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Lil Wayne Places #7 On MTV’s 2010 Hottest MC In The Game List x “Free Weezy” Pumpkin

Thu, Oct 21, 2010 by

To wit, he released the compilation album We Are Young Money in late December ’09, two full-length solo LPs — Rebirth, which debuted at #2 on the Billboard albums chart and has since gone gold, and I Am Not A Human Being, which sold 110,000 copies in its first week of release in September — more than a handful of videos and a couple of notable collaborations. A mainstay on the Hottest MCs list, his time away precipitated a fall of five slots from last year’s #2 ranking, but MTV News’ Hip-Hop Brain Trust still voted Lil Wayne the #7 Hottest MC of 2010. – MTV

What are your thoughts on Tunechi getting the number 7 spot on MTV’s Hottest MC In The Game 2010 list ❓ I don’t agree with this choice because I know Weezy has been in jail for most of 2010, but he has still been dropping videos and releasing amazing music throughout the year.

After the jump, you can view some photos Said Abdulbari sent over to me of him supporting the “Free Weezy” movement by carving it into a pumpkin.

Lil Wayne Free Weezy Pumpkin

Lil Wayne Free Weezy Pumpkin

Lil Wayne Free Weezy Pumpkin

Lil Wayne Free Weezy Pumpkin

Lil Wayne Free Weezy Pumpkin

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  • TmY

    das ist scheiße aber Rebirth ist schuld ich mein ich mochte das album aber das war kein rap :/ naja das wird shcon nächstes jahr 🙂
    Free Weezy Pmpkin is Hott 😉

  • YeahBaby

    He deserves to be No.1 haha
    Free Weezy Bitches !

  • Here’s a pumpkin I carved of Lil Wayne:

    • @Jenna Brace – That’s dope.

  • dwaeoia

    sumbody please tell my how is he behind LLOYD BANKS!!!

  • *5Tunetunne

    #7 Fukc That! Nice Pumpkins Tho’ 😀

  • Squirt

    FREE WEEZY!!!!

  • youngmexican

    He should be #1!!! Weezy been droppin hit after hit! Pluz that IANAHB album go ham!!!! MTV be bullshitin!!! But aye once he get out he gonna be #1 on next years list!!!

  • lil-rockstar

    egal nächstes jahr ist der auf 1 weil
    tha carter 4
    like father like son 2
    i cant feel my face mit juelz santana
    vielleicht mit drake kollabo album
    vielleicht t-wayne und noch …

    2011 is weezy years waynes world haha

  • Realistically he should be at least top 5, dropped a number of music videos, stayed relevant since he’s been gone, album went #1 with no promotion, like come on how many rappers can do that while their in jail, anyway i know next yr with D4 & C4 getting released he”ll deffiantly be #1

  • This is sum bullshit Wayne is way better than everyone ahead of him onda list that’s why I only watch BET they voted Wayne the Nuba 2 rapper if the 21first century he should got numba one but 2 is better than 7 nice pumpkin

  • Free Weez

    Wait till this time next year,he will be #1. Because the Carter 4 will sell more than a milli first week. He will get 4 more grammys and rap it up. And so help me god if jay-z gets #1 again hes payin the ppl off.

  • TmY

    @Jenna Brace – this is hott , realy good
    free weezy

  • K-Freshz

    …nah fuck dat, HES NUMBA 1!!!!!! fuck what the mtv list says!!!! i mean, he makes the most music and he had the mixtape of the year with no ceilings!!! how could they not put him at numba one?!?!?!

    FREE WEEZY!!!!

  • wow…

    wow… look at that fkin ILLUMINATI SIGN on this fkin show too… the last person with the pyramind hand sign.. fuk the music industry filled with fuckin people from illuminati suck my d1k fkn gaynes…

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    true fans right there… does pumpkins are fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • YM is shit

    you dick riders

  • sashaj

    even though i would love for weezy to be number 1 every year ! this year there was obviously people who put in work, who dropped lots of songs and were really present. im sure if wayne wasnt in prison he wouldve been higher. I dont disagree with his placement as long as hes on the list but it really depends who MTV puts ahead of him that counts. Eminem, Kanye, Nicki, Drake, Rick Ross should definitely be in this and i wouldnt mind if their placement is higher than waynes. I also have a strong feeling Gucci Mane might be a part of this but he shouldnt be higher than wayne

  • #TeamMinajNo_1

    so who da fuq was numba one

  • yeedee

    @ Jenna Brace : Thats some fuckin dedication! great job

  • HvpD985

    As for Weezy being #7, those lame a$$ people needa get real, back to reality!! How u gonna say that you’ve never heard of a person bein in jail for that long and feel like they never left, then bragging on how many supporters he has and also the quality of his music, then put him at #7 right above WAKA FLOCKA???? Not that I really care what they think, I just am shocked people can be that blind. Weezy the best! No if ands or buts about it. As for the pumpkins, great job, I need sum like that for Halloween! Im out!

  • R

    The whole list is a bloody joke, wayne should be Number 1!!! the list lost all credibility when they included B.O.B. and not lloyd banks and gucci mane……

  • Tre

    i so dont agree with this atleast top 5..
    FOLLOW ME @trewilliamz

  • Tmac

    I know this is just based on 2010 but wayne still should have been in the top 3 only em and jay should be ahead of him this year…Kayne even but 7 is way too fuckin low on the list…Fa-duck MTV and that whole panel!!!!

  • rob504

    @”ym is shit” u callin people on here “dick riders” but this is a FAN site u dumbass. so seeing as how YOU dont seem 2 like wayne /ymcmb , you souldnt be on HERE!! seems like YOU’RE THE DICK RIDER LMFAO @ YOU, get a life and stop stalking YM U CLOWN.

  • thaPrIInce


  • rob504

    # 7 IS KOOL for NOW. but like the person up top said, 20011 is WEEZY’S/YMCMB YEAR. C4 & D4 alone gonna kill shit, especially with him RE-doing the whole C4. FREE WEEZY…

  • rob504

    TYPO *2011.. LOL

  • Matt985

    whos number 1? wheres the list?


    Ummm i dont need no list to know dat lil waynes the best rapper of ALL TIME. Better than tupac and biggie. fuck ya’ll that dont agree


    I dont need no list to know dat lil waynes # 1 ‘THA BEST RAPPER ALIVE’

  • desmund


  • And who is the other 6 in front of him?

  • VersatileAsFxxk

    What tha fuck is this number 7 what a fuckin joke im done

  • YMulaaa

    They hate on Weezy cuz he still brings heat, even in prison lol… “You ain’t going no where with that hatin shit = 4 flats” – Weezy

  • YungNizzy14

    WEEZY #1 cause nobody remembers 2 or 3 now thats real talk buddy FREE TUNE!!!!!!! YOUNG MOULA NAVY!!!!!!

  • Chazz

    u gotta be kidding
    hes must be top 3 at least
    hes done shyt nobody else in this world culd
    then again
    fuck mtv never liked them in the 1st place

  • Chazz

    who are these clueless shyt talking n*ggaz sittin around this table anyway?

  • Marian

    V tv in Australia is finally playing Weezy’s music woooooooooooooooo I can listen to him all day and look at him shame I’m too old for him. They shoulda let Lil Wayne out a long time ago. Not long to go now weezy think of ya every day I look at your videos every day and play yr music. I miss yaso much you are just the hunk I wanted 30 yrs ago. Take it easy or try toooooo

  • list please!

  • vocker

    he MUST have been number 1, i mean he was in jail and still released videos and hit album, but next year he will be number 1 with no doubt!
    2011=lil wayne=hip hop!

  • Weezy W.

    @Matt985 Justin Bieber No. 1

  • free is the best rapper what mtv is doing ?

  • eaaazzzzyyyy b baby

    i could not belive when i seen this , 7th what are mtv doing, MC is about lyrics and if you go through any of weezys lyrics over the past year even thou he been in prison his spit game has been more than fire compared to any rapper out there

  • MTV Top 10 , Hottest Rappers In The Game List will premiere on MTV2 on SUnday 1:30 ET / 12:30 Central time .

  • ymcmb

    thats f!#ked up…nikki minaj comes in at number 6…

  • ymcmb

    weezy should have been top 5…
    young money representing in top 6 tho…

  • LiLDiDi


    ♥ FREE WEEZY ♥

    ♥ I LOVE YOU WEEZY ♥♥♥

  • TirenG

    really, on BET they calmed lilwayne the #1 rapper of 21 century so I really don’t’ care.

  • samanthaxxo

    i want that pumpkin!!! FREE WEEZY!!!!!!!<333333333333

  • No1WeezyFan

    LIL WAYNE SHOULD be No1 man
    Lil wayne is the fucking best dont care what other ppl say hes just awesome i enjoy every song of him

    Cant wait till he gets out of jail
    Free Weezy

  • weezy is the best rapper in history. fuck those false ass stats

  • youngavenue

    wtf lil wayne is number 7 he should never be 7 fuck mtv he should at least be number 3

  • yeedee

    13 days


    This is insane, Wayne should be on the #1 !!!!!!!!!

  • M.AK

    “Like what was said,everything about Lil Wayne hollas #1,Lil Wayne is #1,to the people that don’t see this,thats there loss!!!”1LUV!!! Like he said he’ll be home soon!!!

  • M.AK

    “Talk about dedication,LUV THE PUMPKINS!!!”

  • M.AK

    “Marian<that was to freakin cute,you seem like cool people!"YMCMB 1LUV!

  • yeedee

    Disrespectful on the beat……Borat

  • i love bow wheezy please i beg you commissioners to please let wheezy go ,
    free weeeeeeeeeeezy 4 us .

  • cynthia_weezy

    haha great

  • cynthia_weezy

    I love Lil Wayne FREE WEEZY!!!

  • just weezy

    dont have time to read all the comments but to all who support my big homie weezy thank u! its ym all day and everyday! to my big homie weezy, ur da best and cant wait for u to get home! $ FREE WEEZY $ TO ALL, GO OUT AND GET THE ALBUM IM NOT A HUMAN BEING AND STAY ROCKIN UR FREE WEEZY T’S! ITS CASHMONEY/YONG MONEY BABY$$$$$

  • just fuk mtv , if lil wayne stopped making songs these songs will stay the next 2 years


    Weezy is at d top of dis rap shit & MTV r 2 fukin dumb & commercial 2 realise that.
    Seriously the best rapper alive doesn’t belong at no.7!
    fuck the corporate world! FREE WEEZY BABY! 😉

  • fuk number 7 wayne number 1

  • *5Tunetunne

    Everybody in here should go to the forums & Register.. 😀

  • C4 FR33 W33ZY C4

    wayne will be number 1 for sure once hes out. weezy f baby and the f is for free weezy. hahahah

  • c-meezy

    fuckin illuminati… look at the pyramid hand sign in the beginning credits…. Fuck the industry. i know you all feel me.. 13 days till our king is back

  • Str8likeDAT

    Everyone keep sayin Wayne is the best n u talk about his average lyrics being the best lmfao u ppl must b kids he str8 but he’s no were near the best and whoever thinks that really has a low IQ that’s a fact

  • i think there is some thing . and want to know whos number one . and why weezy drop rock album, but even if he droped rock album where is no celling im sure , weezy is not human being . he made his hater hear his music , i swear some of the haters or lots of them the have atleast 20 songs on their fucking mp3
    put ur piens up for mtv yall , i cant wait tell i see weezy how he get angrey from this on his first enterviiew

  • TmY

    Nexxxt Upgrade ?
    Shit I Wait !
    Free Weezy 12 <– DAMN 🙂

  • spuds

    love the pumpkins!

  • mrz.Carter


  • frega bao


  • LilWeezy-Wee

    I dont really think he should have gotten even that high on da list. His music videos weren’t dat good, and tha only muzik he released in 2010 waz I’m Not A Human Being album. Which wasnt dat great either… I’m a big weezy fan, own 2 free weezy shirts, lots of posters, lil wayne head phones, lil wayne hat… But I just don’t think he really deserved that much. He could have been number 10. Whatever, go weezy! By tha way, nice pumpkin carving at Jenna Brace.

  • LilWeezy-Wee


  • And the F is for _______

    Nigga Wayne is numba 1!!!!!

  • Delia Carter

    They Did Weezy Dirty . With All That Wayne’s Doing He Should’ve Been Number One Or Waaaay Higher Up On Tha List .

  • uuh

    Man, if wayne gonna hear about this. he def gonna put 10 mixtapes en 5 album this year. to show this muddafockas that he’s the best !!!

  • an tha f is for felicia

    pumpkins are too cute!
    but wayne is 1 not a 7 azzholes

  • Kuba17

    if jay-z is anywhere on that list ill be pissed. kanye better be #1 and it kind of bothers me that nicki is above wayne seeing as how he dropped 2 albums regardless of the fact that hes been in jail. he really shouldn’t have been anything under 5th

  • #7 really…


    TOP 5 at least people.
    how did none of them judges speak up about that.
    That aint Right…

  • OH and thats a tight ass pumpkin!

    Free Weezy Till They Free Weezy

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  • Ricardo Laguna

    deberia de estar de numero 1 mi idolo lil wayne el mejor no de 7 pero igual es un exelente logro YMCMB free weezy best raper alive 11 days


    Weezy is #1
    wtf #7?!?!?!


    Remember this is MTV’s brain trust or whatever..they are shallow minded..and Sway…smfh either way..Wayne is MORE than an this list is so out of his league..I wouldn’t pay attention to their point of view..but OURS instead.

  • #7 thats sme bullshit wayne deservez to be #1….. nice pumpkin tho, FREE WEEZY. So he can do some damage controll in this bitch…… Wayne is stil the fucken best

  • lil-rockstar

    30MTNO tomorrow 🙂

  • Free Weezy!(:♥

    Omgz!Datz waz-up is nice!(:
    &&FREE WEEZY!;)

  • angilina

    wayne must be number 1 coz hi is best rapper alive

  • y.e.c 23

    @ lil- rockstar is that song actually comming out?? or your lyingg

  • flozz

    yea, free my boi….FREE WEEZY

  • lil-rockstar

    @y.e.c 23 really is on mack maine mixtape the laxative today
    but maybe is wrong i dont know

  • lil-rockstar

    http:// bSPkZ1vql6g&feature=related

    watch 🙂

  • Corleone

    you gay for tagging all those pics dawg..

  • yeedee

    You guys are forgetting sometihng. MTV is the gayest thing out there that list mean shit fuck all.

  • yeedee

    whoever runs this sites doin a fuckin dope job and they can tag whatever the fuck they want

  • cptred

    they human beings, he’s a martian they can’t see him cause he to far ahead…GONE!

  • lil-rockstar

    later today drops the laxative
    with 30MTNO 😉

  • njd

    30min to no gooo sooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TmY

    @lil-rockstar woher weiße das alles immer 😀

  • TmY

    Here is the Laxative and 30MTNO

  • TmY

    On 😉 Yeaaaah this shit go hard

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  • shervin


  • big fan

    real talk from all the years i heard wayne rap he is more lyricall and way more metaphorically then alot of the people on that list, wayne is a creative person so his lyrics are going to be crazy you just need to understand what the lyric means

  • South africa’s no.1 youngmulianaire

    weezy is the best rapper alive…non of these rappers has put in the same amount of work wayne has..wayne records everyday n they are all quality..i think the reason y weezys work doesnt seem to be no.1 in mtv’s eyes is becoz waynes music is much more explicit and raw while artists like jay z ,kanye ,bob ,etc do not have this in ther music.Weezy is not afraid to say wat he wants to say in his music n he keeps it real.Wayne shuld be no.1

    “i’ll be gone till november” FREE WEEZY

  • twan

    wayne should be # 1, them is some dope pumpkins

  • j biz

    fuck the police for arresting lil weezy.u all need to a realse bicth ass niggas u all hating cause far gone.or is it because the best rapper

  • j biz

    fuck BET for voting eminem as number one.lil wayne is number 1 ass holes

  • prime

    well you all think he’s on it but weezy bought all of his hooks and lyrics because i’d like to see them swear i dare him to lie..huhuuh he’s a phony thats it i killed rap and that thats…thats why anything comes up im workin on a feww hooks myself so let see who rum the magic city…prime does….

  • bryan

    should be number 1, Idk what they be looking at up in MTV studio but they ain’t looking at the right stuff

  • Yall make prayer for Weezy because when he gets out if “THEY” dont try to knock him off, “THEY” will attempt to destroy his character and “Drop The World” on his head like they did to Lil Boosie.Pray that he will be safe from “THEM” and that he makes the right choices as to what to do with the rest of his life.

    I am tha Free Weezy Movement, A General in the Young Money Army, A Marine in the Young Money Navy, and a citizen of the Young Moneyians. If that makes sense. YM Salute!!!