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There Will Be A Music Video For “No Love” x Kevin Rudolf Talks Lil Wayne Collaboration

Sun, Jun 13, 2010 by

There Will Be A Music Video For No Love

Eminem recently tweeted that he is shooting a music video for his collaboration with Lil Wayne called “No Love” from his Recovery album. He also said that Weezy shot his parts before he went to prison, and for Tunechi to keep his head up. Did anyone expect this โ“ Also, hit the jump to watch a video of Kevin Rudolf speaking about the “Spit In Your Face” collaboration with Wayne from Kevin‘s To The Sky album.

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  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin

    Awww sh*t cant wait

  • Rebirth69

    Nice! Can’t wait to see it!

  • lilwayne602

    dam cant wait till it drops

  • freeWeezyEarly

    video gon be sick

  • moe

    cant wait

  • iGot5onit

    Haha, Kevin Rudolf said that this is one of wayne’s best verses, clearly he hasnt listened to any wayne music that was created in the last 10 years.

  • Young P Weezy

    cant wait!!!
    i think the video for “no love” will be great like the song

  • TunechiStylez

    That my home boy Eminem! hell yeah he right Weezy keep ya head up!
    No love it’s an awesome song the vid gonna be beast lol

    Free Weezy ya’ll!

  • YungWizzle

    Nice to see em finally fuckin with real niggaz (no homo) fuck that gay-unit and 25cent cent….Props to em on this one !!

    Free Weezy !!

  • LilW

    Im still tryna figure out how niggaz keep sayin em killed wayne on that shit ??
    Em is just rappin fast !!!!! Wayne could do that if he wanted to =S…But his flow is way nice than em on “no love”….
    Anybody can make a song sound nice rappin fast…now make it sound hot with a slow flow is anotha story…if u rap u know what im talkin’ bout…

  • A-Bjerg

    that was the song I really wanted with a music video! thanx for the info.

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  • matt11111

    Waynes verse is insane and also remember em writes his lyrics and he has been planning this song since relapse so hes had alot longer to write it

  • Bis


    Totally agree. Everybody on youtube just hatin on Lil Wayne because em is rappin’ faster. Wayne lyrics are too awesome in this track. and his rap is too.

  • O.G

    bruh u crazy this is in waynes top 50 best verses and thats high considerinbg he has thousands of raw verses

  • Tune

    I Never Thouqht That Em, Would Like Weezy. They’re Like My 2 Best Rappers..
    Good Shit. =;’D

  • keenofosho

    Dear Kevin Rudolph

    Turn Waynes AutoTune off the song sounds way better w/o it

  • mike…

    yu goin on vaction danny?

  • Shady’s advocate

    Yall lil wayne stans make me laugh. Talking bout Weezy killed Em on the track, and that Em been writing his verse since Relapse LMAO FUCK OUTTA HERE

    im a wayne fan, but stop suckin his cock goddamn. Em outshined Wayne easy. Even Wayne had to be Em’s hypeman on the track haha!

    and I named myself “shadys advocate” just to piss yall off

  • Forilla Gorilla

    I don’t think that Spit was his best lyrics ever but best flow in a long while he was dope wit thy flow. And @ Advocate Wayne aint my fav rapper hell h’es mabey in top 10 after Rebirth and that little tear of reusing lines but Wayne did better than ‘Em on this ‘Em killed wayne on drop the world and wayne killed Shady on No Love only sick Em line fron NL was the freak line my peice now peace yall

  • Tune

    Like I Said Wayne and Em, Are My Favorite Rappers But i Like More Wayne, Cuz Hes a Beast With It.

  • Matt walker

    Seriously Ima Wayne fan all day but em’s verse is jus better than weezys not because of the speed of his flow but because of his lyricism, he went in!! Still Wayne went in too, this is a must need collabo for hip hop period, two of the best of all time together!! Way better than drop the world, can’t wait for the video!

  • YG

    shit betta be fire! lol

  • WEEzyNO.1


  • WEEzyNO.1


  • Eminem>Weezy

    Listen weezy is one of the all-time greats. But Em’s the best ever. Get off weezy’s dick. Recovery is the sickest album.

  • Forilla Gorilla

    You realize that the greater has the wide “mouth” twards the smallest or in this case worse hahahahahahahhahahaha dumb-ass

  • All of you Em fans on a Wayne site? Y’all retarded. lmao

  • WeezyB

    Eminem ?? Yall niggaz serious ? 5years for relapse ???? fuck outta here….em been shitty since tha marshall mathers lp…and if u think tha eminem show,encore or relapse was hot go kill urself…i didnt even downloaded recovery,just “no love”…

    Carter 3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Relapse…

    If em is that sad he should slit his fuckin wrist open,period…i dont fuck with that white boy medecine shit…

  • Tune

    Why Do i Get THis???? In The Forums>???- you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    1.Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else’s post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    2.If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

  • weezyf

    “put the dick in they mouth so i guess its fuck what they say…”

  • Matheo

    Hell Yeah hope it be so good as Drop The World ๐Ÿ™‚

  • frega bao

    Wayne and Eminem once again yani tenaaa!good thing we do remember when Drop the World was released it almost catches every body am very much sure that collabo was tight FREE HIM


    listen, 1st off let me start by sayin that im a real fan of wayne incase u didnt know theres a big diff from being a tru fan an being a dick rider (IJS) but im more of a fan of hip hop. Secondly this is what i want to know when u all call wayne the best rapper ever WTF are u basing this onโ€ฆ. i mean no doubt his raps has crazy ass punch lines, they have me buggin out at times, but BUY KNOW MEANS AN I MEAN NO!!!!!!!!!!! MEANS DOES HIS MUSIC HAVE ANY SUBSTANCE HEโ€™S NOT A STORY TELLER AN HIS SHIT IS NOT DEEP NOTHING IN ANYTHING THAT HE PUTS OUT SAYS SHIT ABOUT LIFE (maybe 2% of his work ijs) MANY ARTIST PAST PRESENT AN FUTURE ISNT ON THAT SHIT, BUT WEN U LABEL SOMEONE THE BEST TO EVER BLESS THE MIC, U GOT TO TAKE IN STORY TELLIN AN LYRICAL CONTENT VERY TALENTED ARTIST BUT MOST DEF NOT THE BEST!

  • lilwayneisawesome

    Nice I can’t wait! FREE WEEZY!!

  • MF.

    Do you believe that i’m waiting everyday for this video.
    i’m so excited i just can’t hide it XDDDDD


  • YoungMula

    In a danish review of Em’s ‘Recovery’ they’re only saying shitty things about ‘recovery’. The reviewer says that there only one good thing at this album. And thats Weezy’s verse in No love!

  • em kills weezy

    Eminem is lightyears ahead of wayne. I may like wayne and thats why im here but if you think weezy has anything on em your a moron. Sure a good beat, metaphor and a punchline are important (Even tho all he has is corny metaphors and wannabe punchlines) it takes more to make a good rap song and wayne cant supply more. Eminem can he has flow,lyrics,emotion,can tell deep stories (more than the typical sex,money,and drugs references like most rappers) and a lot more. wayne is the most overated rapper ever, not the best . EMINEM = IRONY AT ITS FINEST , A WHITE GUY DOMINATING WHATS THOUGHT TO BE FOR BLACKS ONLY. Haha you morons dont know rap. Educate yourselves and listen to 2pac,em,biggie,jay-z,common,big l,nas,nelly,dr dre,ice cube and more. Please save your souls and hip hop and stop listening to wayne,young money,rick ross,soulja boy,florida,etc.

  • Tayloe

    Ive been ready lost of coments reading “free weezy” but with all do respect to the weezy fans and the Best Rapper Alive and my secont favorite rapper (behind eminem) what he did was wrong and he deserves his jail time

    WEEZY keep ya head up, im waitin on the ep

  • vocker

    god! eminem should tells us that real soon means to him more than 3 month of time ๐Ÿ˜›
    anyways i love the song, cant wait for the video, and…. both of them are the best rappers alive

  • yoo me in da building wassuppp

  • yo me in da building wazzup

  • Malik

    Umm, it’s supposed to be released right now, it’s not ๐Ÿ˜