Diddy – Shades (Feat Lil Wayne & Justin Timberlake) [No DJ]

Tue, Sep 21, 2010 by

Diddy Shades Feat Lil Wayne & Justin Timberlake No DJ

Here is the tagless version of Diddy‘s “Shades” joint featuring Lil Wayne and Justin Timberlake. We previously posted this track in the middle of August, and it will appear on Diddy‘s upcoming Last Train to Paris album! Weezy shot his parts for a video before he went to jail as well, so I’m sure this will be a single at some time later this year. Don’t forget to check out the lyrics here, and you can stream/download the song below:

Download: Diddy – Shades (Feat Lil Wayne & Justin Timberlake) [No DJ]

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  • Justin981818

    1st Even Tho I Dont Really Like Dis Song At All

  • Welly

    Free Weezy

  • Khaled Weezy


  • celeste

    fourth !
    but yeaa freee lil wayne !

  • martian101

    not feelin this one

  • weezyf

    Whys weezy’s verse sound like he in a bathroom? LOL
    And he defo HIGH!


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  • Steveo

    i like weezy verse in this, he need more shit like this

  • cliffy .

    weezy killed this man, brought the poetry out. this nigga the BEST in this rap shit. #FreeTUNE .

  • Doper

    sucks balls

  • Matheo

    This is the whackest song i ever heard really this is garbage !

  • Free weezy wee

  • Dollaa

    if you cut of lil twists hair he looks just like Gucci on this pic. haha Skurrrr
    Free weezyy

  • Juann

    Weezy throwing up the 666 thats sad, he sold his soul

  • love weezy

    i love lil wayne he´s like a drug <3

  • donny

    Possibly 3 of my top 5 favorite artists of the last decade….and its a DUD. DAMN!

  • M.AK

    Juss cause some of U R 2 afraid 2 express the many inches that make U YOU,don’t knock the 1z that have understood enuff about theirself 2 know wut the F**ck they feel,an 2 share that,An 2 express enuff heart 2 make U feel better about U an your Life!!! (((think before U speak,or at most picture yourself as their reflection))) An REFLECT mutha F*****Z!!! Always1LUV!!!YMCMB!!!Love&Loyalty 2U U,YOU know who U R….(short & sweet,kinda. 😉

  • Janelle

    I absolutely love this song…the ppl tht dnt lik it proli nt lookn into the deeper meanin of the song….bt f.y.i wayne isnt “throwin up the 666 sign” the sign is suwoop which is a gang dumbass -___-