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Video: Lil Wayne Performs At DJ Khaled’s Birthday Party

Fri, Nov 26, 2010 by

In the video above, you can watch Lil Wayne performing “Steady Mobbin’” at DJ Khaled‘s birthday bash on Wednesday night at King Of Diamonds. After the jump, you can check out more footage and also see Tune performing his “Miss Me” verse.

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  • Randy, stayfly x5


  • Trevor Simpson

    he still looks high…wtf..

  • blessed [wayne-head]

    the best rapper alive!!!!!

    now release that a milli 2010!!!

  • Carter

    Iv always wondered, what could be so important to reply to on your phone when you are stanging behind wayne performing :s

  • acnjklc

    T-Pain’s following Wayne errrrryyyywhere these days!

  • davebreeSy

    wayne got some weed in dat cigar…YURP!

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin


    I think T-Pain bout to sign to Cash Money thats why he been on Wayne & Babys nut lately (well more than usual)

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin


  • Boss

    Wayne needs to make a track featuring Wiz – it would be straight fire

    Tell em go home cuz ima go hard, go hard or ima go home!

  • joe13

    nah i dont think they gonna sign pain. they’re just potas not just “music friends”..and khaled works with them the most so u shouldv’e figured they’d all be there…and wayne dont look high!! he’s just HAPPY THAN A MOTHAFUCKA..he actually looks more ALERT and SOBER.

  • joe13

    * potnas

  • antuonchris

    There’s gotta be some kush in that cigar. You can tell by the way Wayne looks, he looks high.

  • Jules

    Damn my boy wayne and wiz in the same building! now waiting for a callabo or something!

  • Dwayne Jr

    Wiz Thinks Hes The Shit Thats Why I Dont Think Hes Gonna Ask Wayne To Work With Him. In The Other Hand Wayne its like “Who The Fuck Is This Lil’ Nigga??? 😀

  • Dwayne Jr


  • Carta4foos

    The Wiz Khalifa and Wayne song is coming soon, check Wiz’s blogs.

  • poppie

    hey guys i ddnt saw Fat Joe! were was he?

  • tayTAY

    does anybody else think that wayne is gettin his regular voice back

  • Weezy is just NATURALLY high! He cant be doing any bad shit cause of his probation here in Arizona, he has to go 3 years sober!

    Now T-Pain and Wayne are working in a T-Wayne mixtape.
    So they party and right after party is work, Weezy style.

    Dj Khaled just signed with Cash Money.

  • Drd

    Fuck wiz, he sucks

  • BTO


    mushroom stamp a cactus, you dumb nigga

  • HDD

    He does look more alert, but then again
    I think he might be hittin the syrup again just a lil bit.

  • sqeakyG

    jus bekuz its Wayne a nigga cant text his bitch wtf type of world you live in G…niggaz do have lives…i hope you a female..kuz dats a bitchass comment.

  • Trevor Simpson

    i think he looks smashed..thats just me though..hmm?

  • weezyF

    he got his swagger back YMCMB!

  • South africa’s no.1 youngmulianaire

    look at wiz tryin to light a blunt in the back lol..

  • yeedee

    Wayne should record Drakes Light up Remix in the booth. The verse he did from jail good quality. Thatd be so sick


    what the fuck is that for a sign on that fucking “Gunplay Valyrie” Album ? Are those faggots got crazy showin so disgusting shit ?

  • uuh

    song name pls !!!!

  • Damn weezy coming out hes been to 4 courtside miami game been at King Of Diamonds 2 times made a song already…

    shit i havent been to 1 basketball game i was i was part of young money even though i dont rap so i can get some money

  • whats the name of tha song akon sing “nanananana” ? someone HELP mafckas ?

  • weezy come perform in africa in botswana u the best rapper alive

  • john

    who knows the title of that akon song in the second video?

  • OurWorldWeMakeItSpin


    Akon – Give It To ‘Em (Feat. Rick Ross)

  • zee

    alow WIZ….tyga shud have performeD!

  • Young Nathan

    !Free Weezy!

  • ricardo laguna

    el mejor nojoda el mejor lil wayne el mejor en este maldito mundo

  • olad

    Name of the intro song? Cuz I’m rollin…

  • yes u can

  • Stephenie

    Weezy just get hotter and hotter
    And he is a working’man

    love u weezy, best rapper alive!!!!

    fuck all you haters!

  • Kyle Earl Comrie

    What the Fuck Young Money Cash Money?!?! Especially you Wayne. Yeah I said it…. Wayne! What the help are yall doin? I realize you out of prison and want to have fun but damn, can you sign K’LA to Young Money already? Or can we at least have a collaboration? Like yall are partying so much yall are distracted by finding good talent. Party on party on all night nigga – Drake but now its time to get Back to the money – Weezy. I’m that same nigga that find you to do the drop the world video with eminent before you you went to prison, and look at how successful that shut was. K’LA The Coldest Winter Ever Mixtape is like the female version if Octobers Very Own. It’s just that good. She’s a gold mind. Better hop on that opportunity before another lable does. Real Talk.

  • wycliffe

    Weezy in his lyrics kills everything,he’s the fucking bomb en the blast,i think he should come over to kenya and thrill fans because there are alot of festivals coming soon

  • black and yellow

    theres the wiz i luv the wiz he lik 1 of mi faviort rappers but he do think he the shit cuz he turned down a chance 2 tour wit drake so he probally dnt think nun of wayne eighther but i bet he bout 2 blow up more than he is now

  • kronnick

    Nicki — “More talent in my muhhfuckin left thumb…”

    ’nuff said.

    in case… lets not talk about sign him/her/them, dude Wayne built what he’s standin on above the clouds basically by himself, with the obvious mention of Baby and Slim, but as far as musically, by himself. Then to go on to realize Nicki’s talent way ahead of anyone else, and to get Drake, not to mention any of YM or CM. Not even back a full month and you’re hatin their celebratin. rough.


    pretty weak performance

    nuKKKas b puzzies

  • Danny M

    Hey everyone 🙂 I have heard that “A Milli 2010” could be dropping tonight!!!!

    • It’s quite sad that the “yeedee” guy has to try and be me 😕

  • GCS

    @ Danny M

    Your Mother get high last night

  • zSageyy

    Danny M. U lieing

  • Danny M

    @ GCS & zSageyy suck my dick you guys are fuckers. suck my cock and i’ll shoot you with my glock. i look at my clock its time to go. Free my niggas rayray and big steve for sho’.

  • yeedee


  • Happy Birthday Khaled. WE THE BEST!!!

  • Mnjaro

    if you watch the miami heat game right now miami and phili, you can see lil wayne court side lol

  • ricardo laguna

    omg so fucking genius lil wayne the best omg 4 real a love that nigga from venezuela nro 1 idol dwayne aka the best

  • Zelos

    Nice, nazi-symbol in your face.

  • matt

    everybody sayin he high but waynes not that dumb to be burnin any trees. Probation fuck him over. but a good ass cigar can get you buzzzin pretty damn hard

  • cynthia_weezy

    the best rapper alive!!♥

  • weezyfan24

    Does Dedication 4 come out on December 4th??? When is that amilli 2010 gonna drop too??

  • sqeakyG

    haha wayne knows his fans are robots that follow and believe in what he says…

  • tayTAY

    @danny you forgot about weezy when he performed bill gates

  • wayne high

    DAT NIGGA FADED. on god dis probly recently after he strt smokin agen cuz dem eyes chinky then a muthafucka

  • ?!?!?!

    Danny I appreciate your work for weezy and for us 🙂 But there is an update on Weezythanxyou bro ! ^_^

  • Kyle Earl Comrie

    @kronnick hbu stfu and gsad

  • twifti

    wouaaah!….. :p

  • niggaweezy

    go weezy go weezy go man ur all haters weezy has been killing this shit even when he was in jail. man so hope off all u niggazz

  • LOVIE D.


  • Weezyfan24

    Does anybody know when Dedication 4 comes out?? I’ve heard its suppose to come out December 4th, can anyone confirm this????

  • Freeman23

    young money

  • Miggity

    Lmao at khaled. His fat ass was probably tweetin this bullshit..

  • Creasey

    I see he violated his parole already.

  • rolliwayne

    i love that song Bill Gaten
    Tunechi did da piece of shit at khaleds Bd party