Travis Barker – Can A Drummer Get Some? (Feat Lil Wayne, Swizz Beatz, Game & Rick Ross)

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Travis Barker Can A Drummer Get Some Feat Lil Wayne, Swizz Beatz, Game & Rick Ross

Damn, we’ve had some good updates today! Here we have Travis Barker‘s official first single called “Can A Drummer Get Some?” off his upcoming album, dropping March 15th. Featured on this track are: Lil Wayne, Swizz Beatz, Game, and Rick Ross. This is some pre-jail Weezy (pretty sure he recorded his verse in 2008), and you can stream/download this song below:

Download: Travis Barker – Can A Drummer Get Some? (Feat Lil Wayne, Swizz Beatz, Game & Rick Ross)

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  • Mom

    FIRST 🙂

  • H

    2nd in this biatch

  • third lil wayne the best

  • YMB

    Keep up the updates danny

  • YMB


  • sorta liking this song

  • ahhh

    beat is bananas

  • nigga

    meh its iight man nothing big….. C4!!!!!

  • Mula!

    Nice!!! Great way to kick off the weekend!

  • garbage

    everything wayne has been on recently is so bad. this is one of the worst. rebirth is better than this garbage

  • THR33X

    Itss Ok Not Feeling The Hook Or The Beat Tho…

  • nana

    eyyy ….. why wayne such a great artist cuz he a pro at RAPPING..and on top…. is not MONOTONOUS in his ART!……

  • moe

    Thanks Danny.

  • to good for a name

    What does he mean by f n star???

  • to good for a name

    Answer me foolz

  • rapaddict


  • G*

    Famous stars N Straps ..barker’s clothing brand

  • antuonchris

    im in my prime like deion, i’ma shine like neon, i’m a ____________ what does he say?

  • Hey @wayne can u put the lyrics to the song down becuz u always quick wit this shit peace!

  • JC

    This has to be at least 2010 because he talks about Lebron going to Miami

  • JC

    Nvm he was talkin bout Game:\ thought I had a good point lol

  • i like this song. wayne is the best. and keep updating more stuff danny

  • ricardo laguna

    this is great

  • Pauly D

    @ antuonchris Ima limelight he on


  • Bang, Guess Who Check In Da Game

  • yeedee


  • Ross doesn’t fit in this song… Game started by saying “Boom, guess who stepped in the room,” and Wayne starts with “Bang, guess who checked in the game” and Ross starts with saying “Maybach Music”… Lame. If I hear “ROZAY” or “MAYBACH MUSIC” like its cool one more time… Ross is terrible but the song’s good though.

  • ryn

    CHick on the right does cocaine lol

  • that explains how wayne after jail is just better from he used to be x10000!

    this is a pre jail, wayne was awesome in it but his lyrics now are just better by ALOT!
    wayne is in BEAST MODE NOW!

  • KingRich

    Lol @ ryn

  • Fuck every body on the track exept weezy and Rick Ross fuck game fagget ass and swish beat fagget ass and fuck Travis porter bitch ass fuck err body exept ymcmb and ccc and Taylor gang word fuck the hole industry exept for them er body else a bunch of fuck bitches

  • Fuck @vocker to he’s a son of bitch his mom is a fucking whore!!! Fuck yoU

  • Fuck pouly d and the hole jersey shore fuck em all fuck snoop dog he was never good fuck jay z fuck 50 cent fuck da world and er thing in it fuck NYC fuck NYC fuck slim thug fuck maino fuck da world exept ymcmb and ccc and Taylor gang fuck er body but dem u fuckin lamos fuck er body salut or shoot data how I feel if u ain’t runnin with it run from from it bitch fuck fuck faboulous fuck diddy fuck fat Joe fuck ti fuck chopper city fuck big fuck banks fuck you doodey all day

  • to good for a name

    Free weezy…..!!!!!!

  • bosh

    He bought as tall or short as them white bitches w/no tits or ass. Is that what you niggas dream of???? Come on son!!!

    Wayne, dude- come on!

    White girls are black dudes kryptonite. Latina chicks only want your money and leave ya dumbass for their own (hint: j.lo). That’s alright leave ALL the sistahs to me. I got yall beauties!!


  • 757

    Not feeling this track hook is wack and beat is ok but Wayne went in on it…noe worth downloading though!!

  • Bosh shut the fuck up bitch

  • too good for a name


  • too good for a name


  • too good for a name

    If someone u think is in the illuminati says it doesn’t exist, u don’t believe them…but if a nigga on their couch writes or posts a video on youtube bout niggas like weezy being in it, you believe them…killuminati….ignore the illuminati or DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT…….!!!!!

  • bosh

    @ymcmb: Intelligent response from someone who wishes they were actually part of this carnival group.

    Get an education or pick up a dictionary.

  • M.AK

    F**K The FIRST&THE SECOND Cause I’am only!!! 😉

  • wayneFAN

    @Danny M

    got any updates on anything coming sooon??

  • Wayyyyyne

    So we no 5 tracks that will most likely be on tha Carter iv

    6 foot 7 foot (feat. Cory gunz)
    Brain (feat. Kanye west)
    Afrika lambaataa <<or however u spell it
    Waynes world
    maybe she will (feat. Drake & Rick Ross)

    Correct me people if I'm wrong that's just what I've heard I'm not 100% though

  • Wayyyyyne

    100% sure*

  • bloodbro

    do yo thang danny

  • wayneFAN


    i was waynee in that other thing. but africa lambaataa or whatever isnt on it.

  • YM Jerry Sloan



    he raps much better now.

  • biniam

    realllllllllllllllllllllllly niceeeeeeeeeee lilbosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • bloo

    Travis Barker owns the popular clothing company ‘Famous Stars and Straps’ — the logo is an F with a star in it. Get It

  • Mr.kush

    young stunna is the best

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  • hey man i hear this song i hope they continue what they start i’m so happy that the wezzy bitch turn back better he make me happy