from him and even several albums when he gets back to the street where he is badly missed by every fan of him around the world, remember he freestyles more than writing down the verses, Wayne yo ma role modal and I’mma make sure one day people will know what am talking abt, welcome Tanzania

  • Jimmy.

    Yoooo wow! I like waynes voice like this. He killed it FREE WEEZY!

  • weeeeeeeeeeezyfbitch


    weezy make music that he want to and he dont give a fuck if you like it or not

    yeah his shit is mostly bout money, bitches, weed, blood shit and being the best
    but you saying it aint about life, umm last time i checked money is a BIG part of life and cmon every dude loves pussy, and who doesnt enjoy a blunt or 2 once in awhile. all that shit is about life and he does rap about real shit too, exp: my generation <— a recent one for you

    weezy is one of the greatest no doubt, dont get it twisted

    fuck if you dont agree

  • weeeeeeeeeeezyfbitch

    oh and idk bout yall but “no love” painted a pretty good picture in my mind and is sorta a story

  • But my name still ringing Alexander Graham Bell… Wow Weezy killed this verse


    I can’t hear it? Do someone got it in MP3?

  • LilDuke1

    man..weezy a beast..he say so his self “im da best 2 do it,or whoeva do it,,dey cud neva do it like me..I.C.O.N. or u can call me mr i go in..boi..” freezy weezy

  • TruthTeller

    Wayne verse killed?
    SN: I may not b a “true” fan of hip hop but I am a fan of anybody spittin dat HOT SHIT! & WEEZY F. BABY iz dat nigga wen it come to spittin dat volcano shit. HE DO NEED TO COME OFF DAT ROCK SHIT THO. Roc Nation on da come up wit J.Cole, Wale & Kanye. if YM gon keep da crown keep floodin da streets wit DAT HEAT.Wayne, Drizzy, Nicki, Tyga, Fresh & Gudda da best. Chuckee & Twist get off dat lil kid shit. Mack & Streets step ya game up YM!!!!!


    I don’t care what song it is, if lil wayne is in it, it is hot.I have every CD from tha hot boys to rebirth. I know every word to every song and this is HOTTTTTTT. Im young, but I know good music, and lil wayne is it, cuz chic hes tha bom like tic, tic.tehe.

  • Breezy

    Not as clear as I had hoped.