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Lil Wayne’s “Right Above It” Single Feat Drake On iTunes Now!

Tue, Aug 17, 2010 by

Lil Waynes Right Above It Feat Drake Single On iTunes Now

The first single from Lil Wayne‘s upcoming I’m Not A Human Being EP is officially on iTunes! The single is called “Right Above It” and features Drake. The EP is dropping on Weezy‘s birthday, September 27th, and you can also view the official artwork for the single above. So please support Tunechi and buy the official copy of the song, so we can try and get it to #1 on iTunes (It is already at #34).

Buy your copy from iTunes here

Let us know in the comments if you bought the single and what your thoughts are on the cover. I think the photo of Tune on the cover is from a music video that we have not seen yet.

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  • LilWayneFan43v3r


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  • every body support weezy and show him that were still with him this song has to be on no.1 cause it deserve to be there and cause his always dropping the best things for free for us and he is also dropping the E.P for free so please support.
    free weezy

  • this song is great, i like it.
    cover is nice too, i always like his clothessss (:

  • josh

    GO BUY TO SUPPORT WEEZY !!!!!!!!!!!!



  • yes finally. i bought it from itunes. and lets make this song number 1 on itunes. and this song is sick. i love it. and i can’t wait till he drops his ep. and the cover is good i like it. and wayne looks fresh. but the photo of the cover that weezy is on, i agree with danny, that might be a music video that we haven’t seen yet.

  • Laaaaaak

    i think it will be a music video for this song
    cause this is so fuckin great

  • josh

    Danny/anyone who can answer,

    when is the “miss me” video being released ??

    Wayne shot his parts before jail and drake shot his parts early July, whats taking so long ???

  • vocker

    am buying it right now!!

    and yes the photo looks from a video, and i got a wacky feeling that the photo is from the “no love” video 😛

  • vocker

    i couldnt buy it!!!!, coz i cant buy music in itunes in my country!!!!!! am soo sad 🙁
    anyway i saw it at number 19 thats good, lets make it number 1
    i wish i could had bought it 🙁

  • lmmao

    what does the shirt say?

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    yeah i agree with @vocker the pic has a sad feeling defenetly like the “no love” song and the backgroung looks like fall season and thats a sad season

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  • cover is hot but when is the homerun vid dropping wit juelz



  • Gettnmunny10

    Sick ass song weez……how does this muthafucka keep getting better???? Haha

  • weezyf

    How can I check where the song is in the iTunes charts?

  • jetnf

    #14 baby!

  • Purchased The Single.

    The Miss Me Video Is Coming August 19 On MTV @ 8/7c.

  • #FreeLilTunechi

  • YeahBaby!

    i just love Weezy. . he tha best ! This song is sick !

  • Luke T


  • #9

  • sai

    guys if u bought the explicit buy the clean as well! it makes a good collection!

  • were close everybody we r going to make it a hit lets do it every 1

  • shabzbsm

    how do you see where it is in the charts ??
    an can anybody give me a link

  • sai

    shabzbm its on the side of the home page

  • It’s # 7

  • weezyfbaby

    its already #9 this is one of my fav songs weezy baby

  • wayneJR

    I’m gettin it! 🙂 FREE WEEZY! 🙂

  • grg

    Ima buy it now. i like the cover its dope!

  • W. Fuckin’ Baby

    I can’t buy it because it’s not on Switzerland’s Itunes…

  • youngmoulaa9

    limelight exclusives 2 just came out theres another new wayne song on there called “girl like her”

  • Lemme go pick up a iTunes gift Card LOL

  • BreezyB

    its at number 4 this shit is so fucking hot

  • grg

    lets get it to #1!!!!!!!!

  • Ooohhh

    What # is it at now?

  • asai adame

    I’m gonna buy it everytime it moves up a spot!!! Lol Free Weezy!!!!

  • MJ

    That shits number 4, almost there! Free Weezy, shouts to YoungMoney

  • MJ
  • lil wayne best rapper alife

  • can you buyy in UK??

  • Chazz

    i wuld but itunes is region locked
    cant buy it from germany
    but i will when its available

  • Watsonnn

    #4 babyyyyyyyyy aLMOST THERE IN A DAY!

  • cant buy in the UK if you could this shit wud be no.1 the second it comes out!
    does anyone have any idea when it will come out in the UK iTunes store??

  • I sent a letter to lil wayne maybe hell read it

  • Akillees

    I think its from The Right Above It video

  • samanthaxxo

    i fuckin love this song<3

  • This song is tight. Definitely deserves the hype around it. Great beat, catchy lyrics, it can’t get much better. Free Wayne.

  • were close lets do it.lets make it no.1

  • weezyf

    What number is it now?
    And where the HELL do you check it 😐

  • Dmac

    Up to #3… will be to # 1 by the end of the day!

  • It Could Be

    from the no love video

  • wtf

    wtf man i thought this was gonna be on the drought is over seven? and when the fuck is that shit gonna drop?? fuck me

  • yeedee

    i dont see it on the top 100 list on itunes?

  • tunechi

    any of you guys know what his shirt says??

  • Sleezy

    It’s #3, try to get it at #1!!!!!!!!!!

  • weezyf

    No one on this bloody site wants to give a link to the fucking official itunes website where you can check what position it is at.

  • Mike

    # 2

  • Sleezy

    It’s #2 now…. Expect #1 soon.

  • tunechi

    yo anybodyy???what does his shirt say???

  • weezyf

    His shirt says, “Black, its every where!”
    The text is white and the shirt is black, get it?
    I think its also about the african americans being every where, representing 🙂

  • CJ

    @weezyf- if u have an itunes account go to and go to the bottom left of the pg where it says top songs and click on view all and it goesto the list

  • weezyf

    Thank you SO much, nice to know someone has some decency around here eyy?

  • grg

    google “itunes top 100” to see the chart positions.

    If u used google every once in a while life would be easier

  • WeezyFcrazy

    This song is fire. Buy this shit if you haven’t. YMOB and All money over bitches. HeHA

  • CJ

    @weezyf-no problem man hope i helped

  • tunechi


    thanks alot dude! that was really helpful and useful:)

  • leo
  • It fukin NO.1 mooothhaffukkaaass!!
    Tunechi best rapper aliveeee!!
    Eminem no.4 hahahaha!!
    Free Tunechi!!

  • Number 1 Bitch.!!!

  • trizzy

    number 1, i hope its number 1 on billboard

  • freeweezy

    fuckin’ cool single cover (Y) 😀

  • wats his shirt say

  • robizzle

    its a cool song
    and of course a hot cover
    but i want the old weezy from 07′ back
    i heard uh oh feat ja rule a minute ago and man im so sad that weezy has now this high pitched voice
    i hate that more than autotune

    #fREE wEEZy

  • Puchii

    Nice Shit. Its Goin Up The Chart.. Im Hypedd Up For The EP. =D, Hella Nice Song.

  • Puchii

    The high pitched voice Its Way Better Than Autotune. He Sounds More Clearer Now I Just Really Like It Now. Autotune Was Gettin On My Nerves.. To Much, It Fucks With Your Brain.. But I Really Like Hows Wayne Doin His Shit Now. Before He Sounded Tiredd and Bored And His Words Wasent Deep Enough. Now His Words Are More Deep and He Sounds More Alert and His Rappin Kinda Fast. Thats The Wayne I LIKE.


    lets just hope there is a video for it cuz without a video a song cant get famous in UK

  • bestrapperwayne

    i’m from germany and i want buy the song but it doesnt came out
    when will the song be avaible on german itunes store?

  • what’s the fuck?

    ohhhh shitttt! wayne’s already n°1 !!??? who can stop him????

  • we did it i hope it stays weezy

  • alina


  • Puchii

    ######################1 = Best Rapper Alive.