Lil Wayne – How To Love

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Lil Wayne How To Love

Check out the third single from Lil Wayne‘s upcoming Tha Carter IV album, dropping on August 29th. The track, which is titled “How To Love“, is totally different from “6 Foot, 7 Foot” and “John“, as Weezy has gone for a slower record with him singing throughout it. You can purchase the Detail-produced song below, courtesy of KC!

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Do you think this single will get as big as “Lollipop” ❓

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  • Raww

    Huge Wayne fan but this shit blows!!!!

  • N3RD

    i Espected Something Way Better Then This ….. But Ths ISnt Bad At All Itz Actualy Kinda Cool But …But RnB Isnt 4 Weezie

  • First impression not as good as what i expected. BUT ITS going to be a massive hit Trust!!

  • humairrr

    I really like it!! I hope the video will fit the song 🙂

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    at first i was like wtf too but i just listened to the lyrics this song is the shyt! wayne keeps on impressing me.

  • abu baker

    this shit is fuckin wack.

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    i always thought wayne couldnt sing at all even with auto-tune lol wayne kilt this

  • ALL OF YOU WHO ARE HATTING WHAT WEEZY HAS DONE PLEASE!!!! SHHHHUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTT TTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEE FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKK UUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if u really like weezy and shyt u dont have to say shyt!!! u dumb asses!! and if u really dont like the sOng and u got surprise of it soo FUCK OFF AND SHUT UR FUCKN MOUTH!! you niggas just are a bunch of FAKE FANS then,,,weezy has done alot and hes not always gonna do what people want…he can do watever he want!! WEEZY SNAAPP IN EVERY SONG HE DOES AND I DONT GIVE A FUCK FOR WHAT TYPE OF SONG HE MADES IM A WEEZY FAN AND NO MATTER WHAT I ALWAYS BE!!!! BIITCHEZZ!! YMCMB!!!

  • saaaaa

    Most beautiful song from Wayne so far.

  • Krumak

    @iswayne! agree well said homeboy

  • Shizzle97

    @iswayne! Im completely on your sidde…I don’t even have to comment, @iswayne! did it 4 me 🙂

    Follow on twitter; Shizzle97

  • Real_G

    You wouldn’t let yo Bitch walk around wit her pussy smelling like fish…. you’ll tell her she need to clean dat shit up….you not gne be like Awww my Bitch bad so it dnt matter her shit stank…. so why not say Wen yo favorite Rapper has a bad song….. you can be Tha biggest Lil Wayne fan in Tha world but why be bias…. sumbody plz tell me why be bias.?? What good comes out of it???

  • Rell

    I understand that he needed a pop song to put his album over the top but I mean come on! This doesn’t even sound like him. “Lollipop” was perfect because it was a pop/hip-hop song but he still kept it street. What I mean by that is that it was still a song that dudes could bump to. But this is something that made me and any other real Lil Wayne fan go WTF?!

  • ALi


  • junie

    @iswayne! i feel u but everyone is entitled to their own opinion thats why theirs a comment section there are people who are gonna like the song and there are some people who wont thats what this site is for for people to voice ther opnion i mean when i first heard it i didnt like it but its growin on me u just cant be mad at someone about there opinion i mean not everybody gonna like it u just gotta deal with it and shit i respect that as well as nikkas opinions

  • Rell

    BTW, this song will most likely become a hit so it’s good for his album but his gangsta image will look unbelievable cause you can’t go from “Never met the BITCH but I FUCK her like I missed her” to this cotton soft song.

    P.S. I been a Wayne since the Dedication 2 days so I’m def not hatin bruh

  • domo

    People Judge The Song Based Off The beat..Listen To The Lyrics..It Does Have Meaning.

  • Allex B.

    thats me…… foreal….. i cant belive it, my eyes got wet a lil…

  • vodafon

    lyrics for this shit?

  • Allex B.

    so where can i download this???

  • Damnnnn

    It doesn’t always need to be that boomboompow gangstershit you know…

  • Allex B.

    that lyrics are amazing…..

  • junie

    @real g i feel u but these wayne fans just dont understand shit imma blood from the hood and i been rockin wit weezy since the hot boyz and when u hear somethin like this and compare it to john or hustle hard then u question the type of music he makes and i know hes tryna be diverse but cmon u cant try to be somethin ur not sometimes its good too stay in ur lane and he has 2 lanes rock and rap

  • the TRUTH


  • the TRUTH


  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @Rell LMAO “cotton soft song” haha yeah i agree the song ain’t trash though is a love song so some people just aren’t feeling it (no homo0 because they’re not in love so yeah. its straight to me not really excited for it.

  • ReedP

    this is deff a song that highschool girls will be posting the lyrics to on facebook.. how many v-cards are gonna be lost to this song??

  • Dee

    i dont know :S
    this is not weezy…..

  • ada2d kslaj

    any one have a lyric to this ?

  • Vitamin P

    This is the worst song i’ve ever heard in ma life>> ashamed as fuck

  • rocket95

    OMFG see this is what pisses me off, You all always complain Weezy songs dont have substance or meaning and hes always using the same lyrics then when he doesn’t you’s complain and you wonder why he doesn’t do it?

  • Lil Wayne – How To Love ….hot man weezy is also a pop star ….crazy awesome……love it….this song will relaxed me after listening energetic 6 foot 7 foot…..YMCMB

  • hmmmmm ….

    this song isn’t bad at all … its just not Wayne’s lane. His image and the song just don’t mesh well.

    but is it me or does Wayne actually make better lyrics when he does love songs ?

  • Ror Rito

    people really should shut the fuck up
    okay this something different , but i very like it, its a cool song
    and that topic is finished by now
    forget the song and look straight to C4 which will blow the fucking hip hop game up
    so dont be so stupid and say this song is shit
    accept it and think of the tech feature ^^
    this track will have double beast ^^

  • drizzyNweezyFB

    just heard this on my local radio station. my little sister was listening to the radio and called me in. lol. they had people calling in saying they love it. he said “should we start playing this every hour?” the radio is about to ruin the damn song by playin it so much… if you liked it in the first place.. but it’s getting mainstream appeal ! C4 bitchesss !!

  • Robby

    Good song, but aint no way this even comes close to Lollipop.

    Why try to compare’em?

  • Nick

    first time i listened to this i was like WTF is this shit but then i listened to the lyrics and wayne is tryin to do somethin that no one else can do he appeals to everyone with his music i think this song gonna be big espicially with the girls

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)
  • Nick
  • junie

    i fux with the lyrics

  • real

    i been a fan of weezy since i was 3 but he just killed carter 4.

  • FormerBestRapperAlive
    this is all I want to hear. Wayne spitting. thats it.

  • frri

    holy shit..not a at alllllll a hater of wayne but wtf is he thinkin with this shit…im scared to listen to the rest of this album..holy shit lol

  • FlyDungas

    This is fuckin dope

  • junie

    i think anne is gonna be the highlight of the album i mean the beat alone says alot

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    im thinkin the highlights on c4 will be the track with tech n9ne, the track with drake young jeezy and jadakiss, anne and the track with eminem

  • tune

    i fuck with this song foreal

  • Beck10

    wow amazing, love his voice x x

  • MOP15321

    Everybody sayin this song is horrible doesnt understand, hes doing somethin different to get a different audience cuz us, the lil wayne fans are gonna get CIV regardless but ppl who dont like him like pop fans will like this and maybe buy his album. You guys complained when we got a banger in John but now he dropped something different and yalll are hating on it smh. He knows what hes doing and he still has alot of bangers on CIV so stop complaining

  • WayneManiac

    Everyone can see this tune is brough out for the ladies….wayne is not puting music out for his male fans he has to make sure his female ladies are hyped about this by adding some good beat & lyrics…Wayne is making sure every fan of his is happy with his album nd makes the promo sales he needs…He will without doubt have crazyy rapp songs on dah album tht will make leave everyone speechless! Gettin closerr!

  • carter 4=greatness

    idk wayne, this a tough one

  • carter 4=greatness

    yea i argee with @WayneManiac

  • Allen

    I like this. He shoulda featured bruno mars on this though…just sayin ; )

  • Allex B.

    u r right @WayneManiac!!! i totally agree wit u!!!!

  • txb

    this is y i like weezy, he able to be open to anything, ofcoarse i love it wen he gose H.A.M. wen he rappin but stuff like this shows a real artist, and knowin hip hop and how it’s jotted down in the media as sometimes not music and is maily contraversial, Lil Wayne (and along with others) are the real voices of hip hop, some times it might not seem it but if u just take the time to understand the things he say and understand he’s work then, then you can see, This song ofcoarse people are going to have to grow on but to me it’s already growing…..Main reason, because it’s different, and to be the best artist u can’t jus always stick with the same thing, u got 2 reach out to different things, good job Tune…….C4, IT’S COMIN!

  • Maddison

    Quit being faggots. Wayne killed it he is gonna make millions and millions while you sit on your computers cratiqing everything he does. You still gonna be broke.

  • Ima be honest i love this slow jam for the ladys real nice and slow,and yes it will be as big as lollipop all he has to do is just make a sick music video and it will be better than lollipop keep up tha good work WEEZY YMCMB ERRYDAY ALL DAY!!!

  • Angel

    I am a girl btw. I honestly love this song. Its something I can relate to. Was I expecting this from weezy? nawhhh we all weren’t! am I disappoint? efff nawh. Just saying!!

  • feelicia

    This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooood! I LOVE THIS SONG♥

  • Morris

    @madisson so true talking of keyboard gangsters up in here

  • bowler285

    LAME… this ain’t your style weezy wtf

  • Weezyfan(:

    I LOVE IT!<3

  • Weezy!!

    Its Different but really Good :)x

  • junie

    this song is desent i cant lie but i hope this s the only type of song like this on the album

  • Kaplun

    not gonna lie, i wasnt feeling it at first, now im feeling it more, not bad

  • cynthiafbaby

    This truly is an amazing song. He puts so much emotion into it. I love it. <3

  • who heard that wayne by your side

  • damn this remind me of a past relationship those lyrics are legit

  • GoodGollyMissMolly!!

    This song isn’t terrible. I think it’s the 1st one I’ve heard from him were he does not curse. It’s deff not what I was looking for in a single but…Lil wayne does whatever he wants to.

  • Carter94

    Daammn! wayne killed it

  • Johnathon Taylor Thomas

    you must be slobbering on waynes dick if you think this is good. Yall excuses are hilarious. Ya we want songs with meaning, but not him fucking singing like Justin Bieber…..

    Tie my hands was a song with meaning but he didnt go taylor swift on that track.

  • FlyDungas

    @realG Shut up you faggy little wannabe bitch. Typing like a retard and being ignorant don’t make you a fucking G, it just makes you a douchebag. Lil’Wayne is a person not a company, and getting his shit isn’t like buying shares in his creative direction. No matter how long you’ve been listening to him or how much of his music you have purchased, you have absolutely no right to say what he should or shouldn’t do. He makes music, like it or don’t, buy it or not, listen to it or not it doesn’t fucking matter. Stop acting like a fucking bitch that didn’t get the cake she wanted for her sweet 16.

  • realmuthafucker

    all u fuckin fake wayne fans debatin on this shit…..they dogged almost all the songs on c4……weezy always proves hes the best rapper…….an he needs a pop song just like carter 3 u fools lollipop killed the radio…..this gon do it 2……u fuckin faggots if u dont like it stop commentin on the shit an sayin all that b.s. c4 gon be fyyyree…..cuz wayne has already proved how better he got lyrically…..fake ass niggas……bet u’ll listen 2 tpain sing…pussies

  • this is Lil Dommy i like young money very much and i like weezy f very much weezy is my life

  • TREV

    The Real Tracklist Has Leaked:

    1. Intro (No Name)
    2. Waynes World
    3. John Feat. Rick Ross
    4. Not For You
    5. How To Love
    6. Anne
    7. Father Time Feat. Bridman
    8. Play With Us Feat. Young Jeezy and Drake
    9. More For You
    10. Bring It Home Feat Tech’ 9
    11. Called Upon
    12. Cause Of Pain
    13. My Eyes Feat Lloyd
    14. Nothing
    15. Just In Time Feat. Eminem
    16. What The Asked For
    17. Outro (No Name)

    I’m pretty sure that he will have 2 bonus tracks on the Itunes Delux..You don’t have to believe me that this is the track-list I don’t give a shit, i know it’s real and that’s all that really fuggin matters lol.. Later Hoes.

  • maia

    who cares if its not his style! i love it!
    carter iv is gonna be amazing

  • frri
  • MKR

    Try listenin to this then listen to Rick Ross’s Veteran’s Day or Red Nation LMFAO I could swear their not the same person & for the ppl who say the song is good I respect ur opinion everyone has a different musical taste but this is C4 a RAP album he could’ve released it on it’s own like U DA SHIT or SHE BAD & still made a lyrical positive & Meaningful song like SOMETHING U FORGOT I mean a song with a catchy & meaningful hook & 2 or 3 verses & believe me more ppl will relate to it than just him singin we’ve got them RnB artists to do that shit & he’s the BEST RAPPER ALIVE he shouldn’t be depending on other rappers like Tech or Em to save his album so I hope the rest of the album will have a better quality eventhough am not optimistic even the Anne track seems like a rip off of Eminem’s Stan & Wayne shouldn’t do that shit if he wants to establish him self as the best

  • Daknite

    this sounds like a justin bieber single

  • realmuthafucker

    pussies……wayne was tryin 2 get 1 4 the ladies….hes picky with songs so he threw out you da shit…..he like d this an released this…..and about the anne thing pussy….you watched the mtv interview when wayne said he didnt know he had such a big effect on peoples lives….so he opted 4 a song like that…..all u pussies let wayne do his thing….all u gon buy c4 an then say it was dope cuz all the other songs gon be straight rap

  • Daknite

    fuck is wrong

    Just Kiding its decent just pick another beat.

  • YungNizzy14

    Wayne is the ONLY!!!! gangsta rapper tht can pull this shit off i think this record if fire, good job Weezy cant wait June 21st im on this shit YMCMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • frenchmen

    hello everybody, this song is a genuine banger ! ! ! i’m french and i see how people talk about this song on the forum and the various french website, a lot of french people say “lil wayne IS the best rapper alive BECAUSE he’s strong in all the musical fields ! ! ! “

  • EKBT

    this song is a hot R&B single.. True feelings, and that is what matters, C4 will kill all the albums of 2011

  • slicky

    FAIL this song is terrible, and its not even that catchy I don’t even think the ladies will like it, so now carter IV is gonna get delayed again cause they are scared to release it without a huge single like lollipop ftw

  • kaholiic

    i’m really starting to like this song. each time i listen it, it sounds better.

  • Mook

    I been listen to this all day, definately a hit

  • MehrezWayne

    Love It <3

  • Christian M.

    I don’t get why some people are so upset that Wayne didn’t make a single that goes just as hard as “6 Foot 7 Foot” or “John”. I feel as if every artist should have some sort of diversity in their music whether it be Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, etc. True artists can create great music in any type of genre. When I first listened to the song I was very surprised. The first few seconds of the song I thought I was going to be disappointed, but by the time the song was over, I was suprised that the track was not as bad as I thought it would be. Now Wayne is not much compared to Drake or Justin Bieber when it comes to singing, but this song is probably one of his best attempts at singing. Also, why should we judge or make decisions for his album and/or his song choice when it’s HIS music. I think people tend to forget that Wayne is human and that all humans have different emotions. Whether he was making this track to make it big on the radio/billboards or because he actually felt this way, we should all respect him and his music. Good song Mr. Carter.

  • CeEj

    i say at least its better music than other crap on the radio and i already know theyre gonna replay this on every radio station. every radio station.

  • Sam

    MAN this is unreal!!! so good for weezy!

  • CeEj

    ^ and get out w. fake tracklsts nobody wants to see that…………..
    this song will blow ur mind if u listen to the cd straight through, i bet 10$

  • i don’t think this song is gonna be big as the lollipop but it’s good
    “He jams,rocks and now he pops” Respect Weezy L4W for the C4 first album im actually im going to buy and not pirate download xD

  • scuincla

    I love it!

  • jo

    bloody hell how many comments so far !!

    tune voice man is just drives u to dream the gay is sick man the just got loads of music inside him and creativity and i really like how he is rapping this is a real song from wezzy schools should teach this to student and his vocabulary is so different here just LOVE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ” F BABE “

  • cameron

    WHO EVER DOESNT LIKE THIS SONG IS RETARDED , sit back and enjoy the fucking music bro u guys r faggotss


    @trev Real tracklist? Suck my dick idiot next time dont forget to put 6’7 foot in your ‘real’ tracklist

  • lilswagg

    This song is f*cking awful. The fact that it’s on Tha Carter IV makes me take that album a lot less seriously. I probably won’t even buy it now. I’ll just download it. And what a stupid question: “Will this be bigger than lollipop?” Are you f*cking kidding me?! I’m sorry, but weezy singing over an acoustic guitar isn’t gonna help him sell records. Weezy, you should have put this album on “Rebirth” and left it at that.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • abdullah

    this hit is raw as fuck im in luv with it

    btw this aibt wat they say the new lollipop. this produced by detail while that one will be by jim jonsin too!

    smh on haters

  • LilWeezyAnimal

    Weezy starts going out in public and gets photographed having a chick under his arm, then puts out a love song. good marketing Weezy

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    i am posting AGAIN because the song has grow on me and i actually like it!!!


    yo for yall who be hatin listen to it like ten more times learn the lyrics and the beat and i swear to u it will be amazinggg

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @LilWeezyAnimal ayeee i actually agree with that theory lol

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    imm gay and like lil wayne

  • Hunter

    can you not download this?

  • Nak Nak

    yall are fuckin retarded. no other in the rapper can make a song like this and make it this good! it has meaning! which half yall are always bithcin about anyways! fuck out of here with your hatin asses

  • Daknite

    Danny Where is The itunes download box

  • Daknite

    @Luiseezy F. Crazy are you really gay or are you playing.

  • paddy


  • barney

    Its definitely a good change up song for weezy, came through with the high notes very well. Not gonna be as good as lollipop but its a good song to get attention for the album. my prediction is 850K first week

  • Real_G

    Yaw Just Saying Its Ok To SELL OUT for a hit… WTF I’m On One Is A Fuckin Hit Single And Climbing Tha Charts. Its A Hit Record And They Didnt Have To Sell Out

    Lollipop is Because You Could Play That In Tha Strip Club, Any Club, Have A Bitch Ova And Get It In. BUT YOU CANT PLAY DIS SHIT NOWHERE. Aint nobody gne request to here this on tha radio….. Man If They Had Switched This Song For On Fire off of Rebirth That Would HAve Been Better AND ON FIRE AINT DO SHIT ON THA CHARTS and that song is better than this….

    He Aint Never Have To Have A Pop Song To Help Sell Records….

    Go Dj, Bring It Back, tha block is Hot, Fireman, Stuntin Like My Daddy, You Aint Know, A Millie, Hustler Musik. All these albums are PLATNIUM AND AMILLIE WON A GRAMMY……SO GET THA FUCK OUTTA HERE WIT THAT MAINSTREAM BULLSHIT……

    This Goes Against Everything he says in Interviews, and in his music…

    He Not Representin Us From Tha Hood With This Sell Out Shit……

    Yaw Said Did All This Talk ABout Tha Carter IV Gone be A Epic Hip-hop Album
    but aint shit epic nor hip-hop about this song…..

    Im Not Hating. Im Just Telling Tha Truth, Which Is Definitely Hurting But Tha Truth Hurts…..

    All Them Songs That Came Out That yaw said yaw was happy that didnt make tha album cuz it wasnt Carter IV material but yaw accept this???? Real?

    But Yaw Call Yaw Sum True Fans??? Support Tha Album By All Means But Dnt Support Wack Azz Musik

  • liked it better than some of the latest mixtapes

  • Ko.B


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  • Real_G


    “See I Just Want You To Know. That You deserve Tha Best, Your Beauutifuuuuuuuuuuull.” Singin Azz


  • Dounats
  • Cody

    I dig it, wayne can do anything and it sounds dope, everyone else thinks weezy should be some gang banger. Fuck you dumb nigs his job is to put out good music. No such thing as bad music its a matter of opinion of personal taste. I give him props never would have excpected this.

  • Eric B

    Realistically, regardless of what kind of song he drops, there are going to be people that don’t like it. You can only get so big before the haters pile on, and unfortunately, the cool thing to do is to hate on Wayne(while most of the time secretly listening to the same songs they are dissing on). This is a complete 360 from the last 2 singles, and personally, I think it’s a hit. This will catch on very well in the mainstream, and the people that didn’t necessarily like John or 6’7′ might enjoy something like this. The lyrics are on point, the auto-tune is not over used, and you can actually understand what he’s saying. I’m not a fan of wayne singing, but honestly, I feel like he did it right with this one.

  • this aint Wayne man, wtf is this shit.. I can’t bare to listen to it.

  • dot

    OK GET OVER IT, This is not RAP.
    Dont compare this with pac and Wu,
    This is a nice beat with a radio tune and its nice, ADMIT IT.

  • & in comparison to Lollipop in my opinion, Lollipop was a killer, and it killed this.. I still aint tired of listening to it.. i’m about to listen to it right now, haha.

  • Lil’ Arsino…

    When I Listened To This Song For Once:I Said “WTF With Tunechi”
    Twice:”Umm Not So Bad”
    3rd Time:”This Is My Shit”…

    Conclusion Tryna Hear It At Least 2 Times,It’s Really Far From Lollipop Buh It Got Its Sense!!!

  • its a crazy song idk what u all trippen for i love this song and he is the best rapper that sings country music.weezy always create things and make it perfect,ill buy this song when it drops on itunes,i will support him,what about ya?c4 we blowing

  • WeezyFanPL

    It’s strange and it’s not rap, it doesn’t really fit Tha Carter series… It’s not bad, much better than Lollipop which is silly disco stuff. Yet, it should be on some other Weezy’s album, not C4.

  • YM Militia

    This is actually pretty sick. This could be big

  • YM Militia

    but damn this is just a pop record to get more fans and money. all the true fans want that raw rap banger

  • dot

    This is RADIO, And it does the job.

    but “Anne” gonna be that rap shitt

  • Ok ok ok , since I love Weezy so much, I had to give it another listen and this time around, I Love this shit, lol..

  • just listen to it couple of times please this song is great i cant stop listining to it,i swear am not saying this because i am a lil wayne fan or something but this song is great ,
    i swear it will touch ur soul ,if u have 1.

  • xEgneb

    i like it.! his album is gonna sell over 1 million in the first week alone.!

  • YM♥

    So I loveeee Weezyyyy
    But this is farrr too cute for him! Wtf?

  • nick


  • weezyfire

    real g your are truley an idiot. go listen to wiz. Wayne is making money, what are you doing? sitting on a computer doing nothing? come on man grow up

  • nick

    not a big fan of this song real disappointment at least we still got that Anne track to hope for…this album better be good and if it isn’t then soon as weezy is off probation im sure the carter V will be HUGE

  • CeEj

    and its free???!

  • Mitchell

    Alot of hatin ass niggas huh. Fuck yall, its bad yall got on weezys website, calling yourslef a wayne fan and listen tothis song then hate. Its even worse if you are a hater and did it, cause u took the time out of your day. This will be a number 1 hit single, he will sell =over amilli in first week and this shit is bagin. Hes a musician, if he wanted ti kill it and rap all the time he could,but he dont. All you hatin ass niggas delete this website from your comp then go hang yourself. B’s up,all you hatin ass hoes down. Young Moula Baby, Weezy is the BEST RAPPER ALIVE!

  • ¤Mazin Carter¤

    I Like Lil Wayne When He Singing R&B But @Danny Why You Don’t Share The Download Link Off This Song On That Website

  • Mitchell

    I love how TREV supposively has the OFFICIAL TRACKLIST but it DOESNT HAVE 6 FOOT 7 FOOT ON IT. Then calls us hoes, you are fuckin retarded bro.

  • Dutch

    this song really does grow on you..after you give it a listen a couple times you get to hear the real R&B side of gotta give tha man props for doing this. and its not bad..i agree, this will become a hit on the radio..who can go hard and go soul on some beats..and he KILLS them..thats why he is “tha greatest rapper alive”
    thank you

  • this song really does grow on you..after you give it a listen a couple times you get to hear the real R&B side of gotta give tha man props for doing this. and its not bad..i agree, this will become a hit on the radio..who can go hard and go soul on some beats..and he KILLS them..thats why he is “tha greatest rapper alive”

  • Real_G

    U can download it on here…. u click play and it pops up on Tha side

  • younqmullaxo

    this should be bigger than lolipop, his voice sounds amazing. i love it

  • Michelle

    my 1st listen I thought wow this is different lol now after listenin 2it on repeat a few times I really like it (not that I hated it @1st)! I do looove you da shit more but this is growin on me lol I am a die hard wayne fan n I looooooove his hardcore gangsta rap it turns me on lol but I do get chills on these slow songs 2 cuz I can tell it comes from sumwhere deep n he wouldnt do a song like this unless it ment sumthin 2him. Wayne can do NO wrong in my eyes I dont give a fuck if he pulled a damn banjo out his ass Id JAM it lmao if u think back 2when wayne 1st got twitter all he ever tweeted about was love there is so much more 2this man then what meets the eye I really wish people would think about it.. Any1 can make a song bout money, pussy, weed lol it takes a true artist 2 write about sumthin they care about knowin the world could hate it n ultimatley break your heart…YMCMB

  • Real_G

    Weezyfire Im on my phone not computer….. and I’m a grown Azz man I dnt have to like this…. its wack so what…. first Wayne song I dnt like out 1000000000 songs oh well dnt worry about me….. he sold out … comment about Tha song not me

  • YM Militia

    I give Weezy mad respect for tryin this out and its pretty catchy. not my favorite but its gonna make it. Want to hear that “Nightmares from the bottom” song tho

  • Nak Nak

    @mitchell . amen brother. wayne a straight musical genius. he is a musician. aint no other rapper could do this and make it a hit. fuck all yall haters. wayne dont always gotta do that hood shit for you lame ass internet hood niggaz. fuck out a here.

  • Don McNeal

    That Spanish woman must be putting it on Wayne he singing his heart out in this damn song! “How To Love”.. ITS A SMASH! —as far as the radio goes but Wayne will give us the bangers so I ain’t trippn!

  • Jon

    uhhh wayne ive defended u to alot of other people but please dont put this on your cd the song sucks bruh, just keep recording and pushing back the record date until you got a cd like the carter iii

  • Don McNeal

    First listen: i cried cause i thought wayne let me down
    Second listen: i was like WTF?
    Third: Listen i was like at least it makes sense
    Fourth: I was like eh its ok
    Fifth: OH SHIT i fucks with this song, he singing his ass off
    Sixth: I know this is going to kill the radio until C4 comes out
    YMCMB C4= A milli plus in sales

  • trev

    this is going to sound really dumb, but when typing that i did forget to put 6’’s track 13 push all other tracks down lol…didnt mean to forget that..and the dude who said it cant be real since this song is not on it, ur an is too..

  • realmuthafucker

    i dont get it u wack fools would listen 2 tpain sing an now u wanna hate weezy…….pathetic

  • C2Freshh

    Songs down tho, idk why everyones haten. be happy for yaboyy!

  • Real_G

    Wayne dnt do it for yaw…. he said in his own words he do it for Tha hoood….. all yaw doin is makin Wayne seem like a liar….. n how are ppl who dnt like Tha song hating…… if it was obvious that its that good u wouldn’t see so many ppl over Tha internet not liking it….:……

  • mandi

    @ jon LMFAO!!!! Thats funny!

  • K-Freshz

    ur supposed to release a mainstream single before your album drops…so i aint sweatin it……..i did expect a lot more tho, but i aint sweatin it…..just wait till we here the rest of C4!!!! it would be worth the wait…

  • Jeremy

    If Wayne is gonna sing a song he might as well shouldve put Drake on there too

  • ultrakid

    does anyone think this kinda sounds like ms. officer??

  • steven

    REAL_G need to stfu…..Weezy Versaltile as fuck. He’s a superstar ….good at everything he does. U don’t like this song u don’t need to listen to it…..Wait for the goddamn mixtape. quit ur bithcing. The nigga’s tyring to make some money

  • Leah

    I’m surprised, I actually love it! Can’t wait til Tha Carter lV =)

  • Real_G

    Tha thing is. Yaw speaking on how yaw feel…and eat yaw think of wayne and I’m speaking of what he has actually said….. I can back up wat I’m saying by quotin him and yaw goin off of what yaw perceive him to be…..I make sense and yaw dnt

  • Real_G

    And why would I wait for a mixtape ? What does that have to do wit anything? Yaw just be talkin with no sense……

  • Mr. Heard

    what the hell? bull fuckin shit mann damn wayne what happened

  • that ni66a got the voice like weezy lol cuz that aint tunechi

  • AeRo_1996

    @Eric B I agree with u all the way!

  • morris

    real g need to STFU….*deuces* song dope as fuck luv it

  • Waynesworld

    If you go back and listen to The Carter 1 and 2 and 3..all the songs are bangers! Idk bout this one, id have to skip this track in the whip. This is a good song to leak for free, but not worthy of The Carter series, should put I’m on One that songs better than John and 6’7

  • thats what he wrote in jaill to put it that way,,, bieber way

  • yeh?

    It’s a nice song, well done by wayne but it won’t be as big as lollipop.

  • HOW TO LOVE (Remix) ft justin bieber
    thats gonn sells mills

  • Real_G

    Not One Person In Here Gne Stop Me From Expressing My Opinion. Especially My About My Favorite Artist

  • King Halstead


  • Real_G

    Not one person in here gne shut me up clearly. I’m expressing my opinion about a middle skool Azz song from my favorite rapper… so ima express how I feel about it.. agree or dnt idgaf

  • Real_G

    If u not slip wayne fan wtf u on Tha site for den…..

  • andell aka lil crash

    yo tunechi it song rel bad !!!!!!!i love it get the video out soon!!!!! this is number one

  • Loyalty

    Hmmm….the song gets more tolerable after ya listen to it a coupla times. Not bad, not bad at all….chill, laid back, kinda flow. C A R T E R IV!!!

  • Squeeze

    This song descent , YALL TRIPPIN !!! && even though he’s not a singer it still sounds GOOD !!! he needz a song that will be able 2 play on ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the stations , not just HIP HOP stationz !!! if Weezy made all hardcore rap songz he wouldnt b as successful as he is NOW !!!!!!!!! fukn clownz let da nigga make his money , and i FUKN LOVE IT !!! I will still be buying the CARTER 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck the haterz….shit just skip the fuckin song if you get tha album most of yall talkin bout itz weak && probably gone BOOTLEG da shit ANYWAYZ , U AINT LOSIN OUT ON NO MONEY SO STFU

    Sincerely ,
    A REAL WEEZY FAN !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Delia

    Just Cause He Aint Rapping Don’t Mean It Aint Good . iPlayed This Song 1000 Times, iFuckin’ Love It ! Wayne Probably Made This To Get Different & More People To Listen To His Music & This Song Most Likely Is For His Female Fans . & iDon’t Think His Voice In This Song Sounds Bad, iThink He Actually Sounds Good .

  • Not Good

    Not a fan. Simple and plain. Wayne is a rapper not Elton John Jr.

  • weezyf2430

    @Real_G im not sure if you know this…but wayne doesnt live in the hood anymore. so stop with that shit hahha. and he doesnt do it just for the hood…he does it for his fans, if you listened to his freestlye from his tour, he says “weezy f baby man i do it all for yall” pretty sure that doesnt mean the hood….smh

  • Ryan

    just because he makes 1 r&b song doesnt mean its the end of his rapping career. like he made the song ya da shit and ppl didnt hate. theyre just pissed cuz its a c4 single. just wait til the album. its gunna have some raw tracks

  • Ryan


  • Real_G

    @Squeeze LMAO ur dumb Tha gangsta shit is how and why he is famous now LMAO dumb Azz

  • Squeeze

    @Real_Pussy so u mean 2 tell me niggaz was bumpin hiz rock shit ???????? hiz hardcore rap shit iz how he became az successful as he iz with caucasianz ???? NO itz not dumbazz , itz cuz of hiz POP music….shit lik dis , lollipop , shooter with robin thicke , bow chicka wow wow lil wayne n mike posner, n more shit GOOFAZZ boi….i said “he wouldnt be as SUCCESSFUL” NOT FAMOUS…get yo shit 2getha CLOWN

  • heepnottik

    its okay! better then lollipop by far… but wheres those love song more like “with you”?. not bad tho.

  • “JOHN”


  • Biggie Talls

    Wayne has made more than one r&b song. He is a rapper and he even states this in his songs that he is the best rapper alive. He should stick to rap because that’s what he’s good at. Look at the Carter III, straight rap. I wonder why it sold so much. I hope this is the only r&b song on the album. If it isn’t Wayne has lost it.


  • JJ The Jetplane

    Wow….its a lot of ignorance and stupidity in some of these comments. If you a real wayne fan, listening to all his music, watching all his music videos, and interviews. You would realize how much wayne has changed from the carter to the carter4. Wayne is the only rapper to feature on such a wide variety of music. He’s creative, and money hungry. He’s catering to ALL his fans, not just those who want hardcore rap. People hate on the mainstream music but thats how you get money. He’s older, smarter, and prepared to release a great album. Stop fucking hating.

  • I love this track! It shows a softer more positive side of wayne. How do you grow if you stay the same and never change? I think this song will get a lot of air time and become a classic. Keep surprising us wayne! We love you and what you do. C4!

  • Real_G


  • Real_G


  • lilwayne>allrappers

    you know when you get a lot of comments like this wayne is doing something big tbh wayne is singing his ass off in this song he has a voice especially that your beautifullll part! this is a motivating song real shyt.

  • Real_G


  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    fuck that nigga taking my name and picture you bastard get your own shit bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bruno

    Tunechi is Tunechi.
    That’s love.
    is not his face but …. This is Young Money!
    Best Rapper Alive. C4 June 21, Tremble rivals, all kneel before the sound of Wayne, Carter 4, Cd year I’m predicting.

  • this shit is good i like it . i love this song. c4 is going to be epic 🙂 i hope this song will get big as lollipop:)

  • Yung’ Tune

    Cut the music up

    Lil louder


    You had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart
    Never really had luck, couldn’t never figure out
    How to love
    How to love

    You had a lot of moments that didn’t last forever
    Now you in the corner tryna put it together
    How to love
    How to love

    For a second you were here
    Why you over there?
    Its hard not to stare, the way you moving your body
    Like you never had a love
    Never had a love

    When you was just a young’un you’re looks but so precious
    But now your grown up
    So fly its like a blessing but you can’t have a man look at you for 5 seconds
    Without you being insecure
    You never credit yourself so when you got older
    It’s seems like you came back 10 times over
    Now you’re sitting here in this damn corner
    Looking through all your thoughts and looking over your shoulder

    See you had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart
    Never really had luck, couldn’t never figure out
    How to love
    How to love

    See you had a lot of moments that didn’t last forever
    Now you in the corner tryna put it together
    How to love
    How to love

    For a second you were here
    Why you over there?
    Its hard not to stare the way you moving your body
    Like you never had a love
    Had a love

    You had a lot of dreams that transform to visions
    The fact that you saw the world affected all your decisions
    But it wasn’t your fault
    Wasn’t in your intentions
    You the one here talking to me
    You don’t wanna listen
    But I admire your poppin bottles and dippin’
    Just as much as you admire bartending and stripping
    Baby, so don’t be mad
    Nobody else trippin
    You see a lot of crooks and the crooks still crook

    See You had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart
    Never really had luck, couldn’t never figure out
    How to love
    How to love

    See you had a lot of moments that didn’t last forever
    Now you in the corner tryna put it together
    How to love
    How to love

    See I just want you to know
    That you deserve the best
    You’re beautiful
    You’re beautiful

    And I want you to know, you’re far from the usual
    Far from the usual

    You see you had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart
    Never really had luck, couldn’t never figure out
    How to love
    How to love

    See you had a lot of moments that didn’t last forever
    Now you in the corner tryna put it together
    How to love
    How to love

    See you had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart
    Never really had luck, couldn’t never figure out
    How to love
    How to love

    See you had a lot of moments that didn’t last forever
    Now you in the corner tryna put it together
    How to love
    How to love

  • Comin June….

    @real_G yoooo…who the hell are yu to tell sumbody a song dat dey like is whack…and as for wayne bein a sell out

    a sell out-doin somethin you dont like because people want yu to do it and yu wanna make money

    how yu kno dis nigga dont like dis shit??? he even sed he like da song “sometimes i
    cry” so a sell out…nahhh…dis nigga loves love

    and i definately agree wit @FlyDungas

  • Real_G

    For one I didn’t directly tell anybody it sucked I said my opinion and in my opinion this is Tha weakest Lil Wayne song I’ve ever heard and dnt see how ppl could like it… and I only believe white ppl and ppl 16 n under like this song….2nd this is a sell out record idc what music he listens to…. he claims to be a gangster Mrs.katie but makes this…….. and he said himself

    Interviwer: So, is your music considered the voice of Urban America or America period

    Lil Wayne : I mean, I would say the voice of the hood ’cause thats who I speak for

    And myself, you know what I mean, my family, that’s who I represent……. so explain to me how this is hood? It’s a sell out record…. he still my favorite but Tha song sucks so what get over it…. my opinion not urs

  • blake

    lil waynes career is over he is def. no longer the best rapper alive. every song so far off the carter 4 has been a disappointment and i use to be a die hard weezy fan smh

  • ceecee

    i will sign a waiting list to have his baby! LMAO sooooo sexy

  • Real_G

    My plan was to only listen to Tha singles and not Fuck wot Tha leaks… just wait til Tha album drop cuz I wanna be surprised Wen I listen to it…. but now I gotta listen to a few leaks now……… they are doin a good job of not letting Tha songs leak….. shit by this time Tha whole mmg self made album had Damn near leaked…..

  • Nora

    Damn cant he make something for the ladies? We be listening to tunechi just as much as the men

  • Michelle

    All yall need 2learn HOW TO LOVE!! Lol stop talkin shit this song is amazing!

  • weezyF

    The song isn’t bad but this is supposed to be a RAP album. The album is supposed to tell a story and he goes from “I get pussy, mouth, ass, call that bitch triple threat” to “how to love”. It makes no sense and it’s disappointing… I’m not hating on the song but you can’t put hardcore rap bangers out about f***in pussy and then put out this singing stuff about love. I wanted a “pop” single but I was hoping for more of a hustler musik type song…

  • Codya2121

    This song is different no doubt but its amazing he’s a music artist and he’s very diverse so he’s doing what he wants and nonmatter what he does it’s amazing and this song is definitely amazing the beat the lyrics everything I love this song and peole are gonna hate because it’s lil Wayne singing so of course this would be an easy song to hate on but it’s so good and shout out to the real fans that follow Wayne no matter what!!!! I love this song and so do thousands of other people it just really grows on you because you feel the passion in the song. C4!!!!

  • Jon


  • -_-

    Yall out yall fukin minds if you think c4 gon do a mil in the first week now. I like the beat on this song, but it ain’t no damn lollipop. Wasn’t that the most downloaded song at the time or somethin?! Idk, but this shit ain’t even in the same LEAGUE as that.

    What the fuck was wayne thinking when he did this?! I ain’t even gon knock the nigga singing, because I WISH I sounded this good hittin a vocal. Fuck around and send somebody to ICU listenin to my singing xD

    Idk, maybe I need to listen to this shit high. I had to do that with john before I liked it….but this ain’t the ‘banger’ I was expecting. I see people in here talkin about this wasn’t supposed to be a banger like his other singles- uh, BULLSHIT NIGGA. EVEN LOLLIPOP WAS A BANGER.

    THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A BANGER. Whether it’s rap, pop, country, I don’t give a damn. This ain’t no fuckin banger, so how does weezy expect this to do?! I don’t see this gettin #1 on the charts like lollipop I’m sorry. It’s something different, and I respect wayne for doin him, but I feel like there were a ton of better ways to make a ‘lollipop 2’.

    This nigga didn’t even make that, I half expected taylor swift to do a verse halfway through this shit.

  • psssh

    sounds like something Drake would come out with – but whatever, i love everythin weeeeezzzyyyy!

  • D Turner

    I love this song, the guy is so creative you have to respect that. and all you guys just wanna hear hard rap go look else where bc wayne is music, consisting of every genre so i ride with him on everything he do lets go c4!!!

  • Shaheema

    Fantastic! he is so diverse and this shows that he can do rap, hip hop, rock AND slow jamz. Multi-talented. It will not be as big as lollipop – nothing can beat that! but this still has a lot going for it!

  • devintune

    this nigga is takin us on a rollercoaster ride……..first 6’7 n john now this……but he is smart……first 2 singles wre catered to his hardcore rap fans so as not to disappoint them…..and to ensure c4 is a hit with every1 he releases this single… get his album noticed with other people who r nt big fans of weezy…..i like =D

  • Michael (Eazy-M)

    Wow nice slow song, had me think about the Bow Chicka Wow remix because I think it was a similair tempo. Which is great just like this awesome promo 🙂

  • austria

    I didnt liked one song from lil wayne since he came out from jail. His whole style cant be compared to his past styles. He was so much better back then

  • msmm

    we all expect hard rapping, but when he comes up with this type of songs it makes you think and appreciate him even more, he knows what hes doing,

    go weezy go!!

  • FukYou2

    Greatest Rapper of all times Yeah thats a Prince Oopps Naw I mean now dats a KING Right there Yuuuupp ———-> Hattin ASS Bitches!

  • yeh?

    Fuck I love this song. First time I heard it i was like, yeh it’s nice whatever. But it grows on you like cancer. I’ve noticed wayne’s songs tend to do that

  • @ real G and @ real talk. REAL talk SHUT THE FUCK UP!
    U losers! Fans like you should not even say anything on this website!

  • VersatileAsFxxk

    Not one bit of a disappointment to me its simply a great song and it will be #1 on the charts,also i cant wait to see how creative the next song is.

    Good shit Weezy xD

  • fman

    I think its smart what is goin on here he obviously got a good response from im single from mixtape and previous album and is trying to do something similar and just reach out to a wider audience

  • yung_money

    yo real im a real nigga to the fullest and i don’t give two fucks what any yall niggaz say THIS SHIT GO HARD AS FUCK niggaz gotta realize his whole fucking album not like gonna be like this he still gonna have the harder more street shit for us to like on carter 3 he had lollipop and miss officer but he also had bangers like a milli and dr carter same type shit he gave us john and us real niggaz rockin to it but it did nothing on itunes and like 22 on da billboards this how to love shit ain’t for erbody but watch how quick this shit hit number 1 on radio stations, billboard charts and wit a video 106 and park !!! keep grindin my nigga i rock wit the shit and for er hater bad mouthing it it’s just gonna be triple that who fuck’s wit get money my nigga tight shit

  • Revz

    Is that “rap” ?

    Lol, this shxt sucks…
    Finally, Imma maybe not buy his album…

  • Cleo

    No just weezy just shows us how allround he is! stop whine about that carter 4 isnt a rap album, there will be many differents song!

  • tuuunchi


  • I always check on this site but never comment..but today i’ma do it for the sake of this song..THIS IS FU***NG FIRE..and those not feeling it,GET A LIFE..this is a straight billboard hit

  • jason

    never i feel it aint even carter 4 material bearly understandable an da track wayne released called you da shit is a much better track

  • we rich 4ever

    @Jason, you have to listen to the final version on itunes. The vocals sound more clear on that one.

    Also the song has gotten really popular already.

  • Séphora

    I adore that !!
    Lil wayne is the best singer in the world , i love this guy !!!!

    Add me on facebook : Séphora Carter

  • iRyyan

    Anybody that is hating on this song must be completely out of their minds. Yes this song is not RAP, but it sure as hell is different. This is an amazing song and to hear Weezy singing it was mindblowing.

  • dot

    The iTunes version sounds WAYYY better

  • YMCMB_Youngin

    Great song by Wayne. But i hope this isn’t the “Club Banger” Jim Jonsin was talking about, cus its not a club banger. Cant Wait for Tha Carter IV! YMCMB!!!!!!!


    @Revz who gives a fuck?!!!

  • Don McNeal

    To everyone who thought this would fail it’s already the Number 1 song on iTunes and soon to tear up the charts!!!!! Weezy loving the publicity… C4 a million first week..
    Radio Killer

  • “you cant have a man lookin at you for 5 seconds without being insecure” damn thats the truth

  • Manny (ACE)

    Aye My Dawg Lil Wayne.. Dis Shit Kind Of Raw Yo Shit I Aint Even Know Dis Nigga Could Mad Respect To Weezy Yo Dis Nigga Is Expanding Genres He More Den Just a Rapper He Does Music Overall.. Dat What It Is Yall Niggas Stay Hating

  • issey

    cool song love it but it looks like detail sound

  • drozmo

    idc what nobody say this song is amazing, i love listening to this song

  • jb

    he is so diverse and this shows that he can do rap, hip hop, rock AND slow jamz.
    that means he’s another leonardo da vinci.

  • D-WEBB

    dis song is crack dis is a str8 commerical song nd da concept is ill i see dis song doin real good !!!!!!!!!!! CARTER IV BITCCCCHESSSS!!!!!!!!

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    lil wayne is good on rnb ,pop ,rock, rap mastered

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    Dude, did you guys here speak post jail, now he wants to be remembered for what he says…lolipop is just lolipop, no meaning at all, just some banger…

    Wayne is on another level, and dont forget his “i’m music tour” he is music not just rap!!! The revolution of music has begun, so versatile as fuck, here we go, weezy showing erbody how its done!

  • Cook265

    I Have to Admit, For Wayne Not Being A Singer, This Song Is AMAZING!!!!!

  • SurgeMonster

    This shit go hard fam!!!.. Chi-Town Wauk-Town got cha back on this Joe! I just fucked the shit out my Bitch 2 this song!!!! Naw I finished fucking my bitch to this song. Yuurp!!!

  • AHHHHH!!! I♥this new song it explains me!!ahhhhh

  • jts

    Will not come close to lolipop. Drake wrote that shit

  • gh

    Wtf, lil wayne and drake copy each other in every single way.

  • deej

    oh shit wayne can sing. lol

  • Essence Brown

    ayeeeee lil’weezy cann uh oh ayeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if y’all try to get smart about wat i’m sayin please comment dhis message!O.K AYEEEE CUZ I’M A REAL NIGGA

  • Karisma Lisenby

    N’all i’m just playin my real is Karisma Lisenby and if you got something to say please comment DIS MESSAGE OKAY

  • Essence Brown

    I love dis song 4-real!!!!DIS SONG KINDA EXPLAINS ME AND IT’S KINDA SAD!!!!

  • Essence Brown

    n’all Karisma you ain’t gotta back me up i’m real shoot i can fight my own fckin battles

  • Kneel

    Fuck all of you haters, this song somehow explains everything happening to me and my girl, and I love it so much. I havent even bothered checking the iTunes charts, because I’m sure its already at the top.

  • iulian

    This …will never have the succes of lollipop …..hes going down … bad…:(

  • Yanna

    Omg!!! … <3 AMAZING… his voice! ^^
    This song is totally different!
    Love U Weezy! <3

  • Essence Brown

    girl u late!!!!!

  • Lil’Snookie

    Mann Kneel you need to shut da fck up damn didn’t nobody ask u for yo 2 cents okay you bitch bitch bitchy bitch ass fucker!!!!

  • mikeftunechi

    Dis shit go hard wayne smart he got some street shit some club shit and now something for da bitches damn whea he go to school at

  • ninab

    ooohhhh!!!!!! i wanna kiss weezy……………..

  • Tman

    this song is real deep dat nigga lil tunechi go 2 hard

  • n0rumz

    this will never be as big as lollipop. I think this songs is kind of wack to use as a single and to the carter IV eventho the lyrics is sick I am not feeling the song. he is a rapper god damnit

  • MsIloveweezysmusic

    I love this song!!!cant wait for the cd to drop

  • Kneel

    @lil’ snookie what kind of name is that you gay ass bitch, go get some pussy and be a real man then come talk to me

  • donkeykong

    lil wayne should put out a best of album. he is done for.

  • joe

    URGENT MESSAGE: lil Wayne, i will be at summer jam this year. i spent mad mula on tickets for my boy and i, and i cant tell you how much it would make my day and LIFE if you performed HOW TO LOVE. i seriously think this is my ultimate favorite song. so please sing this at summer jam WEEZY, thanx my man. YMCMB bitches call me ya number 1 fan!!!

  • joewaynefan#!WAYNEFAN!!

    please perform HOW TO LOVE at SUMMER JAM 2011… i will be there. and YES u faggots…this song is better then lollipop. never listened to a song on reapeat as much as this 1..its the shit..HOW TO LOVE #1

  • muhidin


  • Lil’Snookie

    wat kind of name is kneel go suck something then come and talk to me

  • Lil’Snookie

    i am a girl dummy

  • Lil’Snoopy

    kneel so called you need to shut the fuck up like real talk

  • Lil’Snoopy

    lil’snookie ain’t no fuckin mann you bitch bitch bitchy bitch ass dick sucker!!!!!

  • ricardo laguna

    I love that song sooo good from venezuela weezy the best 4 life my idol c4 comming soon XD..


    kneel i see you ain’t said nothing you bitch

  • jean

    yeh? concordo com vc é tipo um cancer vai crescendo muito foda…. eu acho que vai vim muita música show no c4… de mais sucesso.. tomara que com o clipe essa música vá para o topo porque pra min é a melhor do até agora..

  • 540VA

    Quit hating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything tunechi touches is fire. and if those haters think they can do it better then y don’t……. fuck was i thinkin haters gon b haters!


  • 540VA

    haha…. sounds like kneel shut tha fuck up real quick!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!

    Bitch Nigga!

  • EbonyM

    Man this is my ish and I got all my ladies loving it….. Wayne you is my inspiration, keep doing you homie, no weapon formed against US shall prosper…. 1

  • katie

    I love it. It shows his softer side

  • I just posted a quality cover of this song… cause i think its one of Lil Wayne’s best yet… check out my cover here! I think you’ll like it

  • JD

    Check out this music video we made for Lil Wayne’s How to Love song!

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  • Gregory montes

    This song is LIGET lil wayne u should make more…….

  • stephen

    guys i did a cover of this song…hopefully i did it justice…

  • I love this song. I think he wrote it for me, sounds just like me

  • cece ur just a hoe !!! ahha a big fat HOE

  • Charity

    Omg He’s just so freaking S-E-X-Y I would go buy that now!!