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Eminem – No Love (Feat Lil Wayne) [Music Video]

Thu, Sep 30, 2010 by

Here is the official music video for Eminem‘s “No Love” single featuring Lil Wayne.

The song appears on Em‘s Recovery album, which is available in stores now to buy.

Just Blaze, who produced this track, makes a cameo in the visual along with Denaun Porter and The Alchemist.

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  • damnnnn

  • Vakish


  • ogeezy!

    Yea 2nd rep dat 210
    Free tunchie

  • yOuNgCarTer17


  • ogeezy!

    Yup 2nd
    Rep dat 210
    Free tunechi

  • Lil_carter

    Love it. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezy

  • Rizzay

    I can’t see the video!!!!!!!!!

  • TmY

    This Is The Best Video 2010 Hooooooottt Shit 😉

  • Nahiddd

    KILLUMINATII !!!!!!!!!!!

  • TmY

    This Is the Best Video 2010 Hott Sh*t

  • Nahiddd

    This Track Is Againest Freemasons… And I Love It.. Not Only For That Reason But Wayne Makes This Track The ‘Illest’ LOOL..

  • Cate


  • how can i get OLD embed code !!! HELP

  • lil N

    that sick

  • Lil Myself

    How can I get OLD EMBED CODE !?

  • Luka&WeezyFan

    It’s kind of meh tbh…

  • HOW

    is the track against 3mason?

  • why does any 1 thinks that its about free mason?i just want to know

  • jungleman

    Anyone know where I can get the jacket lil wayne is wearing?

  • weezyf

    how is this video against the illuminati :S

  • akillees

    reminds me of the karate kid


    wtf is illuminati/free mason?! lol

  • Puchi

    Everybody Should Watch It On Youtuve Vevo, So It Can Have A lot Of Views.. At 8 Its Comes Out.

  • bbbb

    just blaze is accutaly in the song on the chorus

    • @bbbb – That’s an old sample lol.

  • Breezy


  • ttrejo44

    free weezy!!

  • Alicia

    this video sucks. worst video ever.

  • It’s so funny how much lil wayne wanted to do a song with eminem and lays that mediocre verse, i love wayne but man i expected better!

  • cody

    ^ hater, the concept was great.

  • Annaelle Carter


  • Intreactics


  • tune777

    KILLUMINATII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mnjaro

    stfu with this killuminati where are they referenced in this music video at all??

  • REIKI now post!

  • tune777

    @Mnjaro- fuck you. KILLUMINATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tune777

    @Mnjaro- fuck you… KILLUMINATI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    lmao yall starting to talk bout mansons wtf this aint youtube bitches ….oh and the video aint nothing special

  • Wayneandlink

    BEASTS!!!! Both of them

  • @cody What are talking about hater?
    If your telling me now that was one of waynes top 10 verses of 2010 then your obviously smoking more weed then wayne is.
    I’m just a fan who want’s his best and ppl to stop comparing him & eminem

  • nasty69

    is alright, but this video doesn’t match the theme of the song. kinda weird.

  • YMulaaa

    No love lost, no love found……..couldn’t have ended the verse any better.

  • Step

    I hate rap music videos… they are always so bad :S I just cant imagine myself behind a green screen moving my hand like a retard and lip singing. I love this song (know it by heart) but hate the video. Peace! 😀

  • YG

    what does the video have to do with the song? please tell me. but yeah, tough tough tough song. idc what ya niggas say, weezy did his shit and em killed it like always. #FreeWeezy. i needa send in ma letter to him, hopefully he reads it.

  • YungNizzy14

    Dang throwed video, true moment it everybodies life its a real life experience and I like it I hope they work together again on a record in the future FREE TUNE!!!!!!!


    song and the video is sick.
    funny how ppl used to say Eminem would never do a song with Wayne…. well theyve done 3 now so… LOL!

  • Matheo

    This is exactly what i expect from this video absolutley sick !! Em is the best rapper of all thimes no doubt ! He just kill this song since the beginning !

    EMINEM = RAP !

  • Adrian

    wayne had a great verse! haha i dont see why people are hatin on it,
    bars are full of broken bottles, bars like the lines in the song, broken bottles, like lyrics that are full of pain. hes said hes been to hell and back a few times though, i wonder if he got an offer on his soul like kanye! haha

  • Lull


  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    Awesome, I didn’t expect the clip to be this great. Free Weezy 🙂

  • From Romania

    Wayne….damn you’re so good xD! You have a lot of fans here in Romania! We love you,your style and you’re music! You are the BEST RAPPER ALIVE!

  • oana

    OMG….e prima data cand vad ca cineva din Romania scrie pe blogul acesta
    Free Weezy!

  • ummmmmmm!

    they call me a freak cuz i spit on them pussy’s then eat them

  • JustIce419

    This song gives me chills

  • TirenG

    we all waited for that video for how long i mean it’s good but i expected something a little better like the miss me video.

  • AzaMartian

    Video is a bit plain, i mean weezy verse…but mayn…
    His swagga s on a hundred million trillion in this vid…

  • jasper

    Great Song
    Great Video
    Love It!

  • rghrt

    Wayne verse was the only good thing about this

  • every 1 people made their projection for iam not a human being and the said its going to make 225k which is a small no. lets try our best and brake it to 1 mill

  • Boss


  • kim

    I love wayne and em together, that’s a golden duo 🙂
    middle kid at 1:04 is cute btw


    vid was tight…….wayne best rapper alivee!


    wayne is best rapper alive!!!!

  • youngmoulaa9

    30 minutes to no getting released on mack maines mixtape the laxative

  • Dez

    Dam Em murdered this shit..imagine Wayne, Em, and Tecca Nina all on a track shitd be epic.



  • Put the download link for the video up boi

  • ricardo laguna

    OMG FUCKING SHIT AMAZING OMG for always mi idol lil wayne always in mi blood c4 coming soon lil dwayne the best 1 month and 2 days

  • Cool !!

  • Sazh

    wheres the free mason references?

  • From Romania

    Oana lasa’mi id’ul tau te rog sau da add la [raul_robert15] ! [ FREE WEEZY] 31 days…..and he is FREE! He’s just the best xD…..and with Eminem…they are not like human beings ;)) ! I hope he will come in Romania…to make a concert! I will be the first there xD!

  • Alejandro

    does anybody know what kind of shoes if lil wayne wearing.

  • i had this song along time ago and i love it cant get better than weezy !

  • wayneJR

    I LUV this songg! FREE WEEZY! :)n<3

  • FreeWeezyNow!!

    he the besttt

  • bpman

    its fucking good. FREE WEEZY

  • Lil Maestro

    I so looove this song and the video is a bomb


    He’s coming in my month if he stays on good behaviour

  • Lil Maestro

    The best Black and White rappers of all times singing a song together

    Lil Maestro out.
    YM Salute

  • Luluqirl

    Oh my qod like i fuqkn love disz sonq! weezy make everythinq betta! free weezy!

  • franky

    freee weeeeezy, rockin them t-shirts from 8and9 here in Sweden!!!

  • young zippy

    weezy is just the charry on top on this song and for the vidio, its very sweet to me em is just a living legend and so is weezy f baby “young muller baby”

  • Derick

    Weezy makes video classic and heavy, Free Weezy and hold entire USA

  • i listen to her heart beat because it plays my favorite song

    cant wiat til nov. 4

  • Emery

    the child (who btw is half black and white) represents both lil wayne and eminem
    the bullies represents the illumanti
    the child who is being picked on by the bullies starts getting depressed sooner or later he comes to the point where he stands up to the bullies and fights back the bullies.

    also note lil wayne gives a clue by throwing up a hand signal whem he lays down the part “all about my dope but i dont even check the peep hole.”

  • kevin

    can someone tell what shoes wayne got in dis vid

  • Free Weezy…

    only 3 more days,yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alcapone

    Lets not all jump to CONCLUSIONS, the boy in the video who is getting bullied and becomes the victorious one is wearing a coat with skull and bones on it (illuminati) pause and don`t be oblivious! the people of the devils work are also great deceivers. It could be them talking about us rather than the illuminati or about kanye who has also tried to escape. It`s all assumptions right now. It`s all an illusion don`t be fooled so easily, remember to stop and pause their videos and to listen carefully in certain events in the videos. This is a perfect example how minds are soo easily manipulated.

  • alcapone

    the boy has a black eye (right eye of horus) but he wears a skulll and bones jacket and becomes victorious in the end. I hope it is they are changing but i really can`t see it, its probably a decoy from when kanye tried to expose them for what they are. Anyways lets wait and see… DONT JUMP IN HEAD FIRST BE AWARE!

  • brrrrrrrrritt

    this video is fucking amazinggggggg <3

  • lilly

    omg omg omg omg omg you 2 are soooooooooo amazing!

  • lilly

    i love that song !

  • lilly

    marshal your song is perfect

  • Detroit Cindy

    Emeniem the best rapper in the World.

  • nazanin

    ghorboonet borom eminem jan!!!!!!!!!! fadat boshom elahiiiiiii !!!! naze nafaset jigaaaaar :*

  • I love LilWayne and Eminem. They are the best rap duo. Keep making music you two.

  • Marshall

    Wow… This video is awsome!!!!!!!!!!1

  • megan

    the boy is hot and the bully

  • Omoruyi joseph

    Both of u are one hell of a rapper and no love video is wat we rap frick are talkin about

  • if you cant watch the video, press the play button on the lower left corner.

  • press the play button on the lower left corner.

  • forgive ………is better……….

  • forgive………pray ………is better…………rejoice in God ……….

  • jessica

    ohh i love that song no love by lil wayne and eminem it so awesome but i hate that that little boy gets bullied by those older kids i love the part where eminem sings really fast out of all the songs i listen to i think thats the fastest he sings i am soo totally in love with that song no love by lil wayne and eminem

  • Lee

    This song is the Beast!!

  • sajad mohamadi

    i love lil wayne .

    free weezy